Tony Prince Radio Luxembourg and Stuart Coleman Radio One – Hastings Pier 17th May 1980

may 17th 1980 - Tony Prince

24. 17th May 1980 Hastings Pier


Julie Morris… I used to love the 208 roadshows – happy days!

Paul Huggett… There’s a book out about him, currently advertising on Radio Caroline (online/DAB)

tony prince

Robert Searle… Stuart Coleman, good dj and a good rock n roll bass guitarist


Radio Caroline, BBC Radio 1 and Radio Luxembourg badges

supplied by Mo Elms

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure Masons Music made the first two and Kevin Carlyon printed them.

Judy Atkinson… Listened to Caroline then Luxembourg every night as a teenager

Sparrow Baker… Ah ! Kevin

Douglas Palmer… I guess this is the same Kevin that i knew back in the early 70’s when we both worked at Berfort Reproductions. He was just known as plain kevin Jones in those days but was always destined to do something big in his life.

Tramps Disco-Tek Club Opening Night with Bob Stewart Radio Luxembourg 11th June 1976




go go dancer Mandy from Brighton at the gig

Alan Esdaile… Don’t look!

Martin Richter…  I nearly didn’t

Andre Martin… Bob Stewart Born on 3rd July 1939 in Liverpool Bob did his national service in the army and then worked in various local clubs after becoming a DJ at the suggestion of Pete Best, the original Beatles drummer. He joined Radio Caroline in 1965, spending one month on the South ship before transferring to the North. He was advised that his Liverpool accent might alienate listeners so he developed the very authentic sounding mid-Atlantic accent we now know and love. “Baby Bob,” as he was known, presented the noon-3pm show. His catch-phrase was: “This is your Bobby baby who loves you so crazy” and his theme tune was Image by Alan Haven. Bob stayed with Caroline North until about six weeks before the introduction of the Marine Offences Act in August 1967. He joined Radio Luxembourg and was there for eighteen years. In 1987 he moved to Dallas, Texas, for a time but returned to Europe and was heard again on Luxembourg as well as Jazz-FM, Red Rose Preston, Capital Gold.

Alan Esdaile… When working with Bob Stewart , I can remember doing a gig with him at Gravesend Woodville Civic Hall. We started the show with some smoke bombs and the guy in charge of the theatre came rushing down with fire extinguishers and for a second I thought he was going to spray  foam all over the disco gear. He gave us a good shouting and in future please write and apply in advance if you wish to use smoke and explosions on stage.

Conan Howard… Oh my goodness , back in the days when girls were beautiful and did not look like they had escaped from a farm or been washed up on the sea Shore


Steve Conway and the Hastings Girls Choir

The Hastings Girls Choir – Hastings Pier. photo source: Bernard Glazier.

The closing number At The End Of The Day  always ended Radio Luxembourg’s transmissions

Nick Prince… Steve Conway died of a heart defect st the incredibly young age of 31 in 1952. has a FB page in his memory which is run by his grand children.

photos by Marie Richardson.

Radio Luxembourg Bob Stewart memories from Rob Clark and where he is now?


Rob Clark….In 1970 a friend, Richard Lucas, and I met Bob Stewart and Tony Prince at Radio Luxembourg. We were at the end of a long working tour of Europe and we called at the radio station on spec’.

Tony was broadcasting at the time so we didn’tlinger too long, but I do recall that we managed to get a dedication to our friends in the UK.
Bob Stewart was a really nice guy. I recall that he was from Merseyside, as were we,  and we got on well. We gave him a lift somewhere, I think to pick up a car which was a black American monster that he had bought from a scrapyard. I recall wealthly Luxembourgois threw out good stuff like  that in those days. He took us out in his car to see a bit of Luxembourg.
Was good to hear what he did with his career and that he ended up back at Radio Luxembourg. He would have been 31 when we met him (I was 20). Now he will be 75. Still got the car, Bob?

Johnny Mason….Really nice guy and a great voice.

