Queens Road Hastings 1970’s painted by Derek Clemans

painting by Derek Clemans

Derek Clemans… I came across an old grainy black and white photo of Queens Road from around the 1970s I am guessing and was inspired to paint it in full colour. It has been a labour of love… I would love to hear any stories that anyone might have if I have sparked a memory or two. Or did you work in any of these shops.

Nick Prince…  I remember it well. Great photo

Dizz Corinne Ryder… Great picture! Loved the Wimpy, had forgotten about Timothy Whites though!

Ian Mantel… 1979, BSM driving lessons with Johnny Stuart (local DJ) then a Wimpy for lunch, every Friday.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Great picture…think I might be the girl in the red dress with the umbrella making my way to Wimpy’s

Pauline Richards… Oh I do miss Wimpy. We used to go after work on a Saturday. Sorry but can’t get used to McDonalds! Apart from the fact they never get my order right it just hasn’t got the taste.

Andy Qunta…  Love it!

Alan Esdaile… Excellent.

Peter Fairless… I remember that Wimpy, also that you could park right outside!

Martin Brown… blimey you might be correct that says Wimpy in Queens Road

Tim Moose Bruce…  Bit I remember about Queens Road in the 70s. My brother bought a B&O hifi system from a shop which is not shown in this picture but not far away, cant remember the name of the shop. It was the time of the miners and power workers strikes and all unnessesary lights etc had to be switched off to conserve power. This included any electrical goods powered up for advertising and demonstration. The shop owner demonstrated the hifi after shutting the shop, turning off all the front lights and pulling down the blinds, then playing the stereo full volume!

Mick May… was it Rumberlows

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My parents also bought a B& O system in the 70s, (it was from a shop in Queens Rd, could well have been Rumbelows), which I ended up with when I moved to London in the 80s, sold it on in 1986 for a tenner!

Tim Moose Bruce… Might have been. I remember it cost about 200 quid.

Anita Brett-eveerst… I had a Saturday job in the Wimpy

Dennis Torrance… Wimpy the best

Gavin Hide… On weekend leave I would have few drinks in Images then go to Wimpy for burger chips then home

Alan Pepper… Yes brings back happy memories from the early seventies . Lovely portrayal mate ! Those frankfurters in Wimpy were to die for . Would spend a lot of time and money in the Record shop (Disc Jockey) further on down just out of the picture. How about a stab at Trinity Street when we had busy days down by the old Observer Derek ?

Dave Nattress… Love the picture, fantastic old names!! A cross between Graham Clarke and L S Lowry. Leigh, could indeed be you or Jane D heading for Chelsea Girl, on the corner opposite side of the road nearer Havelock Road. I remember the Wimpy and one in Bexhill and Eastbourne and just about everywhere. Read an article very recently, there used to be 500 in the UK now there are 80. Also, I remember when you could park outside anywhere or everywhere, not 15 miles away and have to get the train or bus into town!

Pauline Thwaites… I loved the wimpy , I remember having a coconut milkshake in there every week along with a burger as well x

Cherry Longley… Worked in that branch of Boots as a Saturday girl last year of school and during my college year. Remember Trueform for shoes, Posners for trendy fashion and of course Chelsea Girl. My aunt worked in FADS where M&S is now.

David Kent… Someone I know had a hamster called Bollom.

Richard Samuel… Any chance of selling prints ?

Derek Clemans… Prints are always for sale most of my work has been professionally scanned by a local printer incuding this one.. The finished image is on a hard cardboard and is done to a high standard. I usualy stick to a 16″ by 20″ because it as a standard size frame in ESK or elsewhere.Any other size can be available. A 16″ x 20″ signed print comes out at £45.

Nigel Ford… Tim… Currys just out of frame to the left. I remember parents buying us the Dansette Tempo (cheap version, – still here in the loft) for us there mid 60’s. Nice memory Derek, thank you.

Derek Clemans… Richard is still interested in buying a print. I have sent you his email address.

Jeff McCall… would really like to see a picture of this facade before the extensions and shopfronts were added is anyone had one.

Marks & Spencer 20, Queens Road Hastings

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… Marks and Spencer. The first Marks and Spencer store opened in 1920 at 20 Queens Road. In 1930 the building at 30 to 36 Queens Road (pictured) was built. M & S moved into new, purpose built premises opposite in Priory Meadow Shopping Centre in 1996.

Fiona Evans… The good ol’ days,with sturdy shop fronts & lovely window displays.

Colin Gibson… These dinosaurs blew high st presence out and destroyed the cricket ground, along with co-conspirators boots the “chemist”. Queens Rd is now a tasteless selection of cheap imported tat with few exceptions. If it’s raining you can always go into priory “meadow”, for some indoor tat.

Russell Field… Colin, I believe M&S executives said “if you don’t build the shopping centre we’re leaving the town”. Shame, we should have had a lovely marina instead.

Alan Esdaile… It was Peacocks for awhile and rumoured to be Wilko store?

Patricia Burgess… We were back in Hasting in 2003, I could not get over what a mess the Queens Road was, it looked like a poverty stricken area. Such as pity, to destroy the Cricket fields

Peter Fairless… It is. It was.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember the excellent fruit and veg stalls at the side of M&S?

Masons Music – est 3rd April 1978, closed 4th November 2016

mm mm1 mm2

mm3 mm4 mm5

Hastings Pier, 187 Queens Road, 190 Queens Road, Grove Road Ore, Ponswood Ind Estate St Leonards.

Alan Esdaile… Now time for me to get a proper job.

Matt Thomas… I drove past earlier – something drew me to the place today.Sorry it’s come to this. End of an era as Masons Music closes it doors for the last time today, up until last year I had spent nearly 30 years at the place so very sad for me to hear today.

Chris Coleman… That must be a record

Jim Breeds… Really? Gosh. Best wishes for the next venture!

Colin Norton… Sorry to hear this, Alan! Hope that everything works out for you!

Tony May… Oh what a year this has been for you and for me. So sorry to hear this but not surprised in the current climate. If you can please pass on my condolences to all who have lost their jobs today. I may have left a long while ago but part of me shall always belong to Masons Music and the legacy that its existence played in what we all used to recognise as the music industry. Best wishes to you Alan – I will be in touch soon.

Jo Turner… Sorry to hear that

Virginia Davis… Good luck in your next venture

Diane Barton… Have the best memories 🙂 Fun times xxx

Ian Mantel… Every week on pay day in early 80’s I bought records.

Simon Payne… Masons Music played an important part in many of our Hastings lives. Sad to hear of it closing it’s doors today. Sad news Alan, I wasn’t with you long but still remember it fondly. Good luck for the future.

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