Italian Way goodbye and new owners – Now empty (Feb 2024)

photo © The Italian Way

The Italian Way… After over 44 years, we are delighted & excited to announce a change of ownership for The Italian Way. We would like to thank all our customers for supporting us throughout this incredible journey. Four generations have grown up with our Pastas and Pizzas and have celebrated some unforgettable events in our family restaurant. More announcements will follow, but we can say that the new chapter will begin on the 19th of September, with a few weeks of closure due to refurbishment. Goodbye Hastings, it has been a pleasure.

Richard J Porter… My Father in Law’s fountain

Kate Rosie… Richard, It’s known as Uncle Johnny’s fountain in my family! Sad to hear. Sending all good wishes.

Kathy Harding… Loved that place, it was across the road from where i worked.

Heather Sidery… Ohhh NOOOO!!

Malcolm McDonald… Memories

Angela Frances Gardner… I remember when it was Iorio’s in the 60s

Jo Turner… That’s sad. Best wishes

Alan Wood… Oh no fell in love with a waitress in there

Mark Randall… Wow!!

Dawn Shorter… End of an era, been there since my youth and had many a great meal!

Stuart Moir… Times change, good luck for the future new owners.

Andy Davies… As a child my father took me there for ice cream floats after work. In those days it was – and excuse me if i get this wrong called ‘ iorio demasco ‘s I hope it remans an Italian restaurant.

Kim Huckridge… What’s going to replace it?

Marcus de Mowbray… Good luck in the future, but we enjoyed our great meals there and are very sad you are going. All the best!

Joan Ann Cooper-fenner… Very sad to see it go

Mick O’Dowd… I worked there in the 60’s in the school holidays when it was Iorio di Mascio’s. Had a video jukebox upstairs.

Alan Esdaile… Remember in the early 70’s, used to hole punch the records and load on the jukebox, when I worked at Stylus.

John Wilde… Thank you for your long service to our great town.

Tracy Birrell… End of an era. What a shame.

Ralph Town… Hope its as good as it has been. Was in there a couple of years ago, on a visit and had a lovely meal in there. Good Luck for the future.

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who remembers The Lugger 73 George Street Hastings – 1974

Dawn Leaney… Me!

Chris Baker… Many’s the night spent with Luis and Maria “Spoofing” for a round of drinks. I seem to remember it was always a Pound a Round and personally polishing off a bottle of Rum before crawling back across the road to Showstopper @ No. 7. Also got “Toothbrush” as a puppy from Luis and Maria.

Mick Knights… I can remember when it was the old town pie shop!

Chris Baker… Me too, lived in Cobourg from 55 ish. I loved watching the Pie making machines.

Sue James… the pie making shop was on the corner where Fagins now is, The Lugger was a couple of doors away, I used to go to the pie shop with my mum and man. I loved that place, whenI asked people if they remembered it they always said no

Chris Meachen… Fagins is the same building..

Alan Esdaile… At one stage I think it was a coffee bar with western doors and sawdust on the floor and pinball tables.

Gaynor Duke… remember the safari club ?