Roy from Casino Royale…. Can you tell me how Bob Stewart is doing as I can’t find out anything about him wondering if he is ok thanks Roy

Alan Esdaile… I do not know Bob Stewart personally but worked with him a few times on road shows and booked him loads of times. Last thing I heard he moved to Texas. Just had a quick search on the internet but nothing much comes up. I hope he’s still with us and well, he was a really nice guy. If I find anymore information I will let you know.

Transistor Radio memories

Gary Kinch…..been thinking about his old tranny, Transistor Radio that is 😉 . My parents got it for my 13th birthday in 1970. For a couple of years I used to take everywhere tucked into my coat pocket. The earphone which was one of those mono pink things with a glass ear piece was always stuck in one ear’ole or the other. 208 on the medium wave was the station of choice….The music was ‘kin brilliant, such a diverse selection. Hits that I particularly remember hearing on that tranny: Band of Gold Tears of a Clown Lets stay together My sweet Lord 25 or 6 to 4 Lola  Let it be All Right now Abraham, Martin & John Let’s work Together  …..just some. As I remember Luxembourg used to fade out somewhere between 9 and 10 PM. Was there some Jamming signal used? I can’t remember all the deatils but I do remember the music. Happy new year to all.

Barry M Dyke…..DLT did The Aquarias once…..But perhaps we shouldn’t mention that…..

Andre Martin….DLT aka THC [The Hairy Cornflake] the trouble is where does one stop, you will soon not be able to even mention Noddy !!

Gary Kinch…..Yep, remember Kid Jensen and Tony Prince on the old tranny

Jim Breeds….The 208 signal faded in and out because of atmospherics Gary. The jamming was restricted to the pirate stations. 208 was not a pirate. At night the radio waves do not propagate the same way that they do during the day. I used to have my “tranny” (same clarification needed as above!) on under my pillow when I was supposed to be asleep. And yes to remembering those DJs mentioned above bot on Luxembourg and later on Radio 1.

Alan Esdaile…..Used to listen to Radio Luxembourg, London & Caroline. Likewise my transistor was constanting stuck to my ear and din’t want to miss any new records and took it with me everywhere. I think back to hearing tracks like ‘Days of Pearly Spencer’, ‘Itchychoo Park’ , ‘Angel Of The Morning’, etc. A number of stations used to fade in and out and then go completely dead. The only problem being, if you had the radio under the bed covers, it would suddenly blast out in the middle of the night! I think it was Radio Essex that used to appear from time to time?

Andre Martin…..One station that you could sometimes pick up in the cold weather winter months was AFN – American Forces Network, they had a transmitter in Holland that relayed to the US in the low countries from their main studios in Frankfurt and from the US – that was throughout the 60s.

Sarah Harvey….Do you remember the ‘208 Power Play’…. on the hour every hour…. a new record every day featured. My transister spent most of it under my covers with me listening to Kid Jensen’s Dimensions from 1 am! School rather got in the way those days.

Andre Martin….Here are a couple of memories of Radio Luxemburg and the 208 Roadshow that came to Hastings on 1st August 1975 and the local press write up about ” The Royal Ruler – Tony Prince”

John Wilde…..Radio Lux was the best. Many long nights spent tuned to 208.

Mick O’Dowd…..Luxembourg was the first station I got into even thought the quality of the signal was erratic. I remember Horace Batchelor’s amazing infrared draw. Send details to K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M that’s etc.Didn’t the Bonzos make a song called that? Also Garner Ted Armstrong and his nightly sermon on Caroline. The “Kiss In The Car” licence from Johnnie Walker. The Emperor Rosco hijacking the Jamo Thomas classic ” I Spy For The FBI” into Rosco For The FBI. The emotionally moving time when the end of Caroline was near with the story of Caroline sailing up the Thames to adulation and freedom was broadcast. Anybody got a recording of this? What about you Kev the Witch? I believe you are quite knowledgeable on Pirate Radio.



Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Jim Breeds…..I have an album (“When Pirates Ruled The Waves”) of old clips of the pirates – that famous bit about caroline sailing up the thames may be on it. Will have a look tomorrow.

Andre Martin….I think that the sailing up the Thames coincided with the 1970 elections, when Caroline returned to the airwaves using it old wavelength, and the message was VO by Johnny Walker. Be interested to hear again.