Beatles Day 16 reviews and photos and Kevin Burchett finale video

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A few photos I took on the day… (1) No Exit, (2) Mania,  (3) Iain Cobby, (4) Benjamin Davies, (5) Louise Dooris and Kate Ashton,  (6) Mick Bolton and Friends,  (7) Phil Little,  (8) Mick Bolton, (9) The Dan Large Band, (10) Harry Mousley,  (11) AutistiX,  (12) Simon Shaw, (13) Pass The Cat.

Jon McCallion… Missed Paul Dove by 10 mins, Phil Gills band was tops as normal Pete Prescott done a good job for the sixteenth time, Liane Carroll with hubs also tops, all good, Factrio went on early sad we didn’t see them. We enjoyed all that we saw.

Alan Esdaile…  Early Part of the Day – Well done to Pete Prescott for another brilliant day and with over £21,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.  For the early part of the day, among the acts I saw were ‘No Exit’ opened the show on the main stage with a solid performance as always. Followed by ‘Mania‘  with Iain Cobby. A great renditioning of It Won’t Be Long and with two of the group only being 13 and 15 they worked really well together.  ‘Mick Bolton & Friends‘ always a pleasure to hear Mick play and with Phil Little & Barry Jones on board they gave an excellent version of Things We Said Today.  ‘Now and Then’ these were the stand out for me, first class acapella quartet, amazing voices. ‘Dan Large Band‘ Dan’s always passionate how he plays and you can tell he loved every minute and so did the audience.  ‘Pass The Cat’ first class musicians with a unique sound, had the audience moving to the hypnotic beats.  Caught Liane Carroll from a distance sounding amazing as always.  Among the youngsters were ‘Harry Mousley’.  This guys got lots of potential and really good. Great version of When I’m Sixty Four’. My sister Cheryl said ‘The Sound Waves Community Choir were excellent and Poppy Prescott was very good.

Anyone else got other reviews?

video by Kevin Burchett

Dan Large… Thank you Alan, really nice photo 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Pass The Cat are a superb band

Tony Qunta… Yes they were fantastic!

Geoff Peckham… Factrio. Here we are. For those who missed Factrio downstairs, this is what we looked like. We might be playing as a foursome in a couple of months!

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supplied by Geoff Peckham

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Yvonne Cleland… I heard they were brilliant.


SMART 16 Report – Friday 12th December 2014


SMART 16 Report. Sorry won’t be able to make it I’ve got a gig, I’m down with flu, weather looks bad, I got a firms do, I got to work, oh dear doesn’t look too good! How wrong was I.

Another excellent turn out and with some of the regulars unable to make it but always new people to fill the gaps. Among the newbies this time were Nick Prince and Derek Macey. Nick brought along some very rare copies of The Hastings & St Leonards Herald free newspapers from 1973. Some good cuttings in here which I will post in due course. Very interesting LP from Colin Bell ‘The magic world of Ruperts People’. With some fascinating sleeve notes that Colin wrote, from their days on Hastings Pier, which I will scan. Mick Mepham brought along some donuts which quickly disappeared and the ultra rare programme of ‘Hastings International Folk Festival’ with Tom Paxton headlining featuring various people playing all over the town including Titus, Blowzabella, The Albion Band, Jake Thackray etc. Can’t see the year anywhere but was May 22nd to 25th and think it could be mid to late seventies? I will post the cover at some stage but anyone help with the year?
Now if only I was as organised as Pete Millington. He brought along his tablet with loads of images and cuttings with many I have not seen before, watch out for these soon. Eric Cawthraw never lets us down, as had with him Jack Bruce – Songs for a Tailor LP and Killing Floor – Out of Uranus LP, as well as a Budgie gig ticket when they played Battle. Lots of other photos floating around but didn’t get to see most of them.
Usual chats about the future of the pier, Mott road crew live gig at The Carlise on the 18th Dec, how are your aches and pains, when are Factory going to play, Curzon cinema, future of local radio, is this the end of the beach concerts, what are you doing for Christmas, The Tabs reforming, Andy Gunton and The Stinger Magazine having funding to support 2 unsigned local music acts and loads more chat that I can’t remember but will once I post this! Anyone add anything to this please feel free to post.

