Queens Hotel Hastings old sign

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James Eccleston… Hello everyone I was putting a new fence up in the garden and while digging I discovered this old enamelled sign in the ground! It’s for the queens hotel Hastings and I believe it was made in the 1800s so I was just wondering if anyone could help me out and find a picture of the sign on the building before it was removed and ending up buried in my garden I’ve try to find pics but I’ve been unsuccessful. I hope this is a interesting discovery for everyone

Lloyd Johnson… This should be in Hastings Museum…

Mike Mitchell… Not sure it’s going to be 1800s – no cars or phones that early

Leigh Mitchell… Oh wow! What a great find!

Doc Racer… Found this on the Historic Hastings website. Wonder if this is it, the dates seem right

Chris Meachen… It was most likely originally mounted on the walls of the railway station, where many such advertisements were displayed. I dug up a huge one for ‘Nestles milk’ in my own garden. It was common practice for people to take such signs home when they became redundant & use them in gardens and allotments for raised beds or compost heaps, as the enamel coating resisted rust.

Andy Qunta… Fabulous!

Mike Vawdrey… I do not have local knowledge but based on the general style and three digit phone number I would make an educated guessstimate at the period soon after the Great War – early 1920 s maybe ? ?

Peter Ellingworth… A clue is the ‘phone number – 201- on the bottom right hand of the sign. There is a section on the ‘Historical Hastings’ site which I can’t seem to access at the moment, of the development of ‘phone numbers in Hastings.
I did, however, read that Hastings became fully automated in 1974, with the now familiar 42 prefixed to numbers. I have a copy of the Hastings Tramways t/bus timetable of 1954-5, and the Silverhill office enquiry number then still used two figures (HASTINGS 90 ) while the White Rock office is listed as HASTINGS 2310. I think it depended on the locality, and even within the locality, when the change over from two to three and then four figures was made prior to STD. I would guess the sign dates from pre, or immediate post WW2. Hastings Museum should be able to narrow it down more.

Mike Mitchell…we still had a three digit phone number in Ore in the mid-60s: Hastings 404 which was changed to 1221 later in the 60s. Why do I still remember all this stuff?


The Flying Machine and The Sign Of The Fish coffee bar – Queens Hotel Hastings 1960s

Supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… I think both of these clubs were under the Queens Hotel which later became Bonitas. It appears the Flying Machine was frequented by lots of Swedish girls as I have one address on the front and three more on the back!

Alan Esdaile… I don’t remember the Sign of The Fish coffee bar.

John Busbridge… It was a religious coffee bar /disco hence the name.

Dave Nattress… Ah, Swedish girls….I fell in love with one in the summer of 1971 and we were together for 2 weeks then she went back, was I heartbroken!  We wrote long airmail letters to each other every other day for a year or so.  I used to phone her occasionally from home – the old man moaning about the phone bill and also I’d go into the office where I worked, (in the evening when it was quiet), and use the office phone. I guess the international calls showed up on the bill but I never got checked on it!  There were a few of us it could have been.  Next summer was not the same, did see her briefly but it had fizzled out.  I think I met a Danish girl that summer.

Annie Stenberg… Ah, the Flying Machine! I was in Hastings when it opened in the summer of 1965. Some of us Swedish girls who were there on summer language courses spent most of our time there and had loads of fun!

Liz Bourn… I remember the Flying Machine well but it certainly wasn’t a Christian place – just a coffee bar where we all used to gather. Great days

Queens Hotel taken over by Emma Hotels 1978

Peter Houghton… My dad’s friend used to own the Queen’s and the Cooden Beach he sold the Queen’s and kept the Cooden Beach

Lance Collins… I was the DJ for a while at Emma’s Nightclub. Shared the duties with a guy call John DELANEY. Was ok but still preferred to be out with my mobile.

Paul Morfey… I remember before that, when it was owned by Hickmott hotels. We did a lot of work in there, as electricians ie. Installing a fire alarm system through out the whole building. I was just a lad at the time but there is many a story to be told. Happy days!

Merv Kennard… was owned by the Krays from late seventies to mid eighties. I met Charlie Kray in the bar, the Uncle that ran the Queens used to spend time in the Havelock. I often had drink with him .

Harry Randall… Wasn’t Emma the Krays Auntie or related?

Alan Pepper… What year was it Bonita’s / Queen of Clubs ?

Spyke – Queens Hotel Hastings – 10th April 1971



supplied by Peter Millington. https://pet842.wixsite.com/confeds-to-jinks

Chris Sayer, Ian Williams, Terry Chedzoy,  Peter Millington.

Pete Millington… The fourth line-up of SPYKE playing at the Queens Hotel 10th April 1971 – Looks like we’ve just been told “Trust me lads – the cheque’s in the post”

Chris Baker… I thought I was the only one with a daft haircut in those days! 😁

Pete Millington… We all had ’em along with everyone else!

Yvonne Cleland… Ah still miss Chris. x

Tony Court-holmes… who remembers the band called the Town Council?

John Busbridge… I always remember Chris singing “Lady came from Baltimore”!

Mods – Gloucester Restaurant Queens Hotel Hastings.

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Peter Houghton… I remember those days!

Jeanette Wilde… Me too

Lloyd Johnson… Queens Hotel…I was probably sitting in The Pamdor at this moment keeping out of trouble!….I remember looking out of The Club window above The Pamdor main coffee bar on the second floor watching them coming down Queens road ,chrome side panels flashing in the sun!…

Pearl Phillips… Was in Woolworths they locked us all in

John Wilde… We were at The Happening Kings Rd. Waiting for the mods

Angela Frances Gardner… the nuns probably kept us well away from the seafront

Lloyd Johnson… Hastings 1964….

Douglas Palmer… At the time of the riots (Aug Bank Holiday was beginning of August in those days) I was aged16 and a patient in the Royal East Sussex Hospital. I well recall sitting on the verandah overlooking White Rock Gardens as the police ordered the gangs to abandon their scooters and walk down to the seafront. Later that evening an injured Rocker and a Mod were admitted to our ward. They proceeded to hurl insults at each other until the matron gave them a good telling off. They were quiet as mice after that!

Jeanette Wilde… lovely story

Janet Brophy… Thank you for sharing this!, I Had A Weekend Job @ The Bathing Pool In The Shop, I Do Remember That Weekend.

Helena Kingshott…I was probably looking out the windows watching them with Lloyd in the Pamdor x  Happy Days

Conan Howard… the sad part is ,I loved motorbikes , but also scooters , rode a bike because I was a big lad back then

Richard Moscrop… GOOD OLD ROCKERS 🏍🏍🏍🏍 OK MODs Now 😊 Then🤬🤬🤬🤬🛵🛵🛵Hey l’m 74 this August, but still see old Mods with their Scooters 🛵🛵 all Crome with Mirrors 🪞 yes they still look good , they still do Scooter Rallies, stay safe you your familys, oh Rock on