Bill Withers R.I.P.

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Mike Curtis… I know, I know, I know etc

Geoff Peckham… no no no!

Alan Testot-newick… But what a great song …..every pub band played it ? And so many f……. it up …ha ha

Eric Harmer… Gutted

Monica Bane… Me also gutted. Loved all his songs!

Alan Esdaile… Great songwriter and singer, very sad.

Ian Mantel… So Bill Withers withers

Julie Felix R.I.P.

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Colin Norton… RIP Julie.

Andy James Long… Sadly gone to the zoo one last time.

Robert Searle… Still have Changes on Fontana RIP Julie Felix

Alan King… Did a gig with her about 25 years ago, Jimmy Page turned up

Edge St Leonards… Very sad, god bless you and RIP respect x

Eddie Larnerd Lane… In the 60s after her show in a pub in Colchester i had a few drinks with her lovely girl RIP Julie x

Peter Houghton… I’m so sorry to hear about this RIP Julie

Rontenn2001… Julie has always been amazing. A real true legend. R.I.P. Julie Felix.


Kenny Rogers R.I.P.

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Monica Bane… So sad a real legend great singer R I P!

David Natan… Rest in peace, Kenny!

Patricia Burgess… What a great talented man RIP

David Natan… Rest in peace, Kenny!

David Kent… Now we know what condition his condition is in.

Julia Armstrong… May his soul rest in peace

Rontenn2001… Kenny was brilliant…he’ll always be a real true legend.A brilliant singer,actor & writer.  XXX

Roy Hudd R.I.P.

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Roger Simmonds… Oh liked Roy Hudd, sad!

Eugene Hughes… RIP Roy Hudd

Ian Luck… Now that’s a man I’d loved to have met and chat with RIP Roy great loss

Wendy Weaver… Oh dear. He writes a fortnightly column in Yours Magazine. He will be sadly missed. R.I.P Roy

Andy Qunta… RIP, Roy. Thanks for the laughs!

Jacqueline Marsh… Oh how sad, he was so funny



Pete Billings R.I.P. (21st December 2016)


Tony White (Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on Facebook page) … Remembering Pete Billings, drummer with The Saints, Fifth Avenue and dep’d with almost every other local musician since the 1960’s. Sadly passed away on 21st December 2016.

Robert Searle… RIP Pete Billings

Laura Broadway… Sad loss, great drummer,great bloke.

Colin Norton… Had the pleasure of meeting and playing with Pete this past September. Together with Lawrie Broadway, Baz Cooper and Pete we were the Features. Here’s a pic of Pete on September 10th this year. RIP Pete.


Terry Pack… RIP, Pete. What a lovely bloke.

Eddie Sargent… Very sad loss brilliant drummer

Chris van Rock… RIP ……

Ernest Ballard… Oh. That’s a shock. He was a local hero. Nice bloke and good drummer RIP

Barry French… So sorry to hear this news, lovely man & brilliant drummer RIP.

Tony White has posted the funeral details on The Eastbourne Bands site... Pete’s funeral will take place on Friday 6th January 2017 at 1.00pm, at Beulah Baptist Church, Buckhurst Rd, Bexhill, followed by a family burial and back to the church hall for refreshments.

Charlotte Hutchinson… Dear Pete. We thought you were wonderful . So kind to us when we first met. So good to Chris , and a fantastic drummer. God bless you ,and may you rest in peace. You are going to be greatly missed  . Chris and Charlotte Hutchinson.

Dave King… The best drummer I have ever worked with. We played together as the Dave Allan Sound in the 80s and early 90s until I emigrated to France in ’92. Played together again at a couple of Saints reunions at the Winter Garden. What a lovely man, who didn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. This world could do with a few more like Pete. R.I.P. Mate.

John Harper… Grateful thanks to another old mate – Dave King – for telling me about this website in an email today from France. I can only second what he said about Pete. Dear old Pete was a good buddy who I’ve known and gigged with since 1970. Best drummer around and a lovely bloke. We were founder members of The BJ 4 along with Barry Jones on vocals and Les Saxby on keyboards. We were resident band at The Eastbourne Fishermens Club from 1973. Needless to say the band lineup changed over the years ( as they do! ) Les sadly passed away in 1988 and George Smithson joined the band on keyboards. When George moved to Spain Andy Winterborne became our keyboards. Mick Ansfield ( on bass ) gigged with us on and off. Stuart Coffee then became our bassplayer. We became City Rhodes Sounds when Barry left the band in early 80’s and Dave Hacker joined as lead vocals. Pete eventually moved on in the 80’s and joined Dave Allen Sound. Terry Mconnell became his replacement on drums. Stuart Coffee left in late 80’s to play jazz with his dad and brother and that’s when Bob Page joined the band on bass and vocals replacing Dave who joined Tony Bird’s band. Laurie Brookman joined us on guitar for a few years. We were resident at the club from 1973 to the year 2000.
Sadly several of the band have passed on now … Les Saxby, Mick Ansfield, George Smithson, Stuart Coffee, Barry Jones and of course Pete Billings. R.I.P. I’m pleased to say that Pete’s photo is on display at the club.

