Foster Brothers Robertson Street Hastings 1968

Photo: Ian Shiner

Richard Porter… Any pictures of Coopers Greengrocers?

Martin Richter… lol 🙂 a friend (a WWII re-enactor) was in the pizza place over the road when a young lad tried to kick Fosters window in. my friend went to his car, got his (blank-firing) Colt 1911, called the cops and went over the road. after firing a few blanks at the kid – who had wet themself and was sobbing – he went home

Pauline Richards… Martin, was that when Joe Divito had the pizza place!

David Edwards… I thought Foster Brothers was on the seafront opposite the baths?

Chris Baker… I worked in Fishers for a year or two and it caught fire, one night, while I was playing with The Town Council, (a band). Someone came up and told me the shop was on fire and we had to move anything salvageable down the road to this old shop which you can see on the right hand side of this pic! Memories eh?

Pauline Richards… Had my ears pierced at Dobells in 1970 !

Anyone remember Callow For Radio Hastings?

Martin Richter… 6 watts ? my ears are bleeding

Peter Fairless… Pa Jennings would have turned it up to at least four, Martin.

Stuart Moir… I had one of those no power but a great sound .

Patrick Jeffrey… R H Callow, they had at least one Morris Minor van adorned with directional speakers for public address. They were employed by Guinness Hop Farms to entertain the hop pickers at Bodiam in the 1950’s

Gifford Boyd camera centre, Robertson Street, Hastings. photo by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Oliver Leonard… That red Peugeot 309 has long been scrapped

Angela Gardner… I bought my camera in the many years ago.

Jeremy Harrison… Very reasonable prices at the time. They sold Russian and East German cameras before the wall came down.

John Mcewen… I got my zenith E in there in the mid 70s. Still got it!

Jeremy Harrison… John, they introduced so many people to serious photography. Doing mail order and advertising in the big magazines I thought GB would last forever.

Chris Meachen… I  used to be in there on an almost daily basis, so much so that they would allow me to borrow gear to try out. I still have the cameras & lenses I bought there in the 70’s..

Jim Breeds… Chris, I still have a camera that I was bought from there when I was 8 (1962).

Stephen Moran… me too Jim, I bought a Zenit E and later traded it in for a Pentax ME Super!

Peter Fairless… Stephen, I did exactly the same!

Stephen Moran… Brilliant Peter! I still use my 35mm camera!

Tim Wilcocks… I worked at Gifford Boyd between 1984 and 1986. Can anyone remember which building was the darkroom centre in Claremont, was it No 12?

who remembers Jepsons Robertson Street Hastings?

Alan Esdaile… Who remembers Jepsons? I remember very posh staff, that would give you a dirty look and shout don’t run, WALK, as you teared up the wooden stairs to get to the wonderland of the toy floor at the top.

Pete Fairless… Didn’t you have to go to a cashier with a ticket, pay, then go back to collect your item? Bit like the butchers!

Pauline Richards… Pete, remember that in Mastins

Alan Esdaile… yes I’m sure your right Pete. The person serving you (or should I say the person watching you in case you pinched anything) they wouldn’t take the money but told you to take it to another counter.

Pauline Richards… Yes remember it. It had the most wonderful wooden staircase

Pete Fairless… Which is still there – it’s an ice cream parlour, now Pauline

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… I still have trains and track. I set it up now and then to clear motors

Ralph Town… I actually bought a 1/72 Spitfire kit by Revell in there.It was moulded in pale blue plastic and was a mk9, I think.

Colin Bell… Have very fond memories of my Nan taking me in there to choose a toy for Christmas. Remember the staircase well.

Fiona Evans…. Wonderful shop

Glenn Piper… Oh yes, loved Jepsons

Roger Carey… I remember Jepsons now you have put it up! The great toy floor via the elevator or stairs, think it had bicycles and scooters as well? Oh yes , stairs, not elevator- just seen that others remember the stairs as well!

Chris Meachen… One of my favourite shops as a child, absolutely loved the place.. Came to appreciate the stationery department downstairs when I got older & interested in art & graphics too..

