Single record racks – did you have one of these?


Pete Prescott… Me!

Graham Belchamber… Me

Lucy Pappas… Me!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Me! But for some reason, and I never knew why, my cat tiddled on them more than once….don’t think she liked my taste in music, most odd!

Julie Findlay-jones… Me.

Pauline Hillier… Me x

Jeff Belton… I had 6 of them.

Stuart Huggett… Anyone else had one with numbered slots? Not sure they kept the singles in the best nick though!

Dave Nattress… Yes, definitely. Moved them around from place to place occasionally, guaranteed to spill the lot. Slipped discs I suppose. Also then plastic cassette storage racks and some hideous interlocking CD racks, possibly bought from Woolies, great dust-gatherers. They’re in the loft now – (only the racks), serious dust up there. And, as I digress, forgive me, also in the loft, loads of home recorded cassettes – mainly copies of vinyls, that I used to have in the car in cassette player days. Later cassette copies of CD’s before CD players were fitted into modest cars. First car with a built-in CD player was the mark 2 Ford Amontillado. “R889OHC” I think or something like, came from Hollingsworths, Bexhill. Next car – newer model Mondidillo had a Sony, (I think), 6 CD changer. Once it went wrong with several CD’s in it, including a couple of treasures and had to be taken out at the Ford dealership and sent off for repair and to release the CD’s which I did get back. The dealer said they could not take the thing apart and get them out. Apologies, this started as did I have a single record rack!

who remembers Top of The Pops – cover version albums

They used to play these in lots of shops, remember hearing them in Woolworth and the Wimpy bar.

Geoff Peckham… Before that, does anyone remember the EPs you could buy for about 3/11 that contained four current hits covered by session men? I had one with I Wanna Hold Your Hand, so that dates it to 1964.

Kev Towner… I saw some in a charity shop yesterday actually.

Darren Johnson… Could you get them free with petrol too I recall?

Jim Breeds… I have a couple of the LPs. And here’s a blog site dedicated to the subject.

Jan Warren… They were terrible!

Martyn Baker… Yes they were.

Peter Thomson… I once read that an album existed called something like “Thin Lizzy Sings Deep Purple” but I never found it. I might Google it quickly before some other smartass gets the chance. Found it Funky Junction.

Pete Millington… Many of the Top of the Poppers became Cliff Richard’s backing band in the mid 1970s. Have a listen to the cover of Bohemian Rhapsody created in days not weeks and you’ll realise what a stunning bunch of talent they were.

Pete Fisher… I played on recording sessions in 1976 with Alan Tarney (bass) and Trevor Spencer (drums), who were then also Cliff’s rhythm section, and Alan Tarney wrote and produced “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Peter Thomson… I saw a Dutch covers band while living in Germany, who performed a note perfect version of Bohemian Rhapsody, including the operatic mid section. Queen, who I’d seen in ’76 in Hyde Park, could never do that live.

Dave Nattress… Well I definitely remember the covers!! – Woolies specials weren’t they? I think my Wife has some of these LP’s stashed away in the loft. If I recall correctly were the copies a bit dodgy on the vocals? i.e. not actually very good copies of the originals. Jaffa (Geoff Peckham) mentioned some cheap EP’s. Don’t recall those but I did buy a couple of single/EP sized (EP’s I suppose – Duh) which were I think on the “Disc-a-Fran” label – I did say I think, it was long ago, in about 1966. These had 6 tracks I think and seemed like a bargain – not original tracks but copies and noticeably different. I can’t recall the tracks other than I think Long John Baldry’s Let the Heartaches Begin was on one of them. God alone knows where they came from.

Tim Moose Bruce… When I left school and started work in 76 the factory i worked at had piped music with covers of the recent chart hits. Prob the same musicians. Eventually got radio 1 .

Alan King… Elton John recorded a few, TOTP albums as did David Bowie and the singer out of Uriah Heap, when they were struggling of course


Radio/Stereograms – did you ever have one of these?

Thanks to Richard J Porter for finding this…


shared from.. 95.7kjr

Andy Qunta… Yes, we had something like that! Spent untold hours with it!

Janine Anne Hemsley… Still use mine .

Dave Luck… Had one very similar, but with twin sliding door’s on the front, good old fashioned Radiogram.

Jim Breeds… Gosh, almost the identical model to the one Dad bought from Bryants! It was a Bush stereogram with a Garrard deck.

Kevin Burchett… I  think Madeline Joyce Morton still has one of these she did last year anyway.

