The Talismen & Cliff Bennett – Big Beat Reunion 14th November 1987 video by Peter Millington

Peter Millington… features The Talismen, another group local to Hastings and who were very popular. They played a mixture of pop and rock in the 1960s and also reformed for his very special event.

Peter Millington…..The Big Beat Reunion party on Hastings Pier on 14th November 1987. features Cliff Bennett and Friends, Ray Fenwick, Pete Shaw, Pete Head and co-organiser of the event, Chris Sayer.

Alan Esdaile….WOW, we are spoilt today.

Stuart Moir….Ray Fenwick on Gibson Les paul lead guitar, and Pete Shaw on drums and of course Peter Head on bass. We were support band for Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers around that time playing at Chislehurst Caves.

Peter Millington….I think you’ll find that Ray was playing a Yamaha and not a Gibson Stu!

Pete Shaw…..I remember it well! We all met, on the pier late that afternoon and ran through some numbers that Cliff had outlined…a couple were really versions of Johnny Mars set pieces as Ray and I were still gigging with Johnny…Cliif B was great  and after the gig he asked if we could work with him at other gigs he had…Ray and I did some more for him but Pete H and Chris S could not! Great fun and hey, that kit wasn’t even mine but even with only a couple of cymbals it sounded period authentic although some of my staggered breaks were a bit modern! Ray’s guitar was one of two Yamaha specials he had picked up from Yamaha themselves?? His accomplished and searing sound accompanied me and my kit for years!! I’m very thankful for his friendship at that time…Chris Sayer and Pete Head all time Hastings musical heroes! Thanks Pete for posting this…I’ve never seen it before!!

Caz Simpson…. I can’t believe I missed the Big Beat Reunion on Hastings Pier in 1987! Cliff Bennet played, where was I??

Forcefield – in the Slough Studio 1988 & Chris Cozens photo 1986/1987


Pete Prescott…. Pete, Ray, Chris, Neil and Cozy 1988. Slough Studio.

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Chris Cozens and Pete Prescott & Ray Fenwick supplied by Pete Prescott

Chris Cozens….No, I’d not seen that one so I’m so happy that that hairstyle is preserved here! PS – I AM standing up!

Andy Qunta….Great shot!

Pete Prescott… Chris like me is a left handed player. When we started writing together he came to my place in Hastings. This is around 1986/87

Terry Pack…  I did some sessions on the Graham Bonnet albums, too. They were pretty shambolic affairs: multiple studios (at least three), Cozy’s drums covered in tea towels, Ray’s sequenced keyboards, an engineer (at Redwood) who had no idea. I’m amazed they got finished and released.

Pete Prescott…  I’m proud of the fact that two songs of mine are on the album but I hate the way he sang the ballad. He came in so strong vocally and made mince meat of it. I have not heard it in a long time to be honest and it wasn’t giving “the long and winding road” a run for its money as a song ha ha ! So back to my original statement. I do remember a very worried Ray wondering how he was going to get the lead vocals on the Bonnet album finished when he only had 4 weeks to do it ! (Tony Martin and I sang on albums in 4/5 days each). Cozy said he had warned Ray about Bonnet.”just ask Roger Glover ” he said. But Ray wanted a big name. When he had the right song Bonnet is amazing. I mean he is Graham Bonnet.

Pete Shaw… Simone and Catfunkle… Harmony Hairspray…. After and before! Luv ya Pete !