Nigel Ford… Yes, the staircase, went off both ways (?) but toys to the right(?). I think I got my BAYKO building extra parts there in the early 60’s that weren’t in the standard sets. Never got to get the parts I really wanted though, like MECCANO! Incidentally I recently acquired a catalogue showing that Bayko was made by the Meccano group, which I had not known until then.

Peter Fairless… Wow! I inherited BAYKO from my brothers. It was metal rods and plastic bricks. Not sure where it went, charity shop, probably, like the train set!

Cris Kennard… Father Christmas’s grotto at top of staircase. Me on right with 2 of my sisters.

Dawn Leaney…Oh what a wonderful toy department it had. Up all that grand wooden staircase.. and there it was!! all the dollies, farm and zoo animals of every kind lined up in cabinets. Teddy bears of every size. It seemed magical as a child. I was bought one of the very early Barbies from there in the late 60s,she had long dark hair and clicky knees that could bend. Such lovely memories

Pauline Sims… I remember my Christmas visits there too in the 50s, happy days

Dawn Campbell… Absolutely loved this shop – always brought my Nan a brooch from downstairs every Christmas, with my pocket money – she must have really been fed up with the same thing each year but never showed it, Bless her! As you say the staircase was lovely and I can still remember the smell, loved going in there just to look. Especially upstairs where they also displayed swings and slides. I was always wishing I could have them but sadly lived in a flat.


Bewlay Pipes Cambridge Road Hastings

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure we used to buy single cigarettes from here!

Colin Bell… Yup, then go and smoke them underage in the Orion

Nadia Compagnone… Great picture, any idea of the date?

Alan Esdaile… I think late 50’s or early 60’s Nadia?

Alan Esdaile… A couple of oddities on this photo. The side of Phoenix Assurance seems to have some type of graffiti on the wall and a pair of teeth above? And as for the window over the road, someone is having a shower in it!

David Wilkinson…. One of needs to go to Specsavers

Leigh Kennedy… that ‘graffiti’ is actually a faded hand painted sign , probably from the early 1900s ( though I can’t make out the exact words) and the ‘teeth’ are actually a heraldic coat of arms..

Lloyd Johnson… .you got me at it with the shower thing!…

Ian Price… We use to call them “loosies”scouse slang slang for loose ones!

Bookham Ally… same place now

Perri Ann Haste… I am sure I used to get the multi coloured Sobrani cocktail cigarettes here in the 70’s – very sophisticated! – or so we thought…. Now an ex smoker of over 35 years.

Di Veness… Perri, I think it was a tobacconist on Queen’s Road? Well, that’s where we sophisticates bought them anyway 😆 Smoked the colour that matched our maxi dresses

Dennis Torrance… I used to buy from here to, great place still is

Andy Qunta… Familiar view!






Debenhams Robertson Street Hastings advert 1975

John Gale… I remember buying punk singles from their ground-floor record store. Some as cheap as 10p each. Oh for a time machine. Some of those singles are worth well over 100 quid each now. Original Sex Pistols releases for instance…I’m talking pre Virgin releases. Happy days…

Chris Boorman… John,  I think so, but can’t remember what, except for a Motown box set and I think I got a French Anarchy single there as well. Had a safety pin on the sleeve.

Lynda Whatley… Was a great store back in the day !

Anita Medhurst… I miss it so much used to buy loads of stuff in there including my wedding dress

Marilyn Spence… Loved Debenhams, was still a school girl and with my sister was so excited to get our first pair of high heels there. They were black and I recall them being 25 shillings

Jane Dorsett… I was a window dresser at Debenhams in the late 70s.

Caz Simpson… I worked there for a short while in 1964/65 when it was Plummers. It’s so sad it had to close.

Neal Hunter… Worked there when it was Plummers and Debenhams met some great people even got engaged to one. I used to run the Debenhams football team which played other stores on Sundays. Good Times

Owens Entertainment takes over Debenhams, Robertsons Street Hastings 2022

Just a small part of what is happening soon in the old Debenhams, Robertson Street now called Owens.

Andy Qunta… Looks great!

Peter Fairless… Experience Hastings in 1066 – when free on street parking was abundant!

Graham Sherrington… Debenhams has GONE!!!!!

Stuart Moir… I’ll keep my opinion on ice until I see the cost of entry for a mum on her own with children