Madeline Joyce Morton… Still have one it is a Bush and still works


supplied by Madeline Joyce Morton

Lucy Pappas… We had one. I wonder what happened to it?

Steve Thorpe… Had one the same, could plug a cassette recorder into the back. Then we had an ITT Music Centre with meters for recording levels! Happy days 🙂

Andy Maby… My ‘posh’ Aunt and Uncle had one! I remember playing my cousin’s singles: ‘Venus’, Shocking Blue!!!

James Turner… Am I old, just taken this photo in my lounge.


supplied by James Turner

Liz Dianto… My Grandparents had one, and it had a great sound

Terry Pack… We had a mono, valve driven one! Great sound.

Dave Luck… Found picture of my first radiogram given to me by my father, this one was made by Ferguson. This was then replaced by a Rigonda Bolshi Radiogram

10943744_380175655486781_5921363829147751222_n-2 10422167_380176425486704_4442262117266305903_n-2

supplied by Dave Luck

John Wilde… I would like one. Anyone?

Jim Breeds… There’s a few of them out there …

Nigel Ford… I remember Dad going off to Eastbourne to buy a RIGONDA Bolshoi so he could listen to a Mantovani LP that we bought him for Christmas, though he seldom did and I believe it was an old valve system that sounded great compared with our Dansette Tempo player… but what I really wanted to say was….Nice Bush Madeline….

Mike o Brien… Owned a good few radiograms in my time and stereo systems to boot!.In the early 70’s owned a brand new Rigonda Bolshoi radiogram (I loved it) cost £125.There was at the time so much on the market we were spoilt for choice,Dynatron radiograms were in their heyday then but very expensive I have owned several models over the years(second-hand) One of my favourites I bought brand new was a HMV Stereomaster radiogram the sound was incredible (bought 1971) and cost £64. I am in my early 60’s now and still love radiograms and vinyl.Another favourite brand was Grundig.I own today a Grundig balmoral radiogram (mono) from 1955 a stunning piece of kit I bought second hand last year for £50.It is in superb condition internally and externally,it boasts 3D sound and contains 5 speakers,Collaro RC54 record changer,I did replace the cartridge so it will play stereo records(although the output is Mono).I kept the original so I can still play 78’s.Also included in the price was a complete set of valves all brand new.It still picks up a few radio stations mainly on VHF(FM today).The previous late owner had lavished care and attention on it,and it looks as if came out of a showroom,so all in all a great buy!,especially as it is 60years old this year (I have all the original paperwork).

Alan Wadey… Yes I have one email me.

Jan Warren… OMG!! Mike mentioned “Rigonda”!! – I think they were a German make but our family had lots of mad parties in the 70s and we had lots of big Rigonda speakers to give us the loudest music possible, those speakers became “legendary” in our family, I think some of us have some still in use?!! haha, happy days!! 🙂

Paine Electrics Ad – November 1975


Chris Sambrook… Use to do the round of Record shops every Saturday in Hastings. To my surprise Paine stocked Revelation by Man, the first Stray album and other odds n sods like Mighty Baby and Warm Dust. Did anyone else find obscure Bands in Paines?

Wendy Weaver…  Parking is a bit scarce there now.

Peter Fairless… You have to park at West St Leonards and get the train!

Jim Hobbs… Nobody goes there anymore!

Alan Esdaile… I remember doing the rounds of all the record shops on a Saturday.

HMV report sales of one vinyl turntable per minute over Christmas 2015.

Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this.


Peter Fairless… I saw that, window full of ’em. £99 for the USB version

Chris Meachen…  I’m fortunate enough to own four decent turntables, a couple of which are at the very ‘hi’ end of ‘fi’. I’m looking forward to enjoying revisiting a lot of my vinyl collection once I’m settled into the new workshop…

Peter Fairless… Four is just greedy, Chris! I’ve two and they still get used, occasionally. Most stuff I have on the laptop now though.

Chris Meachen… Two of mine are stashed and in the attic as spares, & are likely to need some minor attention, one is included in the living room system which I don’t often get to use, but the other is going to be in the new workshop, where I will be setting up all my best stuff & can listen while I work..

Mick O’Dowd… Noticed Tesco in Hastings now has a selection box of vinyl! I think i’m going back…..

Peter Fairless… A selection box?

