Jason Crest & The Kult – Record Collector Review 2015

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Mark Randall… This month’s ‘Record Collector’. Two local bands’ ‘hidden treasures’ from 1969 JASON CREST & THE KULT.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember Jason Crest but The Kult were excellent.

Stuart Huggett… I’ve got Jason Crest’s version of ‘Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree’ on a Bam Caruso compilation LP, top stuff.

Dave Nattress… Kult were indeed really excellent and ahead of their time. They’ve had a fair bit of coverage on this site for over a year or so and really brought back some memories. Saw them a good few times in and around Bexhill around 1969 – 1971. The difference was they were doing their own stuff and very rocky and I’m inclined to say on the heavy path and progressive.

Colin Bell… Jason Crest came from Tonbridge and I supported them at 2/3 gigs, they had a great single called Turquoise Tandem Cycle, as well as the mentioned ‘Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree’ another great single! Happy Trippy Days!….


Nigel Ford… The KULT made several appearances at Battle Dances and were one of the most popular bands to do so, I thought they were great, probably my second favourite of those that appeared after KRISHNA KUDU from Maidstone.

Factory Time Machine 7″ single reissued – limited

The latest addition to the Rare Record Club series – No 43 – is from a Hastings band

Further details from Record Collector…


Alan Esdaile…  I wonder if any of Factory know anything about this and if it is done with their permission?

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Alan, but yes, & yes! Woo hoo!

Geoff Peckham… Ahem….

Pete Fisher… that’s what I was wondering, but good to hear they do…

Joe Knight… Wow how young

Latest price updates from Rare Record Price Guide 2016.

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HUTCH HUTCHINGS – Feel Like Rain LP £35.00
STALLION Skinny Kid £45.00
DIE LAUGHING Hard Living Man £50.00
FACTORY Time Machine £450.00
HOLLYWOOD KILLERS Goodbye Suicide £50.00
CLAIRE HAMMILL ONE HOUSE LP with lyrics £40.00

Pete Fairless… Bang on for ‘Goodbye Suicide’!

Alan Pepper… How weird is that !? Just been looking at this book and the Factory single on the very collectable Oak label !
Great to see Hollywood Killers also there. Must try and search out a copy, how many were pressed I wonder ?

Sarah Harvey… can’t part with them though!

Leigh Wieland Boys… Skinny Kid single. Flipping ‘eck! My pension fund…..lol!

Andy Qunta… Wish I had a bunch of Time Machines! Or just one! (Well, probably wouldn’t sell it anyway!)

Mick O’Dowd… I used to work at this tome when John Humphries published it from De Cham Road St.Leonards. I was labels list editor responsible for updating record label details. Happy days!

Pete Prescott… I  imagine if I wait long enough the sergeant and forcefield albums may reach the dizzy heights of 20 !