Fludes carpets, Queens Road, Hastings


Mick O’Dowd…. Now Santander Bank!

Tony Court-holmes… and before that the Bedford Arms pub

Peter Ellingworth… My father worked on this building when it was reconstucted from a former bomb site ? around 1960. I remember seeing him putting the original windows in. My grandmother (father’s side) lodged at the top of Castle Passage in the flats between there and Wellington Square.

Nigel Livermore… I worked there after finishing school in the early sixties, and before returning to studies later on. Bob Fermor was the manager. £3 and 3 shillings a week. Branches in other Sussex towns. Cheese rolls from Nick’s Grill, a few doors up on the other side.

Paul Dove… When I passed my Driving test at 17 worked here as a driver and that’s where I got the carpet fitting bug, and I’m still fitting at 73

Mick O’Dowd… Paul, It’s surely about time you stopped and went home

Pauline Carol Alland wife of the 60s ‘Rebels’ group (lead singer)… Nigel rightly mentioned there were other Fludes branches and I worked at the one in Lewes during the 60s which was also on a corner opposite the old library – when it closed it became Boots.

Cheshire’s 68-69 Queens Road Hastings 1981 – woodworkers supplies

photo ©  Steve Peak

Stuart Moir… Shopped there many times

Andrew Freeman… My Dad often popped in there to get things for whatever project he was on! I remember brown warehouse type coats.

Kay Lobb… Gosh a blast from the past there! I remember going in there with my dad, years ago.

John Gale… Anybody remember what the decorators shop was called in the 60s . It was next door to Cheshires, where St Michael’s Hospice charity shop is now. I think they had an upstairs too back then. Can remember being given old wallpaper catalogues to use as scrapbooks.

Pauline Richards… John, I remember Friday Ad being there and wasn’t it a pram shop. Donkeys years ago? Gambrills?

John Gale… Pauline, Yes definitely a pram shop before Friday Ad. It would explain why i have a vague memory, aged about 5 ar the time, being given a basic Lego toy present from there, maybe they sold a few toys then. So, maybe the decorating shop was near to it then. It’s all a bit blurry after 60 years.

Alan Esdaile… John and Pauline your both right, Number 65 was Collins wallpaper and paints and number 66/67 was Gambrills pram shop.

Tony Collins… John, I took over the diy shop in the early seventies and it was called Collins Homecentre. I cannot remember the previous name though.

Angela Gardner… I loved this shop so useful for odd bits of wood.

Pauline Richards… And foam cut to any size!

Lloyd Johnson… A much Loved woodwork shop…great bits and bobs in the window…I remember buying wooden wheels to make a model and dowelling to make a buntline special in the 50s when Wyatt Earp was on telly…

Roger Simmonds… Often popped in there !

Keith Blizard… Great little shop !

Alan Esdaile… My dad loved this shop and at times he would let my dad have offcuts for nothing.

Peter Ellingworth… Great shop. My father often used to call in.

Nigel Ford… used to get thick foam for machine seats cut to size there from a man out the back in a brown coat….. do I see Fork ‘ andles in the window too?

Graham Sherrington… and plugs…….13 amp.

Jenifer Hitchman… Anyone remember the book shop on Queens Rd. Was just down from the pub. In the middle and then used to be out of date shop on corner.

Alan Esdaile… Jenifer, remember the cheap out of date shop, buying crisps and biscuits in there. Usually fine but occasionally had to spit them out as they were soft!


Mary Millington – The Imperial Queens Road Hastings 1978

Dave Nattress… I remember a Mary Millington – must have read the wrong magazines when I was younger!! LOL

Colin Jefferys… Does anybody remember Mary being on a float for the Hastings carnival either 78 or 79    Not sure if I imagined  it ha ha

Christine Swain… My sister Dot and Bill Bates were landlord and lady then Happy times .

Bernard Baker… Colin, Yes , I do! Probably ’78. I was on the promenade aged 16 and she was travelling on top of a car in a bikini……

Chris Head… Imperial Pub Nicky fell in love again

Dot Mountford… Who is the bloke far left hanging onto her ankles think his first name was Jim he had a brother called Colin I believe…

Alan… Met her at the Pilot Field in 1978. Talked to her for about 10 minutes, just about football, she supported Fulham.

Gerry Fortsch… I stood next to her at the Pilot Field but I had no idea who she was, she ended up just another sad story.


