Chelsea Girl bag – Queens Road Hastings 1970’s

Bag supplied by Mo Elms

Nadia Compagnone… Loved that shop when I worked in Sussex Stationers at the top of Queens Road.

Clair Finn… Remember it well xxx

Colin Bell… Remember waiting for what seemed like eternity when my then girlfriend was in there shopping! 

SinkySnap… wasnt there a Chelsea Girl on Castle road then it was Tammy Girl?

Lucy Pappas… Loved Chelsea Girl x

Anne Murray… Used to go in there all the time, my favourite shop!

Tracy Birrell… Spent all my Saturday job wages in here in the 70’s. I loved this place!

Linda Woods… I worked in Chelsea girl from 1974 to 1994. Good times

Jane Dorsett… I used to work there, great days.

Linda Turnbull… Was the Pam Dor above this shop. ?

Alan Esdaile… Yes, Linda.

Linda Turnbull… often enjoyed a bop and a drink there


photos from Wards 75th anniversary 1891 to 1966.

photo 4  Devonshire Road Bexhill. Manager on left Mr Izzard, photo 5 Bohemia Road shop

Source: Istvan Radi. supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds… A souvenir booklet celebrating the 75th anniversary 1891 to 1966 of Wards, who had stores in Hastings and Bexhill. I have fond memories of this store. Thanks to Istvan Radi who originally shared these images in the Sussex in History group.

Alan Esdaile… I like the look of the Rave shirts in photo 4. Was Mr Izzard related to Eddie?

Dave Nattress… Remember it well and Bexhill too. One was obliged back then (I think), to buy all the local school uniforms from Wards. Bit of a monotony I believe! There was a large shop up Cambridge Road called Dengates – did lots of clothes and shoes, school shoes and casual I think. I remember Carhartts dark Blue denim jeans which as I got older I wanted Level 501’s which eventually I moved on to when earning as they were £3.00 odd in about 1969. Dengates ran accounts. My Mum used to pay “x” amount every week and the boss and probably other staff used to collect the cash. Would Paul Dengate be related to the company?

Tracy Birrell… I loved Wards,especially the lift and all that wood.

Dennis Torrance… Dengates had a house shop in Stonefield Terrace. Went there with mum and dad they paid each week . Later on in Cambridge Gardens early 70’s till it closed. Me and my mate brought suits there and there clothes got rather trendy to. There were lots of other things toys everything they also did loans and cashed cheques, great place and staff to.

Alan Esdaile… Dennis, my mum worked in Dengates, Cambridge Road shop.


The Disc Jockey, Queens Road, Hastings – receipt 1973 and keep smiling postcard


all supplied by Mo Elms

Donna Glover… My mum wrote this receipt she worked there

Shaun Pont… I remember Disc Jockey as being more expensive for singles (50p in 1973) probably because they were a chart return shop. Boots and Woolies sold chart singles for 40p and 45p around this time and Stylus were about 45p as well. Someone must have got a good deal!

Merv Kennard… That would be a djs discount.

Graham Matthews… Al always gave me a DJ discount when I was spinning a few in the 70’s.

Alan Esdaile… who remembers the Keep Smiling postcard that Alan put in the record bags?


That Darn Cat! film – Gaiety Cinema Hastings 31st October 1965

Colin Bell… A happy/sad memory, the last film my nan took me to see there before she passed away not long afterwards.

Alan King… i remember seeing that at the cinema, wasn’t much choice back then, cliff richard filums, zulu, the man in the iron mask, the jokers, how the west was won, they’re about the only ones i remember from that age

Nigel Ford… Definitely saw that, not sure it was this date but unlikely it came back? With mum for sure and brother I expect.

Fads Homecare Centre Queens Road Hastings – Fire 1978

Fads Ad 1981

Andy Clarke… I lived 3 doors away from that

Merv Kennard… I seem to remember Pete Prescott was concerned about his home brew as he lived in a flat above the shop.

Andy Clarke… I don’t think there was a flat above fads. Next door was the COOP funeral parlour where my mum and dads friend lived and worked. Next door to that was our neighbours and then us. The buildings were owned by coop and had tied accommodation above. My dad and our neighbour worked in coop furnishing down queens parade.

Pete Prescott…That’s right. Its true about the flat. Next door to Fads was the Co Op menswear Dept run by my father in law Mick Lewsley (lovely man.He got us the flat) We had the flat above that. I was only a few door away from Fads. When I got there the first thing I saw was a few firemen laid on the pavement overcome by fumes. The road was closed. it was chaos ! I wasn’t allowed in. There was also a flat above the menswear Dept (it was a double sized shop) they were ok. Both our flat’s smelt of smoke for weeks. It took a while to clear. I Cleary remember a postman stepped over the barriers the fireman had erected and still posted the mail as if nothing was happening ! He seemed oblivious to all that was happening ! He walked through it all delivering the mail and stepped over the next set of barriers as if nothing had happened !

Andy Clarke… Pete, you must’ve been in 199a then? Front door was on Queens Rd? We was in 200a and door was at the back with steps going up by the side of St. Andrews market. It was also the same way up to get to 201a. 202a was above the funeral directors and door was between them and fads. We moved into 200a in 1970 and my parents were still there till 1997ish. If I remember right in 199a the bath was in the kitchen when I first went in there.

Pete Prescott… That’s right. 199a. I wonder if the bath is still in the kitchen !

Nadia Compagnone… I worked in Sussex Stationers in Queens Road when this happened. I remember a really nice chap who used to work in Fads. Queens Road had so many lovely shops and people who worked in them at that time.

Madeline Reade… Joanne, this was after Fine Fare.

Andy Clarke… I remember it well. We lived 3 doors up from there.

Town Crier Pub Queens Road Hastings 1979

Samuel Freeman… My Local years ago

Pauline Richards… 1979 !!! Looks sooo long ago

Alan Esdaile… it was Pauline!

Ian Johnson… I’ve played the sound system upstairs back in the day

Fiona Evans… When pubs were pubs – the good old days!. I wonder where that pub sign is now !!!

Lloyd Johnson… Wasn’t that The GI in the 60s?…

Alan Esdaile… Yes it was, I think before it became the New Central.

Lloyd Johnson… was it ever called ‘The Cricketers’……?

Mick O’Dowd… Lloyd, The Cricketers was in South Terrace.

Tony Court-holmes… and up from The Cricketers was The Two Princes and The Pilot round the corner

Karen Riggs… I remember this pub. In 1979 I was 17 but still got served.

David Edwards… Formally the Central and once was The GI.

Chris Meachen… Always used to go in there after aquarium club meetings as a teenager.

Co-Op Queens Road Hastings – school uniforms 1965

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure all mine came from Wards.

Pete Fairless… posh boy!

Colin Bell… And mine!

Merv Kennard… Didn’t know there was anywhere else to get the uniform other than wards!

Andy Ives… mine too

Nicola Dobson… Mine too

Ralph Town… The cap really doesn’t work with the rest of the ensemble. lol

Alan Esdaile… I think my cap disappeared in the first few days, when the older kids grabbed it. Parents were not happy!

C Wheeler & Son 158 Queens Road Hastings 1959 – scooter specialist.

Mick O’Dowd… This is weird. I had a DKR electric starter but was not of the design shown. It was around 1965/66 when my Mum (bless her) bought it for me. It looked similar to a Lambretta and was 175cc with the electric start. Always parked behind the Pam Dor in Station Approach. Never knew this shop existed.