Cleaning Vinyl LPs with PVA wood glue.

Thanks to Jim Breeds for posting this.

Alan Esdaile…  looks great but would be scared to try it.

Ralph Town…. I,ve got a rather worn out “Beard of Stars” by Tyrannosaurus Rex.I,d try it on there.Track 2 side one has “something” in the grooves.

John Wilde…  If it doesn’t work Ralph I will gladly take it (Beard of Stars) off your hands.

Jim Breeds…  If I was to contemplate this I’d have to try it on something that doesn’t matter first.

John Wilde… I have an Englebert Humperdink LP you can experiment on

Jim Breeds… lol. I was thinking of Wout Steenhuis

Alan Esdaile…  I suppose I could try it with Mrs Mills?

Jim Breeds… Try it on one of her records first Alan. Once you’ve practised you can then try it on Mrs. Mills.

Alan Pepper… Nooooo !!! I Draw the line at windowlene ha ha !!

Dave Nattress… I read sometime, that old dusty vinyls – i.e. dust in the grooves – those maybe stored and unplayed for years, as many of mine have been on and off, can be improved just by carefully washing in warm soapy water – seriously, label and all, and then carefully and thoroughly dried before playing. I have tried a few with no adverse effects but although they look better and cleaner, I couldn’t say honestly they sound better – but they didn’t sound worse. However, the Val Doonican Greatest Hits and Des O’Connor Hot Hits LP’s actually sounded better after experimenting with the High Pressure patio cleaner with a strong acid solution and then an hour in a hot oven.

Jim Breeds… ROFL!!

Chris Meachen… In the past, I’d often use a good-quality petrol lighter fuel;- used to get a lot of muck off…

Phil Gill… Yeah, I remember, but we’re talking about records here Chris.

Peter Fairless… Mild soapy water is a much safer bet!

Jim Breeds… Who used to use a dust bug, or similar devices?

Kev Towner… Actually Mrs Mills sounds better when the record ISN’T cleaned!!