Latest price updates from Rare Record Price Guide 2016.

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HUTCH HUTCHINGS – Feel Like Rain LP £35.00
STALLION Skinny Kid £45.00
DIE LAUGHING Hard Living Man £50.00
FACTORY Time Machine £450.00
HOLLYWOOD KILLERS Goodbye Suicide £50.00
CLAIRE HAMMILL ONE HOUSE LP with lyrics £40.00

Pete Fairless… Bang on for ‘Goodbye Suicide’!

Alan Pepper… How weird is that !? Just been looking at this book and the Factory single on the very collectable Oak label !
Great to see Hollywood Killers also there. Must try and search out a copy, how many were pressed I wonder ?

Sarah Harvey… can’t part with them though!

Leigh Wieland Boys… Skinny Kid single. Flipping ‘eck! My pension fund…!

Andy Qunta… Wish I had a bunch of Time Machines! Or just one! (Well, probably wouldn’t sell it anyway!)

Mick O’Dowd… I used to work at this tome when John Humphries published it from De Cham Road St.Leonards. I was labels list editor responsible for updating record label details. Happy days!

Pete Prescott… I  imagine if I wait long enough the sergeant and forcefield albums may reach the dizzy heights of 20 !