Eddie Hazell – 1953 to 2013 by Chris Sambrook


EDDIE HAZELL  14th December 1953 – 17th September 2013  by Chris Sambrook.

My good friend Eddie Hazell passed away on 17th September 2013. He was for many years part of the Free Beach Concert for RNLI. He was adopted as the Captain of Tents and Gazebos, mainly because he was the only one who could erect these strange things in a matter of minutes, where as there would be a lot of head scratching and reading the instructions over and over. He also was a keen photographer and became the official photographer for the Beach Concert. He came down to the beach concert this year to help erect the tents. Although clearly suffering the ravages of radio therapy he insisted on erecting the tent for the PA. He was persuaded not to, but this was typical of the man because he cared. Eddie’s family and executors have kindly given me access to the pictures he took over the years.   www.ninebattles.com have been given access to the photo’s for publication on behalf of the Eddie Hazell Estate. I also would like to pay tribute to the volunteers and musicians who are no longer with us who have helped to make this event unique for 25 years.


Maria Bessant… Lovely to see we still have all his photos and CD,s of concerts and also fire work night’s and drag racing

Maria Bessant… My best brother ever at rest with my loving husband Stephen Bessant. Miss you so much.x

Sid Saunders… I worked with Eddie at Subberfields garage when he was a young lad and went to his funeral with other ex staff members.

Nelson Tigers 8th August 1992 Beach Concert Hastings – John Martyn did not turn up.


Supplied by Chris Sambrook

Chris Sambrook… John Martyn didn’t make it in time but played on the beach the next day.

Alan Esdaile… According to John Martyn’s website, he was in America and missed the plane home.

Chris Sambrook… there is footage on You Tube JM playing between the Fishermen’s
huts which might have been the Monday after the Beach Concert weekend,  using a make shift stage and borrowed equipment. The other footage with John Martyn playing on the main stage at the Beach Concert, not sure which year but he had his band then. Through the mists of time and
many Pints later i’m confused.

Hans van den Berk… This is clearly 1992. https://www.johnmartyn.info/node/1241

Eric Harmer… Would love one of the posters Alan ? Where you there Bob it was amazing. The first time I met John ?

Alan Esdaile… Posters not one of mine unfortunately Eric. It came from Chris Sambrook. Unless anyone has got one best you can do is make a copy from this. John didn’t play this gig as was still out of the country and I think played next day on the beach. However the video clips from the beach are listed as 1991.

R.N.L.I. Beach Concert – August 1997


img819 go bear go 10th aug 1997 img820 img821

photos by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files.  littledrum.co.uk

  1. Pass The Cat Steve Riv & Colin Gibson. 2. Go Bear Go Tim & James. 3. Liane Carroll and Nana Tsiboe. 4. Johnny Panic.

Nigel Ford… I’ve played a track by Johnny Panic on my Heavy Rock Show on Hastings Rock Radio in the past.

Mick O’Dowd… Is Tracy Shipley and her husband still about. They also had the Carlisle back in the 70’s.

Eric Harmer… Tracy is still with us, sadly her husband died .

Hastings Beach Concert 2014 – 26th & 27th July.

Beach concert poster 2014

Hastings Beach Concert 2014 – Chris Sambrook has confirmed the beach concert this year will be on Saturday 26th July 2014 13.00 to 20.00 and Sunday 27th July 2014 13.00 to 19.00.

Free Beach Concert in support of The RNLI Sealink Endeavour, Hastings. Adjacent to the Lifeboat House, The Stade Beach, Hastings Old Town, East Sussex UK.
With thanks to our sponsors, Hastings Foreshore Trust, The Carlisle Public House & R.French & Son, Skips & Trailers[ Stage].

Licenced Bar on site Carlisle Public House Hastings, Ian’s Burger Bar, Ice Cream Van. Please support all vendors on site. Licensed Beach Concert collector with RNLI buckets on site wearing the designated Crew T shirt, please beware of imposters. Please put your rubbish in Black Sacks and skips provided. NO BBQ’s Permitted on Beach Concert site. Please respect the Fisherman’s Beach.

SATURDAY 26TH JULY From 1pm to 8pm –

Ed Boxall 1.15pm , Goo Goos 2.15pm , Ruff Copy 3.25pm , Star Scream 4.40pm,  Martin Blackman Band 5.40pm,  Kid Kapichi 7.00pm .

SUNDAY 27TH JULY 1pm to 7pm –

Titus 1.05pm,  Wakin’ Snakes 2.15pm,  Joe Rytlewski Band 3.25pm, Hornet 4.40pm,  Local Heroes 6.00pm.

Yvonne Cleland…..Put me down for the Sunday!

Barry Dyke….A guest appearance from Steve Kinch?