Regal Theatre – St Leonards-On-Sea Eddie Calvert and Billy Cotton 1950’s

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adverts supplied by Nick Prince – Cinemas & Theatres Of East Sussex Facebook page.

Nick Prince…  Eddie Calvert was Monday 25th July, 1955 for entire week and Billy Cotton was Monday 8th August, 1955, for entire week. Some of the big names that appeared during the final year of the Regal, London Road, St Leonards. Just imagine who may have appeared there had it survived into the 1960’s Over the years the greatest stars of the era appeared on its stage, among them were Louis Armstrong, George Formby, Gracie Fields, Vera Lynn and Duke Ellington. The Regal closed on 8th September, 1956, when owned by ABC. It has dubious claim to fame of being the first cinema in the country to blame television for its closure. Ocean House now occupies the site.

Mick Knights… Now I do remember my folks taking me to see Eddie Calvert at the Regal, no idea how old I was, probably eight or so, which must also means he was the first ‘named’ artist I ever saw!!!!

Charles Bryant… Was interested to see where the old Regal theatre once was in Hastings (Ocean House) as I have just aquired from a local table sale, three old Regal programs from the 1950’s and was interesting to see that Morcambe & Wise appeared there in 1952.

Gordon Armstrong… Cliff Richard and the Shadows played at the Regal Cinema

Regal Theatre St Leonards-On-Sea – 17th September 1951

I expect this is Hylda Baker spelt wrong? Have you seen this in the programme… Professional gentlemen expecting telephone calls or messages are requested to leave particulars at the Box Office.

Jim Breeds… HSLO 15th September 1951, Same newspaper, review of the show in the following week’s paper. “Hilda” in all of them.

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Regal Theatre London Road St Leonards-on-Sea photo and poster

All © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland… I remember taking this photo when it had closed down. I went inside and a man was taking up the carpet. I asked if it was OK if I had a look around and he said, that to be honest I’m pleased your here as there is a strange atmosphere in this building. I went in the office and the safe was open and inside was the above poster and he was happy for me to take it, or it would just been thrown away.  I think the poster is from 1955?

Mick O’Dowd… My Mum & Dad frequented this place before I came along and spoilt it!

Huw Gruffydd… Where on London Rd was this?

Alan Esdaile… Huw, It became Ocean House. Next to the path that leads down to Warrior Square station.