Jim Breeds… Chocolate vinyl Pete. (I believe in miracles). I think the USB ones that HMV were selling even play 78s, which is annoying, given that I have two Hastings orchestra 78s I haven’t been able to play yet (and some 78s that my Mum bought in the 1920s), and there’s no way I’m replacing my existing USB turntable just to get 78rpm backwards compatibility.

Paul Sleet… Must get all my old vinyl back from my son! He never plays it as he’s away travelling.


What is your most treasured vinyl?


source: vintage tv tv channel

Philip John… Okay Alan, it’s hard to choose just one so I’v pared it down to the top 5. No.1 would be LOVE / FOREVER CHANGES. No.2 MOTT THE HOOPLE / MAD SHADOWS. No.3 THE ROLLING STONES / LET IT BLEED. No4. FLEETWOOD MAC / RUMOURS. No5. SPIRIT / 12 DREAMS OF DR.SARDONICUS.

Phil Gill… Signed copy of Todd Rundgren’s “Back to the Bars”. He signed it for me the first time I met him.

Lucy Pappas… Pink Floyd Relics and the hugely scratched Yes Album

Jim Breeds… All of it!

Chris Meachen… Original Blue Horizon label ‘Albatross’ autographed by Peter Green…

John Wilde… Marvin Gaye

Patrick Lewis… Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), American Beauty (Grateful Dead) and the eponymous Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Keith Forbes…  little feat, waiting for columbus.

Amanda Brooks… Witchcraft Coven – Blood on Snow

Martyn Baker… Kokomo

Andy Qunta… Too many to mention all of them! Top of the list ‘Axis: Bold As Love’

Eric Cawthraw… In an age where media access is all so easy with download this and Spotify than, you no longer have to hunt down those little gems of musical magic. It took me about 10 years to track down a copy of the Canned Heat album ‘Livin the Blues’ – mono, on the blue Liberty label. I still love it. I finally tracked it down in good old Flyright Records in Bexhill. Happy days!

Dave Nattress… A good few vinyl specials – T2 “It’ll All Work Out in Boomland”, Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper, “Live Adventures”, England “Garden Shed”, “An Electric Storm” by The White Noise, these will do for now. Delighted to say I’ve also managed to pick them up on CD.

Vinyl sales to hit 2m

post suggested by Mick O’Dowd


source: The Daily Mail. by Sam Creighton

Mick O’Dowd… Quick get down the tip and see if they’ve still got those boxes of them that you dumped!

Nick Tutt… never got rid of them in the first place

Chris Giles… Mine are in the loft.. I threw hubbies tat ones in the bin

Tony Ham… Still got all mine.

Jane Hartley… Got all mine!

Jim Breeds… Mine are all in the cupboard near to me.

Julie Morris… Could never throw mine out!


The album you wished you had but lost it or never bought it.

Thanks to Mick O’Dowd for suggesting this thread.

Phil Thornton….Technodelic by YMO !

Steve Thorpe…..Hergest Ridge by Mike Oldfield – listened to it at various mates houses but never owned a copy.

Gary Kinch…..I bought Fog on the Tyne on cassette in 72 but lost it later that decade: Sittin’ in a sleazy snack-bar, Suckin’, sickly sausage rolls, Slippin’ down slowly, slippin’ down sideways
Think I’ll sign off the dole.

Jim Breeds…..Thin Lizzy – Roisin Dubh (Black Rose). Their live album. Lost or stolen (in my 1980s London flat sharing days), don’t know which. Just know it wasn’t there when I looked for it one day.

Andre Martin….The Apollo Theatre – NYC – 1962 Live Concert – all those great acts from this iconic Harlem Theatre. All I can remember it was on Atlantic Records.

Will Cornell….A 3 LP best of Sam Cooke that was only avail on TV. I had it and lost it when I left my LPs in care of a couple who lived in the town my college was in during summer break. I came back for Fall semester, didn’t notice it gone until they had moved away. They left their copy of Rubber Soul in my collection, netting me 2 . You can always buy Rubber Soul. That Cooke set was limited and gone forever. The decent CD comp I have is close but not the same………

Read moreThe album you wished you had but lost it or never bought it.

Update On Record Values

From Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide

STALLION Skinny Kid £45.00



Cracked Mirrors

DIE LAUGHING Hard Living Man £50.00


FACTORY Time Machine £400.00


HOLLYWOOD KILLERS Goodbye Suicide £50.00

Goodbye Suicide lbl

TEENBEATS I Cant Control Myself £8.00


TEENBEATS Strength Of Nation p/s £15.00


Now what did I do with the Factory single?