Steve Harley R.I.P.

photo © Tony Davis

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Tony Davis… Another legend gone. RIP Steve Harley and deepest condolences to his family and friends. His music was so much more than Come Up and See Me Make Me Smile. I was so lucky to have seen him several times over the years including during the last couple of years at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill where I took this photo. He will be missed by many. Man It Was Mean!

John Wilde… Oh no, farewell Steve. Thank you

John Gale… Oh no, farewell Steve. Thank you

Janet Rennie… Oh no. , sound of my teens , loved him and never got to see him

Toker Tokin… RIP Mr Raffles.

Judy Atkinson… This is so sad. One of my all-time favourites, seen him so many times, including at the DLWP in December 2022. Best years of our lives

Elizabeth Turner… Sad I loved the song Sebastian

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news.

Colin Bell… Sad news indeed, thank you for the music RIP.

Kevin White… So sad!

Jim Breeds… Very saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Harley. I first saw him at Crystal Palace Bowl, 7th June 1975. More recently, Allyson and I saw him at the DLWP in Bexhill, in 2018 and 2021. A very talented musician and performer.

Carol Anne… Another icon gone RIP

Iain Cobby… My wife Jo has just read Tonys post on Facebook; Gutted. So many memories and a part of my life, Thank you for the music Steve; We got the feeling of riding the waves (for Virginia Woolf) RIP.

Noel d’Abo R.I.P. (8th March 2022)

Colin Bell… RIP old friend we had some good times way back when.

Claire Lonsdale… I didn’t know him but he looks like such a lovely guy with that beaming smile. How sad

Colin Bell… Claire, the d’Abo family were local residents of Bexhill/Hastings for many years and known to several SMART members. I don’t know where Noel was living at the time of his passing. Our main time spent together was back in the 60’s & 70’s.

Andre Martin… A very sad day for many of us who knew Noel and the d’Abo family. When were were at the local college and short of money we would share a plate of chips and baked beans for our lunch – expensive 1/- in old proper money. Rest in Peace if that is possible with you – you’re going to rocking on the best of them now.

Lloyd Johnson… Laughter , Enthusiasm and kindness are my memories of Noel….many fun Saturday afternoons playing music in my old basement the ‘Kontiki Klub’ many moons ago!…Noel of course on Bass….R.I.P. old friend…

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Look at his beaming smile….straight from his heart! RIP Noel x

John Harper… Noel was one of the nicest, most thoughtful, genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing & also gigging with. His face would light up with that beaming smile as soon as he clapped eyes on you. He was good friends with Tony Kenward of The Saints & helped Tony (along with others) in organising the first of many charity gigs at Eastbourne’s Winter Gardens in the early 80’s to raise funds in aid of Cystic Fibrosis that Noel’s daughter suffered from. Many local groups from the 60’s such as The Saints, Lysander with Noel on bass, The Sabres (later to become Shelley) The Alexanders & others were reformed especially for the occasion along with guest singers & a chart topping guest group like Mud, Freddie & The Dreamers, Leapy Lee, The Searchers & others that escape me ( it’s an age thing!)
The atmosphere was electric each time.!  Keep on Rockin’ old friend!  RIP Noel

Tom Sibthorpe… Oh my goodness that’s so sad what a lovely human being and so funny. I was the tour bus driver on the Chris de Burgh tours in the early 80s rest in peace Noel

Sybille Baptista… RIP dear Noel so very very sad . You of all people with so much to give always a wonderful friend and everybody who met you loved you . Me especially because you helped me so much and encouraged me when I went through a very dark time. Life is not fair ! You had so much more to give and you were so brave.

Amanda Croucher Buckingham… So terribly sad to hear this news …We had many fun times working together at Aylesfords London ….Rest in peace dear Noel and my deepest condolences to your family at this very sad and difficult time

Ray Flacke… So sorry to hear that, Noel was a good lad indeed! We had much fun together in Orleans and Verdun France, late 60’s. I should coco? Bon voyage mon frere!

Barry Taylor R.I.P. (May 2023)

Very sad news Barry Taylor has passed away. Music promoter and band manager and in recent years raising funds for St Michael’s Hospice and other charities. All round nice guy. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Polly Okeefe-Brookes…Another lovely man gone

Mick O’Dowd… It seems we are having a rush of people going lately, good and bad. Barry was one of the good, R.I.P.

Eric Harmer… Great photo. Great friend. RIP Barry Taylor

Froggie Froggie… Eric, sorry about your friend.RIP

Andy Gunton… That’s sad news. He was a nice guy. Very sad. For me he’ll always be the man who booked the Sex Pistols to play on Hastings Pier in 1976. That’s quite something to be remembered for, although I know there’s much more to celebrate.

