P M Jackson Queens Arcade Hastings 1975

Louis Comfort-Wiggett… Stallion!

Dave Nattress… Well I sort of remember a Jackson in the arcade. Wondering if it was connected to Peter Jackson’s a men’s clothes shop in Bexhill on the corner of Sackville Road and Wickham Avenue . When I was a lad, the only place we knew of to get half decent gear. was Peter Jackson’s in Bexhill. Otherwise it was Wards and old men’s shops. The Trading Post in Hastings of course for hippie great-coats – ex. fire brigade I think and ex. German army para’s fatigue trousers. “Peter Jackson” in Bexhill used to sell me my Levi 501’s for £3, 2 and 6, shrink to fit style, (this was the only style), buy them a size bigger than you wanted to get a good fit when they shrunk in the wash, wore them in the bath, in the sea, washed them time and time again in the local Laundromat – see Rory Gallagher – there’s a good track , to get them to fade. This would be from about 1968. Also got Levi denim shirts and anything a little bit out there came from Peter Jackson’s.