Yvonne Cleland… Hope everyone has a great SMART meeting today. With you all in spirit ♥ xxx

Chris Meachen… Missed you, dear girl… xxx

Andre Martin… Good afternoon was had by all… well done Alan, now you can have a break for Christmas & New Year. PS I think that a quick TY to Lawrence and the staff at the WRH would be good, after all he has to put up with us making a mess in his bar once a month !!

Mick O’Dowd… Echo Andre’s words. Every Meet seems to surpass the previous one. Well done Alan!

Robert Searle…  Great write up.Looking forward to seeing more features on SMART

Jim Breeds… Is it reasonable to assume that a 4 day festival would end on a Sunday? Many do. If so, Sunday May 25th only occurred in 1975 in the ’70s. Next was in 1980.

Alan Esdaile… Friday to Monday Jim

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SMART 11 report

SMART 11 REPORT. The sun was shining and the memories were flowing. We knew a number of the regulars were on holiday or had other engagements but were presently surprise by a number of new people including Philip Meston, Nigel Ford and Steve Cooke. Andre mentioned his illustrated talk on The Happy Ballroom which takes place on Thursday 22nd May 7.30pm at the HUB on the seafront. Talking about bands that played the pier from the 50’s and 60’s and more. Anyone interested in coming along please email or call 01424 435587. Love his regular write ups on the early pier gigs. Interesting talk with Andre & Geoff Peckham on how the old boys in traditional dance bands in the 50’s 60’s & 70’s taught the next generation of pop group members their craft. The dance bands were very often made up of nearly all freelance semi pros who provided the music scene with a rich talent. Andy Gunton is looking for information on anyone who went to the Nick Cave gig in 2004 on the pier, for a feature in the next The Stinger magazine and talking about new music, the quality of new local acts is of a constant high standard. Chris Sambrook was helping to go through a number of photo albums and trying to work out the names of the members of the band and also talk about the beach concert. Nigel Ford remindered us about the great gigs that used to take place at Battle memorial hall. Even remembering the bouncer on the door ‘Tiny’. Hopefully we will have some cuttings at some stage. Nigel’s radio show is also proving very popular on Hastings Rock. Philip Meston chatted away about the early dansette record players, still loving vinyl, happy memories of The Disc Jockey & Alan Jensen and talking about various gigs he went to. Sarah Harvey mentioned Ruff Copy playing a free gig for Hastings Rock on 24th May at The Robert De Mortain and more exciting news to be announced shortly. Chris Stovoid brought along a copy of the cd by psychedelic rock band ‘Mirage’ and talked about 13 Floor Elevators and The Misunderstood. Philip John is putting on Mott Road Crew Show in June at the Electric Palace cinema, talk and video of life on the road with Mott The Hoople, David Bowie and others. Mick Mepham came in with a massive bag of photos from the various bands he has played with over the years and a few oddities. Mick as a star player of cricket, lots of pieces on the band Magma and also odd ITV photos including Cats Eyes with Jill Gascoine & Leslie Ash! (You can catch Mick Mepham playing at The Clarence tommorow 18th May at 4.00pm). Steve Cooke talked about bands he was involved with and memories of Prom In Aid in 1986. Phil Gill was very pleased with the excellent ‘Stallion’ reunion at the recent gig at The Carlisle. and also great to see Anne join us. This is just a small percentage of what we talked about. and a great time was had by all.

Philip Meston….Enjoyed my first visit. Looking forward to the next meeting. Many thanks!

Sarah Harvey…Always a very pleasant afternoon with such lovely people. Thank you all.

Janine Anne Hemsley….Will make sure I get to the next one. I loved ‘ Tiny’. Does anyone know where he went. I think his name was Ian. ?

Tony May…..SMART continues to go from strength to strength and is bringing back many memories for so many. A SMART book has to happen surely

