Popular Beat Combo and Uome – Music Files Christmas Party The Crypt 22nd December 1997




photos by John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Little. http://littledrum.co.uk

Martin Richter… wow – what a line-up! (the crypt).

Alan Esdaile… Popular Beat Combo – Rick Pentecost, Dave Blackman, Roger Carey and Steve Demetri on drums in both bands.

Ernest Ballard… What a lovely man Steve was. Bless him. Huge talent on the drums inspired by Steve Gadd

Reservoir Cats – When We Were Young CD – 2001

img791 img792 img793

img794 img797 img798

supplied by Pete Prescott


supplied by Rod Smith

featuring Terry Pack, Phil Hudson, Rick Pentecost, Pete Prescott and Pete Shaw

Leigh Wieland Boys… Good pic Peter – which black & white photo is of you?

Pete Shaw… Have a guess….!!

Leigh Wieland Boys…  ….hmmmm, now let me see, eeny meeny miney mow……just going to scrutinise them ….Ok, think it is the fifth one?

Pete Prescott… Don’t tell him pike ! They have to guess ! A lot of people point to your photo when they look for me !

Pete Shaw… Haha Pete…! So many people had difficulty getting it right! Come on Leigh Not no 5…! 4 to go….

Leigh Wieland Boys… Should have known…sitting in the car, you’ve always had a thing about toy cars!

Pete Shaw…  🙁 + 🚘 = happy 6 year old in my favourite pedal car…had it years and swooped it for a pedal bike! Photo taken in the rear garden of our house in Shelley Crescent in Hounslow

Phil Gill… This was one of two CDs in 2001 that I made absolutely no contribution to whatsoever, but still got a mention in the liner notes.

Pete Prescott… You were a kitten I guess you played with us on gigs Phil Hudson couldn’t play on. I find it hard listening to this album. We had used or time up at the studio. I had to go in with a voice weakened by gigs and had literally a couple of hours one afternoon to do all the vocals. I just sang it thru from track one till the end. I didn’t have time to repair parts that were really bad. As I went through it my voice was getting weaker. I can hear it getting worse. But the playing is great. Phil Hudson played some stunning guitar ! Great sales job on the album ha ha !
I bet the few people that have it are digging it out to check how bad the vocals are !

Alan Esdaile… you still did a great version of Burlesque Pete

Pete Prescott & Rick Pentecost – The James Burton 1992


img090 img089-copy


photos & card supplied by Pete Prescott

Natasha Kaschevsky… Wow, on the wall behind I recognise a Poster for the Summer Exposure Exhibition, must have been about ’91 or ’92, I exhibited some photos along with Bob Mazzer there!

Pete Prescott… It is around that time. We were at Porters. 25 years ! Where did that go ?

Natasha Kaschevsky… I can’t believe how time has gone either…it only seems like yesterday to me!

Phil Gill… Is that Bobby Crush and David Cassidy?


Live At The George – George Street Hastings 1991

live at george

supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott & Rick Pentecost, Kenny Craddock & Trevor Lewis, Jack Pound, The Turpin Brothers.

Pete Prescott… Down George Street. Nice little wine bar. End of memory..

The Bolivians reunion – The Albion 2nd May 2016


source Lord Lucan Facebook page.

After a short break of 22 years (1994 ) the BOLIVIANS ( John Bad Boy Ballard , Simon Shaw , Rick Pentecost, Simon Page , Kevin Francis ) are reforming for a bank holiday reunion….The ALBION…Old Town…MONDAY 2/MAY @ 1700…….

Neil Cartwright… So good to see !! 🙂

Pete Prescott & Rick Pentecost – The Christmas Song 1989

Neil Cartwright…..This was recorded live at Rick Pentecost’s house in Priory Road (?), using a TASCAM 4-track. It was part of a Christmas music project we ran when I worked at Hastings College. I’ve got quite a few more tracks, involving people like Jez Gillet, John Laidlaw, John Ballard, Anna Madge, Jilly Linn and Dave Roberts. There are a number of original songs, including an original from Roger and Liane. Really, I’d like to post them, say, one a day or so, like a musical Advent Calendar, but I think I’d need people’s permission first …..…. so, anybody out there saying ‘yes, you can’ …. it would be really nice.

Alan Esdaile….Great idea Neil.

Pete Prescott….i remember recording the tracks.a lot of fun ! first time i met rick.still the sweetest guy.we did a song of mine (christmas morning i think ) john ballard sang the little boy that santa claus forgot.

Pete Prescott…..’Christmas Morning’ I wrote that for the project,not heard it in years.

If anyone’s interested in these songs, please email me and I will pass on to Neil.