Neil Innes dies

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Paul Huggett… Met him once . Very nice man. RIP to the Urban Spaceman.

Stella Huggett… Yep, he was nice.

Paul Crimin… The genius behind The Rutles. RIP.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw the Rutles in May at the Cavern, Liverpool – sad news indeed

Gerry Fortsch… He gave us all a lot to laugh about. another great loss.

Alan Esdaile… Very talented funny man. Sad news.

Jo Turner… Deeply saddened. He was a lovely man.

Gareth Huggett… The Urban Spaceman’s final twist

Pete Brazier… Another great from my past gone but not forgotten
RIP Neil Thankyou for the Laughs and those great songs


Kenny Lynch R.I.P.

photo: isobeleve

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Eugene Hughes… RIP Kenny. A lovely man.

Anne Murray… RIP Kenny Lynch

Mike Raxworthy… Sad news – he was a lovely guy! RIP Kenny

Robert Searle… A real shame he was a great singer and songwriter RIP Kenny

Wendy Weaver… RIP. I really liked Kenny. He was s good all round entertainer.

Nicola Dobson… Can’t believe he was 81..RIP

John Kingdon… Another loss to bear. RIP Kenny.

Dennis Torrance… Remember him growing up in films and music rest in peace Kenny

Gerry Fortsch… Another character sadly gone.

Nigel Chorley… A total talent and a very sad loss. Time to put his soul track in to this week’s shows.

Alan Esdaile… very sad, a great all round entertainer.

Pauline Richards… Up on the roof!

Eugene Hughes… Always remember him with Jimmy Tarbuck

Alan Pepper… So sad he was one of our great all rounders . You only have to listen to Movin’ away check it out !

Mick O’Dowd… One of the original nice guys!

Pete Brazier… He was a great funnyman too! Sadly Missed! R.I.P. Kenny

Neil Partrick… Yes, very sad. He came across as very warm and very kind. He was also funny.

Tony Britton R.I.P.

photo in 1972 © Allan Warren

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Peter Houghton… So sad to hear this he was a great actor both in comedy and straight roles

Jeff Belton… Very sad news . Sending our love to his family.

Roger Simmonds… So sad great actor !

Yvonne Ellis… Condolences to his family

Eddie Sargent… Condolences to all your family xx

Matt Thomas… Fern’s dad

Eugene Hughes… He lived in Appledore.



David Bellamy R.I.P.

photo: Allan Warren

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Wendy Weaver… We were talking about him only a couple of weeks ago and how he had been shunned by the TV companies as he didn’t agree with certain opinions. What an honest and kind man he was. R.I.P David.

Martin Richter… a man who cared – R.I.P.

Nikki Hanson… wummaging awound in the undergwoff’

Paul Crimin… West in Peace David. A TV legend. RIP.

Jill Green… RIP

Peter Brazier… A Fun and Inspiring Man! R.I.P

Coco Pops… One of the Very Best! He was witty and intelligent

Sid Saunders… My hero

Nichola Barfield…That’s so so sad I found him great so much knowledge sad

Harry Lavender… R.I.P. David Bellamy.

Dave Easton R.I.P. 2015


Dave Easton R.I.P. Very sorry to report that Dave has passed away. My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

Susie Prescott… So sad. What a decent bloke he was. RIP Dave xxx

Graham Burfield… RIP Dave a true gent will always remember you,condolences to Pearl and family.

Kevin Burchett… R.I.P Dave my memories go right back to when i was 17 you playing at the Battle hop.

Richard Moore… Wonderful character of the local music scene. May he be at peace and in a special place now.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Sad news, my thoughts are with his family & friends.

Virginia Davis… R.I.P. Condolences to his family.

John Wilde… Sincere condolences to Daves family. He was a truly wonderful Man.
His passing will send ripples of sadness. Soar high good Soul, journey on.
Thank you for your Voice and personality. You will be remembered fondly.

Phil Gill… Very sad news Alan, Dave was a top bloke. My condolences to Pearl and the family.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. I have great memories of singing with dave at the hop gigs.we had to dance as well. We had a lot of fun. Nice guy. Very good singer.a real character. A loss. There will be a lot of stories. A legend.

