Broken Wheel Discotheque with Spangles Muldoon 27th March 1970.



photo source Muldoon in the Radio Northsea International studio in 1970. Photo from the ‘RNI-book’ published by Hit-Publications, Switzerland.

Nick Prince… Spangles Muldoon also had a very short period on Radio Luxembourg. Still didn’t we all. Lol. Chris Carey also worked on Radio North Sea International and Radio Nova. He died in 2008 following two massive strokes.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t he a Caroline DJ? I think Andre might have info on that.

Andre Martin… Hi I promoted this at the Regent Hotel, we renamed this the Broken Wheel for a short while and Spangles who was real name Chris Carey, living in Cambridge at the time. Paul was also involved in this project. the advert is for the first night, I have to say that it did not pull too many punters. Another little piece of the Past. Mick – your quite right, we also did a couple of gigs for us at Bluies-Canterbury around the same time as this. He was ex Radio Caroline South.He ended up working for commercial radio in Ireland.


Radio Caroline – tune in now 648khz AM. Test transmissions. (Nov 2017)

This is Radio Caroline’s 648 kHz omnidirectional mast in Orfordness, originally a spare mast for BBC’s directional 648 service aimed at mainland Europe (see 4 of the 5 masts in the background). It’s professional build, perfect tuning and grounding plus its position near the sea make it the perfect antenna to get the most out of Caroline’s limited 1 kilowatt, enabling the signal to cover large parts of the UK as well as all of the Netherlands and other parts of mainland Europe.

Josie Lawson… I loved listening to Radio Caroline..

Nick Prince… You can again

Tiffany Barton… Retro sound is so much better.  I listened in Aberdeenshire and so excited to hear on 648.

Alan Wood… Driving around with caroline on ,,who would have believed it !!!!!! Makes me forget I’m an old fart !!

Josie Lawson… thanks Nick but I haven’t got A.M. now. Only FM and DAB on my RNIB radio. Can it be found on the iPad anywhere’s?

Jim Breeds… Josie, Listen on their website.

Graham Peters… Radio Caroline opened my ears to real music


Radio Caroline, BBC Radio 1 and Radio Luxembourg badges

supplied by Mo Elms

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure Masons Music made the first two and Kevin Carlyon printed them.

Judy Atkinson… Listened to Caroline then Luxembourg every night as a teenager

Sparrow Baker… Ah ! Kevin

Douglas Palmer… I guess this is the same Kevin that i knew back in the early 70’s when we both worked at Berfort Reproductions. He was just known as plain kevin Jones in those days but was always destined to do something big in his life.

The Fortunes and Great Expectations – 3rd February 1968



cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….February 3rd, 1968 – Seeing as The Fortunes returned to Hastings  January 17th last year (This time at The White Rock Theatre for their ‘Past And Present’ show)…. I wonder if this was the last time they appeared in Hastings? Anyone know? Apparently they played in Battle, one of the band members tell me.

Gary Kinch…. ….it’s a storm in a teacup. Great sing along pop stuff.

Mick O’Dowd…I have Great Expectations every week but I still can’t win the Lottery!

Barry French… Hi Sarah, Yes the Fortunes did play at “Battle Rocks” about four years ago. Not sure if there were any original members still in the band, but the keyboard player was from Bad Finger & I believe the drummer was from Love Affair.


Radio Caroline Tony Blackburn photos and ? supplied by Mo Elms

Tony Court-holmes… I liked Radio London

Albert Pitman… and me

Mike Waghorne… I remember the Caroline ship sailing passed Bexhill prom on it’s way to the Isle of Mann back in the 60’s

Jeannette Wilde… He came to the ‘Happening’ to open it in Kings Road. What a great night it was!

John Wilde… Jeannette, that night was wonderful, he gave me a great contact for new release singles, I got free 45s for months.

Mike Waghorne… Jeanette, I vaguely remember that little club ! must have been around 1967/68, ?

Merv Kennard… Bottom row right hand side is Rosko. Photo is in the book independent radio by Mike Baron

Nigel Ford… & Robbie Day + Emperor Rosko?

Sharon Carter… I loved radio Caroline.


Marine Offences Bill – 14th August 1967 by Andre Martin

Andre Martin…. Thought for today – For those who remember – today say the end of many of the off-shore radio stations, under the Marine Offences Bill – 14 August 1967 was the date and our choice of music supplier was restricted by Government Application of the Law – a sad day. Would radio in this country have been any better if Radio Caroline, London etc had been given broadcasting licences and allowed on land !- Big L closed down at 3.00pm but Radio Caroline kept going. Here are some memories from the Big L Final Day.

Graham How… Without doubt, the pirates changed UK radio for ever. Even Harold Wilson and Tony Benn with their heavy-handed, suspect legal actions could not stop the public demanding an end to the restrictive (and very dull) practices within the BBC. Even though it did take quite a few more years before the MU’s ridiculous needle time restrictions were finally squashed.

Jim Breeds… One of the few things I have never been able to forgive Tony Benn for doing. I was a member of the Free Radio Association and other pressure groups. I had the magazines and posters that I had in my bedroom window (“Make Wilson Walk The Plank” poster was my favourite). My bedroom window was at the back of the house so only me and our two immediate neighbours could see them, but it was the thought that counted. Dad wouldn’t let me put it in the front windows because (a) it’s about that awful music you play on that transistor radio, and (b) the police will come to arrest us. AT least Caroline defied the Act and Radio Nordsea was great to listen too as well, and we got Radio 1 out of it too, followed eventually by an Act of parliament that opened up commercial radio. I could just about pick up Capital Radio when it started broadcasting to London by using my mum’s metal washing line as an external antenna for my tranni. It was a good station in those days too, playing progressive and underground as much as pop. It’s crap now of course. I had loads of FRA magazines, posters, and stickers and pin badges. I think my Mum must have thrown them out years later when I was working in London. Also another organisation I joined to fight for Free Radio (can’t remember the name) published great little magazines monthly and I still remember reading about their newest discovery – a band that had just started gigging and was hoping to get a recording contract. They were called Deep Purple.

Cathy Knight… I used to Listen under my bed Covers on my Which Would now be a Retro Transistor Radio 📻 to Radio London … I Could not pick up Caroline …!!!

Jaffa Peckham… Did anyone, like me, listen to this closing down show live? I was an avid Radio London listener and was staying with a French family when they broadcast it. There was a radio and pinball (‘flipper’) machine in their cellar amongst the wine, the junk and hung garlic. I spent happy hours down there during my stay listening to Big L, but the last show brought a year to my eye. 🥲 (Could have been the garlic, I suppose!) x

Mi Amigo 70’s postcard – who was Don?

Supplied by Merv Kennard

Jim Breeds… Perhaps somebody at Radio Caroline would be interested in this?

Merv Kennard… This could be Don Stevens, He only did one stint on Caroline 5th March 1975 to 25th April 1975. Lots more info about Don on the pirate radio Hall of fame.

Alan Esdaile… Or might not be a presenter but could be someone in admin?

John Gale… Maybe Don Allan. Radio Caroline dj ? Or Don Allen, not sure how his surname was spelt


Radio Caroline ‘319 Special’ Fun Bus – Hastings 1978


photo Peter Messingfield.                Supplied by Kevin Carlyon

Kevin Carlyon…. See top left window

Andre Palfrey-martin…..I think this also came to Eastbourne – Kings Country Club – somewhere I have the press cutting from the Eastbourne Local paper, as this was arranged by myself and Alan Parris the Assistant manager.

Jim Hobbs….Good to know Caroline is still on the air.