Peter O’Donnell… Lovely Man I am sad to hear this

Elaine Roberts… So sorry to read this sad news. A lovely man. RIP Barry

Alan King… I was in a documentary film about Davy Graham with him and Pete Brown about 8 or 9 years ago – now both dead within days of each other – dunno if the film ever saw the light of day – Barry had been the manager of Steamhammer back in the day and only this tuesday I dug out some old live recordings of them to rip/burn and send to him

Neil Roberts… Very sad news. Barry was such an passionate enthusiast for local music

Andre Martin… A sad day, a great chap who did so much for various charity events in the town. He will be missed by many, RIP Barry and I will raise a glass to you at the next opportunity.

Nicholas Bragger… Cancer is….well shit no other word can describe it

Julian Graff… So sorry to hear this. Barry was such an energetic supporter of local music and charities. Condolences to all who were close to him. Julian.

Chris Meachen… Bugger, a great mate & all round nice bloke.. Genuinely saddened by this news..

Lee Hill… Sad news indeed, Barry was always supportive of The Other Band’s efforts which we greatly appreciated.
Will be missed.

Jacquie Hinves… A sad day for us all to hear of Barry’s death. Rest in eternal peace Barry. A true Hastings legend.

Mick Mepham… He was a grand guy with a lovely sense of humour, a good mate and a big supporter of cricket. An all-round good man. I haven’t seen him for a couple of years but I’m going to miss him.

Chris Slade… I thought he’d gone a bit quiet! And, he would have laughed at that comment too!… First met Barry when I auditioned to join the founding lineup of Steamhammer… Thanks for agreeing to give me the job Barry! He kept on trying to get as much of the early line-up together again… Sorry we didn’t follow it through Barry! Safe onward journey! CSx

Eric Harmer… Lovely man

John Wilde… Journey on in peace Barry .


Steve Wright R.I.P.

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Matt Thomas… He was a big part of my first working at Masons in the shop days. Afternoons upstairs picking orders was made so much easier with him on Radio 1. Sid the Manager, Gervais the Hairdresser and all the other characters- what a legend

Alan Esdaile… Shocking news. Fond memories of the afternoon show with all the characters. Not everyone’s cup of tea but he offered something different and certainly made me laugh and smile. Very sad news.

Martyn Baker… I worked with him on R1 from 1982-1986. I was one of the many “afternoon boys”. He was always great fun to work with and a true gent. One of the good guys. Sad now.

Malcolm McDonald… I was only listening to him the other day must of been sudden…”Mr Angry”…has gone to the radio waves in the sky..Brilliant DJ..I’m shocked

Tracy Birrell… The end of an era….So sad and too young.

Carol Anne… So so sad a loss of a great talent will miss listening to his shows, RIP

Leigh Mitchell… Was really shocked when I heard it on the news 😞

Pete Prescott… So sad. I stopped listening to radio 2 when he was taken off. I was (and still am !) A fan.

Gerry Fortsch… Another sad loss, his afternoon show on BBC 2 was pure entertainment and great company when along with my mate Malcolm we were lucky enough to be working inside during the winter months.

Ian Johnson… RIP

John Wilde… A great loss to Broadcasting. Steve was a fantastic entertainer. He will be sorely missed. RIP.

Fred Marsh… Loved Steve, didn’t quite get the no jokin stuff but loved his music and “ask Elvis”

Mick O’Dowd… Such a sad loss to the airwaves. Always personable and original .Easy to listen to and a knowledgeable about the music he was playing

Lyn Humphrey… Very sad news. For some reason, whenever I was driving, and listened to his Factoids, with Janey Lee Grace & Tim Smith, I felt everything was okay with the world.


Melanie R.I.P.

Colin Bell… How very sad, she could truly move me with her voice. RIP x

Nick Bloomfield… Colin, me too.

Janet Rennie… Oh so sad. Loved her voice and songs . Learnt Alexander Beetle off by heart to recite in English poetry class and have taught it to my son and now granddaughter.

Michael Prochak… Sad to hear. I was offerd an opportunity to tour with her in the early 70s. Foolishly turned it down to complete an MA degree instead.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. Melanie did some wonderful songs over the years, like ‘Tuning My Guitar’ and Lay Down but the one that always paints the perfect picture is ‘Leftover Wine’

Dave Curtis… very sad … she was great


Denny Laine R.I.P.


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Jacquie Hinves… I am so sorry to hear the death of Denny Laine. He was a wonderfully talented sweet man and I remember spending time with him and the McCartney’s and Jimmy Mc at the White Hart in Catsfield when they recorded at Parkgate Recording Studios. May he rest in eternal and everlasting peace. Xxx

Peter Fairless… RIP, Denny Laine. McCartney could only have dreamed of writing something as good as ‘Say You Don’t Mind’.

Colin Bell… I am heartbroken, Denny & I go back many years, I would not have had the life in music I’ve had without him. God bless, you’ll be forever missed.

Robert Searle… RIP Denny Laine

John Wilde… Thank you Denny.

Gerry Fortsch… Peace & Love.

Alamo Leal… Denny was a talented musician! I had the fortune to see him playing once and it was a huge lesson on simplicity and taste. My condolences. RIP.

Chris Howard… RIP Denny a very talented musician.

