Tony Prince Radio Luxembourg and Stuart Coleman Radio One – Hastings Pier 17th May 1980

may 17th 1980 - Tony Prince

24. 17th May 1980 Hastings Pier


Julie Morris… I used to love the 208 roadshows – happy days!

Paul Huggett… There’s a book out about him, currently advertising on Radio Caroline (online/DAB)

tony prince

Robert Searle… Stuart Coleman, good dj and a good rock n roll bass guitarist


Stuart Henry Disc Jockey – Aquarius 11th May 1974


stuary henry

Joe Knight… Use to go on stage with Steve Maxted, back in 68 at Catford London crazy but a great bloke.

Alan Esdaile… Just notice Titanic are a forthcoming attraction. A long forgotten track that I remember playing to death in Bonitas was the hit ‘Sultana’.

Tony Davis… I was listening to the Titanic track the other day and remember that I gave that a bit of a thrashing too at both the Astral and the Crypt.

Nick Shute… Remember listening avidly every Sunday night on Radio 1 to Alexis Korner on at 8pm followed by Stuart Henry’s ‘noise at nine’….both great shows!

Colin Bell… He was one of my favourite radio jocks, whenever i play or hear ‘Soul Finger’ i think of Stuart and him opening his show, sadly missed, taken far too young.

Radio 1 charity football match – Pilot Field mid 70’s by Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas… Dont know if anybody else on here remembers a charity football match up at the Pilot Field possibly mid 70’s.I recall my dad taking me i was about 6/7 and it was a Radio 1 side including Ed’Stewpot’Stewart,’Diddy’David Hamilton and im sure Tony Blackburn as well.Did i dream this or did it really happen? If it did anyone got any pics?

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman…  My husband remembers but no photos I’m afraid.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  It happened! I was there, but can’t remember date/year, sorry 😀

Alan Esdaile… Anyone confirm which disc jockeys played?

Darren Holmes… was it part of Bobby Drake’s testimonial – United beat Chelsea 2-1 midweek and then played an all star XI at the weekend!

Mark Randall… I  remember the same suspects playing at a Tonbridge FC match. Also Fraser Hines.

Andy Gunton… I was there Mark!

Roy Penfold… I’ve got vague memories of that – together with the testimonial mentioned by Darren.

Andrew Clifton… I  was there Matt and Ed Stewart.

Sarah Harvey… I don’t think it was Bobby Drake’s testimonial because this was the line-up for that match .


supplied by Sarah Harvey