Anyone buy a Guitar or Record Player in Woolworth in the 70’s?


Chris Meachen… I’m pretty sure that Roger Carey had an audition stereo when we were at school.

Rick Pentecost… I had an audition stereo. It was white, lasted for years. Sounded dreadful!

Peter Thomson… My Saturday job was at Woolies. When the store closed we used to ‘sound check’ some of the gear. The standard for fitted plugs was yet to come, so we jammed a pencil into the nearest earth socket and rammed all the other cables into their respective holes. Nobody died…

Peter Howard… Surprisingly, some of the guitars they sold are now worth a lot more than they cost. some mind, most were shite 🙂

Ralph Town… My first Bass came from Woolies 🙂 Soon realised it was a mistake lol

Stuart Ralls… I have several of my Embassy recordings released on CD. Was always a collector and have researched a lot about the labels history and it’s artists.

Tim Moose Bruce… Had a Woolworths guitar in the 70s. Got it 2nd hand for 15 quid with a Watkins Westminster amp.

Alan Vale… I brought a Watkins Scout in the 1980’s for a similar price fixed it used it and sold it to a friend of the drummer in Sidewinder

Record Players – Gramophones



supplied by A Quarter Of Facebook page via John Austin

Redstar Richter… mine was older than that!

Alan Esdaile… I had one like this and the same colour but I remember we did have an old 78 wind up before this.

Will Cornell… When LPs started to be pressed on the more flexible (and therefore warp-able) vinyl, yet still play decently, I stopped stacking them and played them one by one, forever after. They’d spin in place if stacked. That might’ve been the reason most turntables after 1970 or so were single play version and the stacking mechanisms faded.

Pete Shaw…  I’ve got a Dansette Bermuda in Blue and Vanilla….my mum bought it for me in about 1963/64…first record I bought was “She Loves You” by The Beatles…..those singles had a rippled groove so when stacked they’d grip each other on the turntable!!

Yvonne Cleland… My father had one of these. He used to play Dave Brubeck and Stan Kenton on it!

Mick Mepham… … and won 2 – 0 …..

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