Chris Cozens… Dave meant so much to so many of us locals. It was a rite of passage to work with Dave for so many of us. It was a pleasure and a privilege to know and work with you Dave. X

Karen Sweatman… Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

Read moreDave Easton R.I.P. 2015

Doris Day dies

Gerry Fortsch… I always loved her version of that song what will be will be. Que Sera Sera and I think I had a crush on her when I was about 11 years old. Peace & Love.

Janet Rennie… Loved Doris , what a voice

Gaynor Lewry… Deeply saddened

Robert Searle… Move over darling…i always wanted her to sing that to me

Andy Qunta… me too!

Alan Esdaile… so did I!

Tony T Bone Bell… RIP Doris Day. I loved her when I was a kid. She had the voice of an angel and all her movies were magical !!

Nicola Dobson… I love that song too

Andy Qunta… First song I remember liking from hearing it on the radio was Que Sera Sera.

Julie Findlay-jones… Loved her , her music ,films and charity work, sleep well lovely lady x

Alan Esdaile… Looks, Voice and Talent. A Real Star.

Wendy Weaver… R.I.P. A great lady.

Jack Irving… A calamity!

Chris Meachen… Damned shame, but at least she reached a fine old age..

Pete Houghton… So sad she was a star a star in every sense will be missed not many of stars from her era are left now

Graham Marriott… They were real Star’s back then and not the prefabricated trash on the so called talent shows of today

Scott Walker R.I.P.

Allan Testot-newick… R.I.P. Scott Walker ..

Pete Fisher… Sad news…I have his first four solo albums, which are not exactly easy listening, but amazing and very ambitious pieces of work, and unlike anything else that was around at the time…

Alan Esdaile… Very talented man with many brilliant tracks over the years. Very sad news.

Noel Garland… What a voice. RIP Scott.

Hazel Woolford… One of the greatest singers

Janet Rennie… Such a fabulous voice

Andy Ives… Rest peacefully Scott


Marmalade singer Dean Ford dies

Junior Campbell(guitar) and Dean Ford(vocals), during recordings for Dutch TV programme Fenklup, 5 April 1968. Photograph by W. Veenman

Eric Harmer… Shame. Great voice

Roy Winchester… so sad memory of my youth r.i.p matey

David Broome… R.I.P. Reflections Of My Life is my favourite song by Marmalade.

Alan Esdaile… Terrible news. Reflections of my life is one of my all time favourites.

Robert Searle… with that lovely guitar solo from Junior Campbell.

Jan Warren… Oh, that’s sad, I rather liked Marmalade – R.I.P. Dean Ford

Dennis Torrance… Rest in peace Dean Ford

Alan Parker… how sad, only 3 days into the new year and the list is rising already

Dave Nattress… Great shame, I remember seeing them on TOTP’s and many great singles. Got their greatest hits on a CD.

Pauline Richards… It’s started again. So many musicians already!

David Broome… Forgot he was one of the vocalist on The Alan Parsons Project album Pyramid.

Pete Prescott… Reflections of my life. I saved my paper round Money to bye that. Loved his singing.

Eric Harmer… Pete, same here

Joe Knight… One of my favourite

Aretha Franklin R.I.P.

Jim Breeds…  I don’t say “RIP” as it implies that while living they had no peace. A great talent no longer with us

Martin Richter… certainly the Queen of Soul – sad news

Patrick Lewis… Sad loss, great artist!

Alan Esdaile… A true talent, very sad news.

Jan Warren… Very sad news, R.I.P Aretha, Queen of Soul

James Westlake… Very very SAD

Kevin Sherwood… What a voice she possessed the like of which i doubt we will see again.

Margaret Fletcher… Brilliant singer

Dennis Torrance… A truly amazing singer done some great songs RIP your songs will carry on

Lyn Humphrey… What a loss. True legend.

Alan Pepper… An end of an era that’s for sure. Truly the most soulful voice I have ever heard . The like of which we will never hear again. James Brown is waiting for a sing off !

Alan Parker… sad, so sad

Mick O’Dowd… Another great who I have grown up with now sadly gone