Steve Wright R.I.P.

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Matt Thomas… He was a big part of my first working at Masons in the shop days. Afternoons upstairs picking orders was made so much easier with him on Radio 1. Sid the Manager, Gervais the Hairdresser and all the other characters- what a legend

Alan Esdaile… Shocking news. Fond memories of the afternoon show with all the characters. Not everyone’s cup of tea but he offered something different and certainly made me laugh and smile. Very sad news.

Martyn Baker… I worked with him on R1 from 1982-1986. I was one of the many “afternoon boys”. He was always great fun to work with and a true gent. One of the good guys. Sad now.

Malcolm McDonald… I was only listening to him the other day must of been sudden…”Mr Angry”…has gone to the radio waves in the sky..Brilliant DJ..I’m shocked

Tracy Birrell… The end of an era….So sad and too young.

Carol Anne… So so sad a loss of a great talent will miss listening to his shows, RIP

Leigh Mitchell… Was really shocked when I heard it on the news 😞

Pete Prescott… So sad. I stopped listening to radio 2 when he was taken off. I was (and still am !) A fan.

Gerry Fortsch… Another sad loss, his afternoon show on BBC 2 was pure entertainment and great company when along with my mate Malcolm we were lucky enough to be working inside during the winter months.

Ian Johnson… RIP

John Wilde… A great loss to Broadcasting. Steve was a fantastic entertainer. He will be sorely missed. RIP.

Fred Marsh… Loved Steve, didn’t quite get the no jokin stuff but loved his music and “ask Elvis”

Mick O’Dowd… Such a sad loss to the airwaves. Always personable and original .Easy to listen to and a knowledgeable about the music he was playing

Lyn Humphrey… Very sad news. For some reason, whenever I was driving, and listened to his Factoids, with Janey Lee Grace & Tim Smith, I felt everything was okay with the world.


Steve Wright in the afternoon to finish on Radio 2

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Bookham Ally… Thank goodness. Now I can tune into Radio 2 in the afternoons.

Michael Coller… Getting rid of the old jocks for the young, the BBC messing there programs up yet again, young jocks-Radio one, old jocks-Radio two was there format once and it worked, that’s having someone with no music knowledge in charge again.

Paul Anthony… What a big mistake Scott Mills… why don’t the BBC look a bit further than just in London circle for talent, there is some fantastic dj broadcasters out here ….. its about time this talent was given a chance instead of the old school boy shake hand stuff that people just get pissed off with. Steve Wright an icon in broadcasting will take some mighty shoes to fill . But there is great talent out here, BBC you really need to look at little further than around your feet, or is that too much trouble for you as you don’t have time with all your nice lunches and meeting ? , so sorry your ruining the Corp. But I suppose you don’t care , you don’t listen , because you think your bigger than anything, well things are changing , ohhhh and why were on the Rant please please sack that idiot Zoe Ball another waste of tax payers money…….

Michael Coller… Spot on Paul.

Ricky Adelaide… About time I say

Tim Moose Bruce… Liked him in the 80s on R1. Just an annoying git now

Lucy Pappas… I’ll miss him

Terry Harmer… Hope Vanessa Feltz & Zoe Ball go next !!!

Bernard Morphew… Raving mad pal !!!

Chris Garrod… Vanessa Felts knows naff all about music. He voice is enough to make turn off.

Margaret Trowell… Bring back Tony Blackburn in a decent slot I say

Will lam Sherwood… Scott Mills really not going tune in, bye radio 2 hello virgin radio

David Edwards… I think he and Chris Evans are both alike neither have any real interest in music and they think that they themselves are the show.

Mick O’Dowd… He isn’t there on Sunday mornings! It’s all pre-recorded!

Dave Nattress… Don’t mind him at all so long as he doesn’t talk over the tracks too much like most do. The 80’s afternoon show was very good with all the characters – particularly liked Sid the Manager. For me it’s about the tracks they play and on the whole his shows for mainstreet radio have a good mix. Johnny Walker on Sunday afternoon is the best for someone of my era though.

Lyn Humphrey… I’ll miss him (and the Factoids). What’s Tony Blackburn doing these afternoons?

Tim Moose Bruce… I liked Chris Tarrant. He likes his rock music.

Graham Belchamber… I always enjoyed his character ‘Mr Angry’

Alan Charlton… When the listener numbers fall through the floor will the BBC admit their stupidity? of course not! these people are never wrong & never held to account for their mistakes, just remember we all pay their wages via the licence fee.

What are your thoughts that Radio 2 is telling their presenters not to play 60’s discs asks Mick O’Dowd.

article from The Daily Mail…

Mick O’Dowd… What are your thoughts on the news that radio 2 is telling their presenters not to play 60’s discs and instead play from 80’onwards!