Ticket office Queens Road Hastings

supplied by Matt Thomas

John Wilde… Many coach tickets purchased in there.

Graham Sherrington… Bring back the 1970’s let me make less mistakes and nearly start again. But then its that Time travel paradox is it not.

Michael Wilson… Maidstone and District coach trips in the summer holiday. Windsor Safari Park, Dover Castle

Ralph Town… Remember times we sat in there waiting for a coach to Tonbridge to see my Nan

Paul Coleman… A tour to Brighton- 8 bob! Those were the days!

Peter Ellingworth… Remember it well…..former single deck Hastings Tramways Co. trolleybus no. 45 ? re-utilised as a ticket booth/office.I believe it is under restoration for putting back to working order somewhere….will check out when time allows. Along with the Guy open top t/buses ( ‘ Happy Harold ‘ – the sole survivor- and this only because it was kept back as a maintenance vehicle until being decked out for the 1953 Coronation and used subsequently ). These were used until the early part of WW2 when the first batch of Weyman t/buses were delivered followed by the Sunbeams in 1946, of which there is a superbly restored working one at The East Anglia Transport Museum.

Tracy Birrell… Gosh, yes, this brings back memories.

Peter Ellingworth… Further to my earlier comment : The former trolleybus no. 45, currently being restored I believe , and used for this M&D ticket office, was one of a batch of 50 single deckers and 8 open top double deckers of which ‘Happy Harold’ is the sole survivor, delivered to Hastings Tramways Co. at the start of trolleybus operation from trams in 1928.
They lasted until the first batch of new all enclosed double deckers, AEC/ English Electric with the first 10 having Weyman bodywork and the remainder Park Royal were delivered in May 1940. Two single deckers were kept in running reserve, of which one 45, was eventually utilised as the above ticket office staying thus until 1972. The Hastings Observer (no doubt written by either by “an Observer reporter” or ‘Round the Memorial’ by “Vigilant” himself), almost wet itself waxing lyrical with praise at the time of the 1940 delivery : “The new enclosed double deck trolley vehicles are a delight to travel in, being the last word in passenger comfort…..and purr through our streets in almost ghostly quiet….the general atmosphere of hush appears to be infectious ” etc. etc.etc. Of the original single deckers, which I remember my Mother saying were apt to brake very sharply, most were scrapped at Silverhill depot. 18 were transferred to other operators to make up for those destroyed during bombing raids. The remainder were kept in store until the end of hostilities in 1945. And double decker ‘Happy Harold’ formerly no 3., was kept back for use as an overhead equipment maintenance and running wire de -icing vehicle before being decked out for the 1953 Coronation, and subsequent use as a novelty on the likes of summer Sunday nights between the Bathing Pool and Fishmarket. Anybody remember this ? Date of the photo? Around 1964-66 I would say.

Peter Ellingworth… Simply Google in ‘Hastings Trolleybus no. 45″ – this gives a wealth of information about this vehicle, its history and what’s happening to it with a photo taken early in WW2 ? almost opposite along Queen’s Rd. of one of the single deckers still in public service outside the old Timothy Whites. Also photos of no.45 being used as a ticket office .


Pam Dor discotheque Queens Road Hastings membership card

shared from Hastings and Area Past And Present https://www.facebook.com/HAPP1066

supplied by Kay Lobb.

Kay Lobb… came across this from the 1960’s when I was looking through old diaries. Think I spent hours at the Pam Dor in those days!!”

Pauline Richards… Never had a membership card used to just climb up those stairs!

Marilyn Spence… I don’t remember having a membership card and I used to spend hours there too!

Nicola Dobson… Yes me too

Robert Carey… A Sunday was sometimes Witchdoctor for lunchtime – Pam Dor for coffee and over the Cinema across the road for the film.( Gaiety??)

Mick O’Dowd… I don’t remember having a membership card although I practically lived in there. Mind you I think the disco was upstairs and I tended to stay downstairs in the pinball room and the coffee bar with the jukebox!

John Busbridge… I remember walking into the glass door at the bottom of the stairs and nearly knocking myself out!

Mick Mepham… My sister took me in there once when I was a young ‘un…

Patricia Burgess… Home away from home, as Barry Herbert working there then…memories

Paul Coleman… Spent many a happy hour in the Pam Dor. I remember once they opened up really early in the morning to cater for the people coming from the all nighter on the pier. – might have been the one with Jimi Hendrix?

