Johnnie Stuart Disc Jockey – 1970’s


Johnnie Stuart Disc Jockey – 1970’s. Worked at Queen Of Clubs and other venues. Anyone remember Johnnie?

Mick O’Dowd… Remember him.

Roy Penfold… Remember seeing the name daily, if not weekly in the Observer. Can’t say I ever saw him (mind you, I wasn’t particularly sober by the time I hit the clubs….)

Ian Mantel… Wasn’t he a driving instructor for BSM as a day job? Seem to recall he did the Roadshow for the Town Carnival in the park and Old Town Carnival on Winkle Island.

Kevin Burchett… I remember Johnnie he did work as a driving instructor and also was a dj in Scalliwags

Jim Hobbs… I remember JF. He was a very good DJ and I never understood why he didn’t spend more time working on his radio career. Maybe someone can get him to give us his story.