Geoff Peckham… Would this be the Les Saxby who was a friend and bandmate of my dad, Dave Peckham? My dad used to take me to his place near Alexandra Park in the 60s. I once showed him a copy of the sheet music of Donovan’s ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man”, which he played on his home organ and mocked it’s simplicity! Don’t know why I remember that. Did he also have a model train set?

Mark Mackenzie… I do remember you guys at the fish, Mick Ansfield played on some of our recordings we did in Eastbourne, he was a really great bass player.

Robert Searle… RIP Mick Ansfield

Neil Innes dies

Dutch TV 1968 –

BBC News 

Paul Huggett… Met him once . Very nice man. RIP to the Urban Spaceman.

Stella Huggett… Yep, he was nice.

Paul Crimin… The genius behind The Rutles. RIP.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw the Rutles in May at the Cavern, Liverpool – sad news indeed

Gerry Fortsch… He gave us all a lot to laugh about. another great loss.

Alan Esdaile… Very talented funny man. Sad news.

Jo Turner… Deeply saddened. He was a lovely man.

Gareth Huggett… The Urban Spaceman’s final twist

Pete Brazier… Another great from my past gone but not forgotten
RIP Neil Thankyou for the Laughs and those great songs


Kenny Lynch R.I.P.

photo: isobeleve

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Eugene Hughes… RIP Kenny. A lovely man.

Anne Murray… RIP Kenny Lynch

Mike Raxworthy… Sad news – he was a lovely guy! RIP Kenny

Robert Searle… A real shame he was a great singer and songwriter RIP Kenny

Wendy Weaver… RIP. I really liked Kenny. He was s good all round entertainer.

Nicola Dobson… Can’t believe he was 81..RIP

John Kingdon… Another loss to bear. RIP Kenny.

Dennis Torrance… Remember him growing up in films and music rest in peace Kenny

Gerry Fortsch… Another character sadly gone.

Nigel Chorley… A total talent and a very sad loss. Time to put his soul track in to this week’s shows.

Alan Esdaile… very sad, a great all round entertainer.

Pauline Richards… Up on the roof!

Eugene Hughes… Always remember him with Jimmy Tarbuck

Alan Pepper… So sad he was one of our great all rounders . You only have to listen to Movin’ away check it out !

Mick O’Dowd… One of the original nice guys!

Pete Brazier… He was a great funnyman too! Sadly Missed! R.I.P. Kenny

Neil Partrick… Yes, very sad. He came across as very warm and very kind. He was also funny.

Tony Britton R.I.P.

photo in 1972 © Allan Warren

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Peter Houghton… So sad to hear this he was a great actor both in comedy and straight roles

Jeff Belton… Very sad news . Sending our love to his family.

Roger Simmonds… So sad great actor !

Yvonne Ellis… Condolences to his family

Eddie Sargent… Condolences to all your family xx

Matt Thomas… Fern’s dad

Eugene Hughes… He lived in Appledore.



David Bellamy R.I.P.

photo: Allan Warren

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Wendy Weaver… We were talking about him only a couple of weeks ago and how he had been shunned by the TV companies as he didn’t agree with certain opinions. What an honest and kind man he was. R.I.P David.

Martin Richter… a man who cared – R.I.P.

Nikki Hanson… wummaging awound in the undergwoff’

Paul Crimin… West in Peace David. A TV legend. RIP.

Jill Green… RIP

Peter Brazier… A Fun and Inspiring Man! R.I.P

Coco Pops… One of the Very Best! He was witty and intelligent

Sid Saunders… My hero

Nichola Barfield…That’s so so sad I found him great so much knowledge sad

Harry Lavender… R.I.P. David Bellamy.

Dave Easton R.I.P. 2015


Dave Easton R.I.P. Very sorry to report that Dave has passed away. My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

Susie Prescott… So sad. What a decent bloke he was. RIP Dave xxx

Graham Burfield… RIP Dave a true gent will always remember you,condolences to Pearl and family.

Kevin Burchett… R.I.P Dave my memories go right back to when i was 17 you playing at the Battle hop.

Richard Moore… Wonderful character of the local music scene. May he be at peace and in a special place now.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Sad news, my thoughts are with his family & friends.

Virginia Davis… R.I.P. Condolences to his family.

John Wilde… Sincere condolences to Daves family. He was a truly wonderful Man.
His passing will send ripples of sadness. Soar high good Soul, journey on.
Thank you for your Voice and personality. You will be remembered fondly.

Phil Gill… Very sad news Alan, Dave was a top bloke. My condolences to Pearl and the family.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. I have great memories of singing with dave at the hop gigs.we had to dance as well. We had a lot of fun. Nice guy. Very good singer.a real character. A loss. There will be a lot of stories. A legend.

Chris Cozens… Dave meant so much to so many of us locals. It was a rite of passage to work with Dave for so many of us. It was a pleasure and a privilege to know and work with you Dave. X

Karen Sweatman… Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

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