Martin Richter… I think they were asking them to play *less* from the 60’70’s? to be fair – they are following the trend for 80/90’s music – that means *take on me* by A-Ha every hour!

Colin Bell… Martin, Nooooo! that’s too much to bear..

Martin Richter… Colin, perzactly! i was a breakfast chef once (0530 start) and the next person in was at 7.30 – they really couldn’t understand Radio4. <typical morning – swearing ommitted> what’s this? – what’s what? – on the radio? – oh, it’s radio 4 – yeah, but what is it? – it’s the news – but what are they talking about? – oh, the news – *but* what are they talking about!! – well, listen and you might find out 🙂 – <much muttering> – have you had a fag-break – yes – well, go and have another one! (and when i returned R4 had changed to R1) – similar happened most days – always made me laugh

Peter Thomson… I stopped listening to R1 when Moyles bragged that he only played one record every half hour. He really thought people were tuning in to listen to him. I’d have stopped earlier but had three teenagers at home at the time.

Ralph Town… f you want 60s or 70s then best to listen to the Absolute radio stations…..another example of how out of touch the bbc have become and vidicates my cancelling of my licence.

Allyson Breeds… Ralph surely they are trying to stay in touch with other generations

Ralph Town… Well,its typical bbc,all keen on getting down with da yoof but don’t realise they’re listening to spotify. Also, it means that the lefty snowflakes don’t have the kind of sh*t storm over some song from the 60s or 70s like they did this xmas with the Pogues. I listen to radio on my ipad and there’s loads to choose from. I’ll stick with the absolutes radio and talk radio. Dead good.

Jacqueline Morrison… They should keep present format and introduce other years. But to ignore the 60s and 70s would be wrong and a disaster for radio 2

Angela Frances Gardner… They should play whatever the people listening want to hear!

Monica Bane… Totally agree!!

Peter Thomson… I have discovered Smooth Radio for the car. Not an unpleasant playlist and probably what R2 should be. Before I retired and when the late T Wogan went, I started listening to classical on the way to work. Strangely I miss little quirky things like Rick Wakeman’s show on Planet Rock.

Kev Towner… Is this where I have to admit to pretty much living for the dulcet tones of Ken Bruce?

Mike Waghorne… Thats why I listen to radio caroline when in my car

Eric Harmer… haven’t listened to radio 2 for a while is fluff Freeman still on ?

Tim Harris… Eric, I think he’s on after Noel Edmonds

Jim Breeds… My take on it is “TFFT”! I actively avoid stations that play “golden oldies” – I have some very favourite songs from the era I grew up in, but I still want to do what I did back then – revel in hearing new music and the excitement of discovering new bands. Life’s too short to be stuck in the past. For that reason I rarely listen to R2 these days. BBC Radio 6 is good.

Jacqueline Morrison… I used to listen to radio two a lot driving to work as at early hours of the morning they had some good interviews and a cool vibe . But a lot of drivel as well

Paul Sleet… Radio 2 is now like radio 1. Loads of rap and crap

Jill Lawrence… Some of the ” presenters ” are shite ! I only listen on a Sunday to sounds of the 70’s !

Janette Marshall… It means I won’t be listening to radio 2 anymore !!

Gary Jackson… It means listen to online stations for those 60s/70s hits and more

Biff Worsley… Sack off Radio 2 as pointless

Allyson Breeds… Radio 2 mission statement “The remit of Radio 2 is to be a distinctive mixed music and speech service, targeted at a broad audience, appealing to all age groups over 35. It should offer entertaining popular music programmes and speech-based content including news, current affairs, documentaries, religion, arts, comedy, readings and social action output.”. if they want to appeal to everyone over 35, they have to play more modern music than 50/60 year old “classics”. ;D

Kate Recknell-Page… Whoever told their presenters that needs to be SACKED Immediately who are they to define our tastes & as everyone knows music from the 60’s/70’s is THE BEST MUSIC EVER & where loads of later groups got their music ideas from – bloody nerve of them !!!!!!

Barry Upton… Stupid. Why should they decide what we like , we pay them so they should play it all. BBC are beyond belief. Their news reporting is so biased

Judy Atkinson… I like the mix of old and new, where else can you hear Led Zeppelin one minute, followed by somebody very new on the scene like Celeste the next. I don’t like everything they play but if they change to 80s onwards I’ll be switching off (can’t stand 80s/90s techno, Pet Shop Boys

Claire Triance… Ah that is a shame

Margaret Triance… I mostly disliked 80s music so maybe time to play my own playlists and ditch the controlling and out of touch Beeb

Jean Brett… I wouldn’t listen to it then

Carol Arnold… I love 60s music

Hal Crompton…I’m a pensioner studying for a degree in Sound and Music Production. A straw poll showed that not one of the 21-year-olds ever turned on the radio. They listen to Spotify and other streaming services, so R1 is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Change the R1 target demographic to 25-50 and R2 to 50+.