Lloyd Johnson… I use to clean the floors before I went to Art School and would work behind the bar some evenings….

Rumples Queens Road Hastings photo

Supplied by Kat Annells

Peter Fairless… Burgers and chips in a polystyrene box, very radical!

Martin Richter… Peter, it was at the time!

Graham Sherrington… was that a toy shop?? or was the toy shop between Rumples and the town Crier? the shop with the awning.

Lloyd Johnson… Hepworth’s on the far left….The PamDor Coffee Bar above Hepworth’s…

Bernard Morphew… What is the building on the right of the photo?

Ralph Town… Wasn’t that Arbers,in another space/time co ordinate

Alan Esdaile… Ralph, Yes I’m pretty sure that was Arbers and think it was a cigar shop next to the Town Crier pub, Bernard.

Chris Meachen… the tobacconist shop used to sell loose tobacco:- there were several different varieties & you could mix them together to create your own blend.

Peter Ellingworth… Note the lamppost, former tram/trolleybus wire traction pole, by the Town Hall. I remember when there was a blitz on removing them, I believe because of an EEC ruling that lamp standards had to be vehicle crash absorbent ( which these old posts most certainly were not), during one of my visits to Hastings watching the guys – with much f-ing and blinding- after trying to oxy flame-cut it down in sections without avail, as it was infilled with concrete with old tram rail inside to strengthen it then jacking it out from the ground in most of its entirety. It was reinforced originally to take the 500 odd volt dc power feeder cables situated at intervals in the system.

Rumples – Queens Road Hastings 1981

Dave Nattress… Funny I don’t really remember Rumples – living in Bexhill albeit I was still a very frequent visitor to Hastings for various reasons – band practice and gigs and shopping – well Bexhill didn’t do a lot of any of these things, and weekends usually along George Street in pursuit of the club-life, females and alcohol. But, years before there was a restaurant called “Leadbelly” in Brighton just about opposite the Theatre Royal round from the Dome, which was a American themed hamburger restaurant doing fabulous burgers. First time I ever had coleslaw, Strawberry Cheesecake and Mississipi Mud Pie deserts also. Then another called Rumbleberry (I think) in seaside Road, Eastbourne, same sort of menu but no alcohol license originally. This would be early 1970’s. All these places put a new dimension on burgers and then perhpas started the demise of The Wimpey Bars and then I learned about McD’s and Burger King and Wendy’s. Still eating burgers but the addiction to McD’s is under control – rehab at The Priory has helped!


Toffs Night Club, Queens Road Hastings – Halloween party 31st October 1978

Barry Upton… How lovely. We used to go there a lot. Loved the place. Thanks for posting it

Earl Grey… Very interesting.

Mick Knights… Much preferred the place when it was the Astral. I think Toffs started life trying to be a bit exclusive as I remember one of the questions on the application form was what make of car you drove!!

Auto Equipe, Friday Ad, Singer Sewing Centre Queens Road Hastings 1980’s

Supplied by Leigh Kennedy Historical Hastings facebook page

Leigh Kennedy… Some more photos of the Town Centre in the early 1980s ( circa 1984 )

Malcolm McDonald… I remember that..wow

Nadia Compagnone… The days when Queens Road was a great shopping centre and community.

Matt Thomas… I remember Saturday mornings at the butchers being very busy. Working in Masons and popping along to the bakery for cakes or sausage rolls.

Richard Fowler… I worked in the cheap food shop next to the Indian takeaway and the road leading to Fountains Fruit warehouse on Queens in 1982 when I was at school.. £1 an hour… opposite there was a great cafe ran by a Mediterranean chap, right next to the Indian restaurant. One day the tinned dog food, which must of been years old and were misshapen with gas exploded… depositing meat and maggots everywhere.

Peter Ellingworth… Mid picture, left side. Cheshires, sold off cuts of wood – my father a carpenter and joiner, knew the proprietor.

Alan Esdaile… I remember my dad used to know the owner and often he would let my dad have bits of off cuts for next to nothing or free.

Mark Bilsby… I worked in Cheshire’s timber merchants from 76 to 1982

Tony Court-holmes… all Queens Road is now, is empty shops loved it when i was a kid

Ralph Town… I have a story about the cafe next door that no one will want to read whilst eating!

Alan Esdaile… rats, mice, maggots???

Ralph Town… No…a cat that had the squits!