Reading Festival – 1977



Photo of Teresa Bassett and plastic bread bags on feet! – see below

Nick Prince… Wow. What a line up.

Andy Gunton…  was at this one too 🙂

Mick Knights… I’ve got photo’s of Hawkwind and Ultavox at this one, must dig the out sometime and post them.

Terry Pack… went to Reading as a punter in 1975 or 76, I can’t remember which, and wondered what it would be like to play to such a huge crowd. In 77, I found out. I don’t know how many people attended festivals in those days. Any ideas?

John Storer… Somewhere in the back of my mind, I seem to recollect that the average daily attendance at Reading back then was about 30,000. Anyway, THIS is the year I went with Neil McGuigan, Matt Brand, Mick Hurton and Kev Potter. Most vivid memory is Jayne (formerly Wayne) County & The Electric Chairs being canned off stage. The only other band I remember seeing was Ultravox (the John Foxx version). I must have seen others – would have definitely wanted to have seen Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Motors and SAHB, but cannot now remember seeing them

Mick Knights… Here’s a couple of Hawkwind



photos by Mick Knights

Chris Meachen…. Seem to recall being at this one, but it’s all a bit hazy now…

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… I went there !! Had my sleeping bag stolen on the last night 🙁

Teresa Bassett… This was my first festival. 4 of us drove from Lincolnshire in a mini for the weekend. one small ex army tent and no idea what to expect. I remember the mud . I remember Thin Lizzy  even now – Dancing in the Moonlight.  I remember the beer can fights. I remember the toilets.  Only have one photo of the weekend –  me in cheesecloth and jeans and plastic bread bags on my feet. (see top photo)

Paul Morfey… I was there!! Lizzy were amazing!!

Ella Hall… Borrowed my dad’s old transit van and drove to Reading from Derbyshire with some pals from college. The ground was too soddon to pitch our tent so we “moved in” to this seemingly huge army-style tent with dozens of other tentless teenagers. The mud was amazing! Inadequate wellies and a shortage of plastic bags led to us going barefoot. Remember watching Thin Lizzy while dancing in thick mud almost up to our knees – played at seeing how far of an angle we could lean, straight-legged, before we splodged over!!! Festival over, we spent hours towing various small cars off site before heading home. To the owner of the large, canvas khaki, Army-style tent -Thank you!

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Reading Rock Festival – 1982

img260 img261

supplied by Roger Carey

Nigel Ford… The Friday Rock Show put out the brilliant set from Randy California (sadly missed RIP) which I taped but would love to find it on a clearer format,..from memory it included tracks:Downer, Killer weed, Second Son & Run to your lover (+ others) I’ve found a cd of other studio versions of some of these but they aren’t as powerfull as the Reading set, can anyone help, I don’t think the BBC ever released the set (?) … and that should be VOW WOW from Japan, surely!! Also, seeing TANK. (formed by Algie Ward when he left The Damned).. I’ve had a watch on ebay for years for their Cd that contains “Number the Brave” track without luck,,,anyone any clues where I’d find it? The track was on youtube a few years back but not now.