SMART 9 report

Another great afternoon and good to see workmen on the pier. Among the new people this time were Conan Howard who used to play in Samisen, Allen Watts who was roadie for Tich, Wesley and loads of others bands,  Chris Stovold who had some brilliant old magazine to show, including the first issue of Zig Zag magazine with Sandy Denny on the cover. Philip John had some amazing tales to tell about life on the road with Mott The Hoople and others and his books is definately a must called  ‘You Rocked, We Rolled’. With talk about the Folk Festival taking place in May, Mick Mepham unearthed the programme from the original Hastings Folk Festival with Tom Paxton headliing. Anyone remember that?  Andre Martin was talking about the success of the  BBC tv programme  The End Of The Pier Show which everyone enjoyed. Andy Gunton arrived with the new music magazine The Stinger which everyone was positive about. Phil Gill confirmed Stallion are playing The Carlisle on April 11th.  Pete Prescott with his amazing scrapbooks and leaflets for The Beatles Day 2014 which looks set to be the biggest and best. Other talk was about The Teenbeats playing The Carlisle, Peter Millington was talking about memories of Ore Youth Club. Other people in attendance were Mick O’Dowd, Geoff Peckham, Tony Qunta, Ray & Anita Medhurst, Chris Sambrook, Sarah Harvey, Ann Gill, Jon McCallion & Yvonne Cleland. Apolgise to anyone I missed as they were still arriving when I left! Barry Taylor was unable to attend but wanted me to mention he is organising a Blues Festival later in the year and anyone interested please contact him.

Sarah Harvey…..Fantastic afternoon at the SMART get-together on Friday and thank you Alan for organising it. The diversity of musical memories that I heard was fascinating. Wonderful people with such interesting backgrounds.

Tony Qunta….Sounds like fun! Sorry I couldn’t be there. Hope to make it to one of these meetings one of these days!

Mick O’Dowd….I can only echo previous comments. Full marks to Alan’s organising abilities. Nice to see yet more new faces and if it carries on like this we might be hiring the New Pier Ballroom for our meets! Fantastic atmosphere and a chance to put faces to the names seen on the web page and Facebook. Roll on the next!

SMART 7 Coffee Meet report

SMART 7 great turn out at the White Rock Hotel last Friday and a massive part of the Hastings music history was on display for all to see. Thanks to Mick Mepham the tables were piled high with various posters from the pier gigs and other venues. He also finally showed us the very rare dustbin lid from ‘Stackridge’. Tony Qunta came over from Maidstone with a cd of ‘Factory’ songs which he hopes to put on the internet in the near future. Some great stories and cuttings of him playing with ‘Head On’, ‘Johnny Mars Band’ and ‘Kabbala’ and more.  Roger Carey arrived with more bags of goodies including cuttings from ‘A Minute Passed’ , ‘Hat Trick’ , ‘Felix’ and others, plus gig tickets and business cards. We have talked about his fashion sense in the passed and interestingly the reason he wore white on stage back in the 70’s was he thought Bill Nelson from ‘Be Bop Deluxe’  looked cool dressed in white. He also had us all laughing with his mimics. Great to see Andy Gunton join us. He does a brilliant job in supporting live music and has various interesting projects coming up. Please check out his website which now has the great slogan ‘from Hastings to the world’. A new couple joined us and were talking about the memories of The Black Horse and ‘The Telham Tinkers’. Jon McCallion has now put the ‘Muller’ record Fooling Around on You Tube. Mick O’Dowd is still looking for photos of ‘The Likes Of Us’ and ‘Morning Dew’ featuring Pete Horton. Chat from Andre Martin included correcting some of the recent comments on The Black Cat & Pam Dor coffee bars. His history and memory on the town is amazing and constatly surprises us with rare cuttings from his collection. He also noticed in Mick Mepham’s archives  a contract for Mick’s band ‘Essence’ who played their first pier gig back in 1974 for £10.00 and the code on the contract proved that I booked them. Lots of pier talk from Anita & Ray Medhurst and Barry Taylor gave us more info on the Sex Pistols gig. Other chat was about Gary Moore, Sparks, Vinegar Joe, Shakatak, Genesis, Arthur Brown recent tv interview, Brian Johnson from AC/DC singing Nutbush City Limits at his audition, Titch Turner playing St Marys in The Castle in December and more.

Mick Mepham….Cracking afternoon Alan, well organized mate.

Andrey Palfrey-martin….The amount of information and evidence that keeps coming out is really excellent.

Mick O’Dowd….Just want to say how much I enjoyed the friday meet at the White Rock Hotel yesterday. This was the best ever in my opinion. Old faces, new faces. Great stuff! I think we all ought to thank Alan for doing such a brilliant job organising these dos and the web and Facebook pages. Well done Alan!

Tony Qunta….Great afternoon! See you all at the next one!

Pete Prescott….gutted i couldnt make it.stuck working ! willl get to the next one.

Yvonne Cleland….Same as that!