Andy Qunta & Pete Shaw – I thought it was a frisbee photo!

supplied by Pete Prescott

Andy Qunta… Fabulous! Don’t remember what Pete Shaw & I were doing, but I’m sure it was fun as always!

Pete Shaw…think this was in Andy Q’s home and, it is clear, that I was showing Andy the finer points of a “three point turn” when manoeuvring in his drive…… PS my jeans HAD shrunk in the wash. So there.

Pete Prescott… this was at Andy’s in 81. We were recording some of my songs. First ones I had tried to record. Andy Cunningham (Caine) and Terry Pack were on them. Not sure of the songs (getting better and three way affair and no love in your eyes ) songs were not up to much but it was a start, good fun. It was always fun at Andys! I think of it every time i run by it on the half marathon.

Terry Pack… Old Top Studios! If only Andy had had a Revox: the songs sounded a bit odd with he and Pete hand spooling them across the play head like that!

Alan Esdaile… Terry Pack & Andy Cunningham. photo: Pete Prescott

Terry Pack… yep, that’s me. I think that was Andy’s peroxide that went green when he went swimming! Me on MusicMan Stingray. Not the worst bass I’ve ever owned, but not a Fender, either. Andy got that Yamaha from Ray.

Pete Shaw… And, sadly, I still have that kit!

Pete Prescott… Andys guitar playing on those tracks are wonderful. I sound like I had a peg on my nose, strangled vocals, early days.

Pete Shaw… Hey guys, that’s a great band name…”Early Days”, or in my case, Early Daze! Hate getting up….

Andy Qunta… Thanks to you guys for the reminders! I do remember the occasion, now that I recognize it was at my place, “Old Top Studios”! Always a pleasure to have you over, (as it would be now!). I see the Revox on top of my old Leslie cab, and the foam up on the shelf. That’s what I would put in the windows to dampen the sound for the neighbours! Didn’t work though, the police posted a “noise pollution” sign on my door! A proud moment for me!

Pete Prescott… ha ha ! i didnt know that ! I remember going to a house where there was a nice piano to record “no love in your eyes. We did it live, just you and me. There were birds singing by the open patio doors, you can hear them.

Vaughan… Blast from the past – I knew Andy and his brother from HCFE and managed to get their band a session at Roger Daltrey’s studio out in West Burwash . I’d like to think it was that that made them but of course it was all natural talent and ability.

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Vaughn! That’s still one of the highlights of Factory’s career, and we have not forgotten that it was you who arranged it all! Hope you’re doing well! Stay in touch! Cheers!

Tony Qunta… Best Wishes to Vaughan! Thank you for arranging the Roger Daltrey session!