Mick O’Dowd… Really loved this guy. He was the REAL Moody Blues and never really got the acclaim that he so richly deserved.His solo career produced some under-rated classics and we all know what happened when he joined Wings. Co-writing Mull of Kintyre. He came across as a thoroughly nice person without the egotism that posses alot of less talented people, RIP Denny You Came You Saw You Conquered!

Dave Lelliott… RIP

Angela Mitchell… Rest In Peace Denny

Neil Partrick… Musician Denny Laine’s death announced yesterday saddened me as an unembarrassed fan of Wings since the age of 9 when I heard the classic single ‘Jet’ for the first time. Laine’s contributions to Paul McCartney’s new band were important, including co-writing ‘No Words’ on probably the best Wings’ LP, ‘Band On The Run’. A fellow Beat Boom northerner, with the early Moody Blues Denny was as important as McCartney in the shaping and influencing of the ’60s UK pop group explosion. In 67 he wrote and performed the classic psychedelic pop song ‘Say You Don’t Mind’. Laine became a key prop to McCartney in forging the solo Beatle’s new musical identity in the 1970s. However, it is surely for his/the Moody Blues’ take on the song ‘Go Now’, one of the greatest musical performances/UK pop singles ever, that Denny Laine should be most appreciated.

Drew Mclauchlan… I saw him with Ginger Baker’s Air Force in Cambridge in another millennium, but I never caught him in any of the “big” bands. Always loved “Go Now” though

Shane MacGowan R.I.P.

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Colin Bell… So very sad. ‘Fairytale of New York’ will take on greater significance this Christmas. RIP

Peter Bridger… Colin, Maybe they’ll actually play it, and to hell with the snowflakes.

Ray Nickson… Thanks for this update, I do not like this news.

Stuart Moir… Icon in popular music

Jan Warren… Sad news, R.I.P Shane

Mick O’Dowd… Surprised he lasted this long with the r&r extreme lifestyle he led. Loved his music though with The Pogues. My first memory of them was on The Tube and they showed a video of them parading like monks banging their heads with tin trays! That’s rock & roll for ya

Carol Wheeler… So sad love fairytale of new york


Dermot Murphy R.I.P. (2020)

photo supplied by Peter Gladwish

Peter Gladwish… RIP Dermot

Linda Day… Oh no bless him x

Terry Drinkwater… Sad news.

Andy Caine… Very sad! X

Mark Harris… How sad

Jon McCallion… Very sad news.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. Lovely guy. X

Phil Gill… Oh that is sad news, he was a nice chap.

Pauline Richards… Oh dear. Have known him years. So sorry for the children

Russell Field… The gentleman bassist. Top man. Funny as hell.Very sad indeed xx

Ken Hatch… Lovely guy and a good bass man, sad news.

James Westlake… He filled in for us when Ken was away, great bassist.

Liane Carroll… Oh no. Very sad. So sorry to hear this xx

Keith Brian Goodall… One of the best

Martyn Baker… Oh what a shame he’s gone now. He was a fabulous bassist, and as lovely a bloke as you could meet.

Mark Pepper… So sorry to hear this sad news , love to Steve, Ben and Sophie xxx

Lloyd Johnson… R.I.P. Dermot….from a fellow Ore Youth club member…

Andy Knight… RIP Dermot, good Bass Player and not bad with a golf club

Jane Hartley… Lovely man and musician. Love to the family xx

Trevor Spears… Good friends since our early teens in Hollington, played lots of gigs together he will be missed, RIP mate!

Kathy Harding… What a shock to see this today, such a lovely man xx

Stuart Moir… Star man with Centre Page, played with us for many years and we even got him into singing lead vocal on one song, always a reliable bass harmony as well as one of the best local players

Chris Howard… So sorry to hear of Dermot’s passing, a great guy he took my place in Centre Page when I left the band. R.I.P.

Barry French… So sad, we have lost a real character of the Hastings music scene. A versatile musician & a lovely guy. Barry & Ness.

John Harper… Very sad news. We’ve lost a kind & so modest a gentleman of the music scene. He always seemed to underestimate his abilities although he was such a talented & versatile bass player. A truly lovely guy.

Jacqui Gibson… So sad to hear

Nigel Livermore… A classmate of mine in the 1950s. Good at team sports (which I wasn’t!). Watched him regularly playing at the Market Hall in the early sixties with the DJ Four. RIP


David McCallum R.I.P.

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Stuart Moir… RIP David McCallum

Jen Jen Pen… RIP David

Bob Searle… Just turned 90 RIP

Christine Pachner…Everyone’s heartthrob in the 60s RIP

Pete Brazier… Can’t believe we were only congratulating him on his birthday the other day! He will be sadly missed by all his fans

Alan Esdaile… Very sad. Remember seeing him in loads of tv and film roles but loved The Man From UNCLE and Sapphire & Steel and not forgetting he was also in The Great Escape. R.I.P.

Kevin Carlyon… One of my favourite programmes in the 60s, The Man from Uncle

Claire Kelly-Triance… Grown up with him

Lyn Humphrey… Sad to hear. He was in so many TV series I watched with my mates in the ’60s & ’70s, particularly Man from UNCLE.