Teenbeats – Broken down van 1979


supplied by Teenbeats Facebook page

Chris Turner driver.

John Storer…..Is that Jake Bugg’s Dad standing on the right? 🙂

Peter Bridger……If they got depressed about it they didn’t have far to go!

Richard Turner…..chris turner with his tarten flat cap

Royal Albert…..Love this

Ken Copsey… Teenage breakdown.

Mott The Hoople – The Boots Story by Philip John


supplied by Carol Ann Bolton


supplied by Philip John

Philip John…..Back in the day we experienced great problems zipping Pete into his boots. They were an extremely tight fit and he had to lay on his back whilst we pulled the zips up over his jeans. This was made even more difficult because the small tags on the zips were really difficult to grip. Finally i came up with the brilliant idea to fit split rings to the tags,much easier to pull on. This worked well for the first few gigs then one night i was in my usual position behind the drums when i spotted Pete gesticulating furiously to me and pointing to his crotch area then I noticed he was moving round the stage with tiny steps like some kind of bizarre geisha girl. Oh shit I thought his boots were stuck together with the split rings. I dashed over to him ,dropped to my knees and with a small torch clamped in my teeth began to wrestle with the rings as he wriggled furiously to get his legs apart. Well you can imagine what this looked like from the audience’s point of view. Finally I tore the rings apart and staggered to my feet torch still firmly gripped between my teeth then to a huge round of applause I returned to my position behind the drum riser.

Philip John with the Mott van 1969/1970


supplied by Philip John

Philip John…..This is Big Red, Mott’s first van with me on the bonnet. Photo taken outside my Mum’s house in Cheshunt late ’69 early 70’s.

Second photo…Philip & Rich with the US lighting crew in L.A. ’72.

Pete Prescott…..Im reading his book.I love it.everything you would have wanted to do.travel with a great band.there is a poster of a venue in Zuric I played at a few times.if you have a chance read it !

Carol Ann Bolton…..That chap looks familiar. Wonder whatever happened to him? 🙂