The Silhouettes – The Ambassador Hastings 1960’s


supplied by Stephen Kolimbarides

Early picture of The Silhouettes found at The Ambassador Restaurant where they used to rehearse.

Alan Esdaile…I think this is what became the Two Eyes Coffee Bar?

Barry Newton…..Centre and right hand remind me of Kingsley and Rod, but it might be my eyesight and memory getting blurred

Robert Searle….It definitely looks like them

Stephen Kolimbarides…..It’s Kingsley, Rod and Kirk hidden behind them. Not sure who the fourth member is. I really should have asked Rod when I saw him lunch time today. The photo is still at the ambassador on the wall in the same alcove as the pic was taken.

Phil Gill…..Is it Pete Gladwish on the left?

Stephen Kolimbarides…..I have pasted the reply from Rod. Now we know who the fourth member was. The other guitarist in the pic is Robin Pegler.He didn’t play for very long,perhaps 4 or 5 years,he found love and packed the band in,although he stayed in contact with King through their shared interest in Radio controlled aircraft. Cheers, Rod.

Colin Bell… Remember seeing them at The Fountain mid 60’s, they reminded me of The Searchers or perhaps they were playing one of their songs when I heard them, all those years ago.

Peter Millington… Saw them in the Market Hall in George Street around 1963. I believe they had a girl singer at the time and Kirk Ronchetti was the drummer. I seem to remember he had a peculiar drum kit with different size skins, (Trixon or Gretsch). WOW Rod’s Rosetti Bass – I had one at that time too, cost me 28 Guineas from a catalogue, no shops in Hastings to buy anyhing. Rod was ahead of the game with a superb Ampeg bass amp, much drewling. Just look at the style – matching shirts, trousers, shoes, ties and – yes tie pins. Those were the days!

Alan Esdaile… Have not found any photos of the Two Eyes coffee bar in West Street?