Toffs Night Club, Queens Road Hastings – Halloween party 31st October 1978

Barry Upton… How lovely. We used to go there a lot. Loved the place. Thanks for posting it

Earl Grey… Very interesting.

Mick Knights… Much preferred the place when it was the Astral. I think Toffs started life trying to be a bit exclusive as I remember one of the questions on the application form was what make of car you drove!!

Fads Homecare Centre Queens Road Hastings – Fire 1978

Andy Clarke… I lived 3 doors away from that

Merv Kennard… I seem to remember Pete Prescott was concerned about his home brew as he lived in a flat above the shop.

Andy Clarke… I don’t think there was a flat above fads. Next door was the COOP funeral parlour where my mum and dads friend lived and worked. Next door to that was our neighbours and then us. The buildings were owned by coop and had tied accommodation above. My dad and our neighbour worked in coop furnishing down queens parade.

Pete Prescott…That’s right. Its true about the flat. Next door to Fads was the Co Op menswear Dept run by my father in law Mick Lewsley (lovely man.He got us the flat) We had the flat above that. I was only a few door away from Fads. When I got there the first thing I saw was a few firemen laid on the pavement overcome by fumes. The road was closed. it was chaos ! I wasn’t allowed in. There was also a flat above the menswear Dept (it was a double sized shop) they were ok. Both our flat’s smelt of smoke for weeks. It took a while to clear. I Cleary remember a postman stepped over the barriers the fireman had erected and still posted the mail as if nothing was happening ! He seemed oblivious to all that was happening ! He walked through it all delivering the mail and stepped over the next set of barriers as if nothing had happened !

Andy Clarke… Pete, you must’ve been in 199a then? Front door was on Queens Rd? We was in 200a and door was at the back with steps going up by the side of St. Andrews market. It was also the same way up to get to 201a. 202a was above the funeral directors and door was between them and fads. We moved into 200a in 1970 and my parents were still there till 1997ish. If I remember right in 199a the bath was in the kitchen when I first went in there.

Pete Prescott… That’s right. 199a. I wonder if the bath is still in the kitchen !

Nadia Compagnone… I worked in Sussex Stationers in Queens Road when this happened. I remember a really nice chap who used to work in Fads. Queens Road had so many lovely shops and people who worked in them at that time.


Astral Club Queens Road Hastings 1975

Surprised they put opposite the cinema, when it was opposite The Disc Jockey record shop.

Dizz Corinne Ryder… Was it above Chelsea Girl?

Barry Upton… I think it was once Toffs night club ?

Dizz Corinne Ryder… that rings a bell, was just a bit too young to go though!

Maureen Fuller… The Astrel Club was where the Pamdor Club originally was above Chelsea girl entrance at the back. My ex husband Les Martin used to work their

Yvonne Cleland… I used to love the Astral Club! Late late nights and a free meal hahaha

Maureen Fuller… Can you remember the name of the lovely lady who cooked the late night suppers loved her curries?

Yvonne Cleland… I can’t, I’m sorry, but her spag bols and chicken in a basket were to die for! xx

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yep – there regularly, always had the whitebait

Sam Rosewell… Was this Flamingo’s in the 80’s? (Not that I went in there, slightly too young!) Was a better scene back in the day….

Alan Esdaile… Yes, Sam.

Neal Hunter…It was great being a DJ there. Broke my leg falling down the stairs between the bar and disco at 1am on 22 Oct 1974 which was the day my son was born. Great days.

Tony Davis… was great Djing there with Merlins Music Box. Was it Betty that did the food?

Maureen Fuller… don’t think that was her name she was a Greek lady l think

Tony Court-holmes… used work behind the bar there

Ian Quinnell… AAHHHH good (but slightly vague) memories of those days

Alan Esdaile… Graham Bradley was asking about the Astral Club. Anyone else have any cuttings or photos?

Graham Bradley… You are right Alan definitely opposite Alan Jensen . I remember Jacky, Veronica and Betty working there and there were queues down Queens Road trying to get in . Great Days

F M Reardon… I remember the Astral and Jo.I used to work at the Pump House pub and my mate used to work at the Aquarius. When they closed we used to head down to the Astral and enjoy the rest of the nite.That was back in 73. Great days.

Tony Court-holmes… worked the bar there a couple of times

Charlie… Does anyone remember a bouncer there called Murray

Alan Esdaile…If its the Murray I think it is, I do see him occasionally driving round in his van and he toots but haven’t seen him since before lock down.

Tony Davis… think he still looks the same as well.

Willie Wicking… Great times our friend Clive was an EF student leader he used to get us in lots Swedish girls some of who I still have contact with now

Clive Richardson… It was STS students that I worked for Willie. Happy times.

Graham Bradley… Murray Smith I think that’s Murray surname, he’s still about and his sister runs Battle Kennels Tony right he still looks the same.

Yvonne Cleland… The Astral Club! Great little place! X

John Busbridge… When it was the Pam Dor it used to have a thick glass entrance door which I thought was open walked right in to it, never been right since!

who remembers Timothy Whites in Hastings?

Martin Richter… hell yeah! a neighbour worked there and i worked 3 doors down

Anne Murray… Was it where Plummers was (Debenhams old site)?

Martin Richter… no, it was in Queens Road – a couple (or three) doors down from Boots

Yvonne Cleland… I do, and there was one I London Road St. Leonard’s too! X

Linda Day… I worked in Timothy Whites chemist it was in Queen’s Rd just down from the hardware Timothy Whites

Martin Richter… i known they were known as a chemist but i only ever knew the hardware shop 🙂 was the chemist taken over by Boots ?

