What memories do you have of Carnaby Street?

Alan Esdaile… Remember buying a hippie bell in Carnaby Street

Dennis Torrance… Hipsters with the thick belt plus some flowered shirts was me

Pete Fisher…  I’d just turned 12, and my Mum took me and my younger sister up to London for a day out, and I insisted on going to Carnaby Street, which was already pretty tacky and full of souvenirs, but I loved it…I think I might have bought a bell too… Receipt & tube ticket…

Mick Knights… All I remember is most of the shop owners coming to me for ideas!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  I was a 14 year old school hockey player from Lincoln on a day trip to White City to watch the England ladies hockey team v Germany. The teachers made a detour so us girls could walk down Carnaby Street – I remember that more than the match! Seem to recall we went in Biba! It was awesome!

Mark Randall…  If I had a pound for every time the footage of the uniformed, top hatted chap rummaging thru’ the clothes racks whenever a doc or reference to the swing in’ 60s is made, I’d be a billionaire!


I can remember every word to a song from the sixties


source: died laughing Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DiedLaughing/

Thanks to Julian Dunkley for finding this.

Graham Burfield… thats about right

Patricia Landamore… The same

Wendy Weaver… Where’s the kitchen? 😮

Tony Court-holmes… a kitchen thats posh

Tim Moose Bruce… the room to be in at parties…

Dave Nattress… Essentially this is an accurate example of a situation that eventually will befall many of us. With me it’s glasses – never drinking glasses, but the ones I need to wear sometimes to find the drinking glasses.