Taking photos everyday!

original source of image unknown

Mike Waghorne… The picture’s stayed in your mind !

John Warner… Frequently!

Stuart Moir… The kids today don’t know they’re born, my parents had to struggle to heat the house when I was a youngan, front room fire being stoked up for us to get dressed for school, I remember playing football for my school team in weather like this .

Colin Bell… Stuart, What was worse Stuart was my school making us play rugby in this weather…brrr!

Stuart Moir… Us too mate, I played for the A side all through school so was considered a reasonably player but we were told to get stuck in for the reputation of our school football record .

Garry Wonfor… Stuart, LUXURY…. When we were kids, we had to get up before we’d gone to bed, eat sand for breakfast, and then our dad would beat us to death with his belt before making us work for thirty seven hours a day up the chimney.

Mike Cramp… Up a chimney ? That”s indoors. You were lucky ! Etc. Etc. Etc. 🙂

Ann Hogg… Garry, and we had to lick road clean with tongue.

Ricky Adelaide… Stuart, we only had one candle to keep us warm and when it was really cold we lit the candle

Keith Flanigan… Remember scraping off ice, on the inside of your windows?

Tim Moose Bruce… Wish I took more pictures when I was younger.

Jacqueline Williamson… Good, warm, grounded friendships. Pictures forever imprinted in our memories.

Richard Downer… When I were lad we might go all year without having  photographs taken, on our yearly day outing

Alastair Thompson… So true indeed ! Well said … I was so happy growing up in the 60s and 70s ( born 63 ) … https://www.theseedsoftime.net

Rob Ramsden… I still dont. I have kids too and always want to take pictures but just try to be fully in the moment when I am with them and deliberately remember. The camera tends to ruin moments make people feel self conscious etc.

Tracy Birrell… Too poor to have a camera growing up.

Stuart Moir… My dad bought my first camera for my birthday a brownie box I was made up with it


SMART 46 report

The sun was shining for our last meet of the year. Lots of newbies including the mayor Nigel Sinden, John Parnell, Deborah Mould, David Smith and John Busbridge.  Nigel Sinden was chatting about the Hastings Friendship Group and the new cd from One Hastings Many Voices. He also confirmed that he will be live on Conquest Hospital Radio on Christmas Day 12.00 til 2.00 on the Chris Gentry show, reminiscing about Christmas past. John Parnell was talking about the changing face of Hastings and The Grove school and Deborah Mould and David Smith were remembering The Specials on the pier and chatting with Mick O’Dowd about the Jimi Hendrix gig. John Busbridge had a pile of 7” singles and a whole album of photos, cuttings, membership cards etc mainly from the 60’s. Including The Scotch Club, The Flying Machine, Sign Of The Fish Coffee Bar, The Fiesta Club, Witch Doctor, The Hi-Fi Club, The Nest Club, Kavemen, The Sound Casters and more. Pete Prescott arrived with a bundle of old gig posters, as well as leaflets for the Christmas Soul Party at St Mary In The Castle on Saturday 8th December. Barry French had a bag full of interesting books and bits and pieces including Gene Autry stories, Lone Ranger 1967 book, Silverhill Tavern cutting, the boxer Freddie Mills autograph, Leisure Music leaflet, certificate of the opening of the channel tunnel, The Regent Hotel postcard, sheet music and more.  Mick O’Dowd had with him a surprise find, when he visited the St Michaels Hospice shop in Ore, of a photo of him at Sandown School in 1961.  This is just a very small bit of what I remember, anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Mick O’Dowd… Great Meet some nice newbies there!

Josie Lawson… Very interesting

Jan Warren… Amazing stuff going on here, I just hope one day soon I can re-join your meetings xx