Annie Haslam of Renaissance. Autograph from Colin Bell

supplied by Colin Bell – signed at Hastings Rock studios

Colin Bell… Thinking about it it must have been early 2000’s when Annie was a guest on my show, because we talked about and played tracks from the then new album ‘Tuscany’ which was released in 2001. It was in the studio when HR were at the Robert De Mortain, my old friend Ralph Winser would probably remember which year. Annie’s a lovely lady inside and outside.

Robert Searle… Lovely photo, Great singer too

John Tout – R.I.P. – tribute by Colin Bell.

img149 johntout

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Colin Bell… I’m personally deeply saddened to report the passing of John, wonderful musician, very old friend and a lovely sweet guy. John was the keyboard player in Ruperts People, Hastings Pier stalwarts and as some of my SMART friends will know RP are a band ive had a long association with since 1967. Away from his work with RP John will no doubt be best remembered for his decade with the ‘classic’ line up of Renaissance from 1970 1980. And I guess from that time in particular the song ‘Northern Lights’. Always a shy and modest guy I sometimes wondered if he ever appreciated what a great musician he was. Me, Ray, Rod and Steve will miss him greatly as will many others who were touched by his music and his gentle spirit. R.I.P. old friend.

Andy Qunta… RIP John.