Nick Bloomfield… I think it’s quite funny really and I speak as a 68 year old. Bear in mind that the start of the 60’s was actually 60 years ago which means that if you’re targeting people in that age range then you have a declining audience due to what I would call ‘natural wastage’. Even the start of the 80’s was 40 years ago so I don’t think that the changes are too radical. I speak as someone who thinks that most good modern music originated in the 60’s and since then it has been mostly about increased production values. There will always be an audience but maybe not a large one. Us Baby Boomers are on the way out. I don’t listen to the radio – although I used to in the old days with Radio 4 in my car. Do you remember, when we used to travel?

Mark Randall… I still miss Brian Matthew

Eric Harmer… Eric, me too , I loved his turkey burgers

Alan Parker… Hi, once again someone out there wanting to control us, the world is full of control freaks. I like to listen to music I choose not what someone has chosen for me.

John Porter… Boom radio station starts on the 14th of February on line smart speakers etc

Alan Wood… Only listen to Johnny Walker and pop master ,so not bothered ,,Radio Caroline mostly for me plus Sarah Harvey and Paul Huggett on tinternet

Mick O’Dowd… It started when they moved the Saturday fix of Sounds of The 60’s. Funnily enough just finished reading Poptastic. My life in Radio, by Tony Balckburn and even in the 70’s he was complaining about what they were told to play in much the same vein. Just one of the reasons he left Radio 2.

Nick Bearkeeper Rowland… Planet Rock is a good one to listen to.

Rontenn2001… 60s music is easily the very best of any decade so it should easily be the most of all the music to hear.

Mark Rodrigues… agree

Paul Sleet… They’ve turned it into radio 1 mark 2. Radio rap. How Zoe Ball is worth almost a million more than Ken Bruce is beyond belief!!

Pete Prescott… It’s one of the reasons I have stopped listening to it (apart from the odd show here and there but especially Johnny Walker)

John Warner… 50’s and 60’s the greatest sounds!!

Andy Davies… They’re trying to appeal to the under 70s! When my Mum was a big fan it was Sinatra, Des O’Connor The Swingles etc. That demographic are dead, I suppose most people like the music of their youth until they fade and die! Sadly we’re not around for very long!!

Colin Gibson… Give em another ten years and radio 2 will be full of autotuned nanobots. Like radio 1 is now.






Greatest Guitar Riffs – Radio 2 

Alan Esdaile….another impossible task. Looking through this list I keep changing my mind but if I was to choose 3 at the moment it would be Layla, Sunshine Of Your Love and You Really Got Me.

Mark Edir…..Alright now , no electronic trickery just what was played

Steve Thorpe…..If it wasn’t for guys like Chuck Berry then…….

Matt Thomas……Dont know if you can call it a riff(not being a true muso) but heard Prince ‘Lets Go Crazy’ on the radio today – what a tune

Chris Meachen…..All right now, Oh well, & can’t decide between One vision & Layla…

John Laidlaw…..Hocus Pocus, Money, and One Vision. Or Back in Black, Layla, and Life in the Fast Lane.

Andy Qunta…..Isn’t anyone going to mention Smoke on the Water? OK. I’ll do it!

Andy Baldock……was there anything there by Budgie,or did I miss it?

Steve Thorpe……We will rock you – short, sharp, classic!

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Simon Fuller being interviewed Radio 2 – 1st January 2014

Simon Fuller is  being interviewed on Radio 2, 1st January 2014 19.00 and two further programmes coming up talking about his career. It will be interesting to hear if he says much about Hastings.

Martyn Baker…..Blimey. Yeah. I’ll be listening Alan, seeing as how he managed one of the bands I was in (Missing Persons), helped get me a record deal (Salvation Sunday), and I worked at Radio 2 for 6 or so years too! Who will be doing the interview?

Alan Esdaile….It looks like its Nicki Chapman who’s interviewing him but don’t expect her to delve too deep as she used to work for him. I think he’s doing 3 interviews and the first ones looks like its going to be his favourite records.

Pete Fairless…..Yes, that will be very interesting.

Mick O’Dowd….Hope he sends me the money due for my participation in his ill-fated gig on the Pier when he promoted glam-rock band Tonight.