Looking for Ray Wood.

Lucy Pappas… I’ve become particularly nostalgic reading SMART posts. I moved back a couple of years ago after being away for many years and have caught up with a number of old friends, particularly in the music scene. One friend who I never sung or played music with or even went to pier gigs with, even though he was there, is Ray Wood. From Sandown, he went to Priory Rd while I went to the High School. Does anyone know him/remember him/ know where he is? It would be such fun to catch up. Thanks for your help x

Anyone help, I will pass on any messages received.

Mick O’Dowd… I’m not sure but I think if he went to Sandown in 50′s/60′s and went to Priory Road it might be the boss of the tarmac/drive firm opposite the Cemetry on The Ridge.