Linda Day… Yes

John Gale… Wasn’t it near where Holland and Barratt is now in Queens Rd? My memory seems to think there was a Boots there too, as well as one in Robertson Street

Martin Richter… i always thought it was weird that there were 2 Boots within 500yds (but – they used to have the highest footfall of any retailer – mainly because they were main (if only) chemist in many area – and both were always busy! i also remember 2 Dewhurst butchers on Queen Road between the cinema and M&S

Alan Esdaile… This will help people remember the Queens Road. Derek Clemans painting.

© Derek Clemans

John Gale… that’s brilliant

Martin Richter… crikey – any idea what year? my addled brain seems to remember Boots and TW the other way round and Dewhurst further to the right (?) – i think the Wimpy had previously been the Golden Egg – after it moved from Castle Street ?

Phil Gill… Ah, Bollom. It was neither one thing nor the other.

Linda Day… Think I was there in 1967

Martin Richter… anyone got a time machine? some of this stuff would be worth good money today 🙂 p.s. what’s a coffret!

Allyson Breeds… I think it was a box of talc, I seem to remember my mum having something like that.

Fiona Evans… A coffret was a gift box containg soap,talc,bath cubes & moisturiser. When I was a youngster I used buy one every Christmas for my Mum – I think she liked them !!.

Peter Fairless… It’s French for a little box – – a small coffer.

Colin Bell…It was another of those shops back then that had a unique smell when you entered, funny how you remember these things after so many years!

Jan Warren… Timothy Whites had a store in Western Road, Bexhill too, I still have a catalogue from 1983!

Dave Weeks… Jan, then it was Friday Ad shop

Graham Sherrington… yep

Yvonne Cleland…Didn’t they merge in the end? I thought Boots bought out Timothy Whites.

Colin Bell… They did Yvonne, Boots bought them out in 1968

I remember Wards looking like this and mens holiday wear

photo source: unknown

Advert 1968

opening advert 14th July 1951 supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Fiona Evans… So do I !

Arthur Sutherland… Love the headless sales assistant.

Pete Fisher… was dragged there to be fitted out with school uniform…

Alan Esdaile… so was I Pete, I was like Kevin the teenager from Harry Enfield!

Tony May… This looks to me like the interior of Apps at Silverhill.

Sue Bennett… When l was small l remember the lovely little drawers with delicate buttons & threads in them.I collected buttons & beads, etc too after that.

Julie Findlay-jones… Wish shops looked more like this now, very nostalgic.

Janine Anne Scott… Do you remember the distinct smell?

Jules Stretton… Me too

Carol Paffett… And Mastins

Pete Brazier… A bit like Grace Brothers Isn’t it

Tony Ham… You beat me to it, are you free My Humphreys? I’m free!

Jon McCallion….  I remember this too. Shame we can’t go back to it, it would be so much better.

Jacquie Hinves… That was downstairs in the Queens Road shop. Upstairs was the Children’s outfitters. I got my first uniform for Our Lady’s Convent in Filsham Road from there!

Judy Atkinson… And my dad’s shop had cabinets like this

Despo Hawkins… Me too

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Pam Dor Coffee Bar – Early 60’s Hastings


supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington….Eric behind the counter at the Pam Dor Early 1960’s.

Mick Knights….That’s the ever popular Eric, the owner, serving. I, along with just about every teenage lad, was banned by him at one time or another!! The Pam Dor had the first Discotec in Hastings, which was on the second floor, a place I never entered, nor did very many, as it soon closed. its second incarnation was the Astral club, which morfed into Toff’s.

Peter Pursglove….i did the door up there for a few years until it closed Alan ,Mollly Russell ran it ,busy little club

Tom Boyer….Great times, we loved it, a fabulous place to meet. Tom & Lin Boyer (nee White)

Sue Bartholomew (Nee Finch)… I remember the Pam Dor, it was the best place to go, we paid a shilling entrance and that also got you a coffee or a frothy hot chocolate, and sit in there for as long as you wanted, it was always busy and behind in Middle Street was a long line of Lambrettas or Vespas belonging to some young lad who was in the Pam Dor.

Colin Bell… Love this photo Pete, met my first ‘proper’ girlfriend there…happy days…

Mick Mepham… Who were your ‘improper’ ones Colin and are you still in touch with them?

Nicola Dobson… Spent a lot of time in there…I remember that seating area..they should have coffee bars again Im sure they would be popular!

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who remembers Halfords when it was in Queens Road Hastings?

Dave Nattress… Yes indeed used to go there. Weird thing even little old Bexhill had one in Devonshire Road would be early – mid 70’s. Now we have these much larger stores like at Ravenside. Some have bays for carrying out services/repairs I think.

Nigel Ford… Doesn’t seem long ago? Next to GAMLEYS toy shop.

Tracy Birrell… I remember it well.

Steve Thorpe… ….and Gamleys!

Pete Houghton… Good times! Remember Halfords in Bexhill

Record order receipt from Masons Music 187 Queens Road Hastings.

Supplied by Phil Gill

Phil Gill… Found this today…is it in yet Alan?

Matt Thomas… Sorry discontinued

Jim Breeds… It was ordered twice by mistake.

Phil Gill… Jim, Great, a double album

Kev Towner… Were you in two minds about it Phil.

Alan Esdaile… and I thought 187 was more a punk/mod shop!