The Crypt – March 1989’s Stuff


supplied by The Crypt Archive Facebook page

Martin Richter… I drew that poster – btw – I failed o-level art (inspired by the zap clubs posters of the same time). parallel – Jez Gillett? bewildered – paul Thomas (tom e flamingo) and dave blackman) , roadhouse – nigel millichamp, gambeau and dave Bartlett….? bookings by jozef rytlewski -this is when graham jones was manager.

Karen Sweatman… I Like Danny’s Hair were fantastic. I can remember their classic ‘Fatso Fatso, Let’s Break For Lunch’

Martin Richter… were they the Eastbourne band Karen?

Kev Towner… Anyone remember Rockbitch?

Karen Sweatman … I had forgotten just how bonkers they were! Rick, the singer used to have a trick of smashing a beer glass on his forehead. It went horribly wrong one night and he did a whole set with blood pouring down his face. Also remember the audience playing a game of football during one of their gigs. Do you remember Rik Goodman?

Kev Towner… I used to work on Turn It Up Redstar. I’ve still got a newspaper cutting from one of the broadsheets when they did a big piece on the show. I think there’s me, Duncan and some others in it – including some pics of a studio interview with (I think) The Long Tall Texans.

Martin Richter… I`m a long tall Texan – I drive a big white car ! Lovely geezers – their hastings experiences didn`t do them credit.

Paul Dengate… Re The Battle Of The Bands (8th March), that was probably the year that Better Days won it.

Lost Boys, Vicious Minds, Jump The Gun, Roadhouse, Boring Farts, Cunning Stunts at The Carlisle 3rd July 1993


supplied by Pete Prescott

Jan Warren… The Cunning Stunts ………. hahahahahahaha, brilliant name!!

Pete Prescott… What a band ha ha !

Karen Sweatman…Brilliant line up! Oh happy days

Ernest Ballard… I’d forgotten this one

Alan Vale… I remember this gig just about, there was a video, I played bass for various bands at that gig

Pete Prescott… The Boring Farts were the pre Highway Band. Same songs etc. Nigel on drums, John Laidlaw on guitar Dave woods (guitar. Sadly didn’t show for the gig) Roger Carey bass and me. I loved the rehearsals.

Tim Moose Bruce… We(the Blind Bats) supported Cunning Stunts and Cracked Mirror at a biker party in Camber in the 80s. A wild night

Janet Rennie… Excellent, I love a pun

Pete Houghton… Vicious Mind’s were great that night

Roadhouse – 1984/1985


supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick Mepham…..Here’s a pic I look at most days and had completely forgotten about. This was Roadhouse circa 1984 – 5 (I think). L to r: Nigel Millichamp (drums/pyros), Chris Jones (bass/leather), me, Dave Bartlett (Vocals/brylcreem). Good fun band, 1 album – Outhouse Tales. Hurrah!

Karen Sweatman…..I loved Roadhouse and spent many a happy evening down The Crypt watching these guys! Although, I was watching them probably around 1988 and the line up had changed a bit by then- great memories of dancing around like a lunatic .

Mick Mepham….I’ve got a few more pix like this but no live ones – has anybody got any live photos of this lineup please?

John Mcewen….I,m sure I,ve still got the poster from Roadhouse’s last gig at the Carlisle in the loft.