Redwood – 1972

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                 supplied by Derek Buck.                                      supplied by David Miller.

Del Buck… a picture of David Miller, the nascent rock god himself wielding his Columbus 335 copy (upside down and back to front of course) – this would have been late 1972. Drums is Jim Whittle, The bass player is the late lamented Steve Harries. I’m there but completely hidden behind Dave – probably just as well. Also the full photo of the band with Del shared from David Miller’s Facebook page.

Front of a postcard / flyer I designed for Factory by Teresa Qunta


Jim Breeds… Very nice. Slight pedantic correction, since they played ‘Ohio’ at the Marina Fountain, the influence must be C,S,N & Young! 😉

Alan Esdaile… Or did Teresa run out of space, Jim?

Teresa Qunta… Yup, I had a hard time trimming everything down to fit on the card – there’s just too much to say about Factory!!! 🙂 (I’m trying to make a compilation video with audio clips from the album tracks – and those of you who have heard the album, will probably understand how hard would be to pick just a snippet here and there — easier said than done, I tell ya! 😉

Official video Factory Angel From The Sky, full CD to be released in April 2016 and your chance to win one.

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cover: Teresa Qunta

Factory album, ‘Back in the Time Machine’ OFFICIAL RELEASE April 2016…

For a chance to win a copy of the long awaited Factory album, Back in the Time Machine, GO HERE: and you will find the GIVEAWAY there… easy peasy!!

Mike Curtis… Well That doesn’t disappoint! Excellent.

Pete Fisher… MAGIC! congratulations to all concerned, excellent track, great video, so good to see you back together!

Neil Cartwright… Excellent !

Factory – Original line up! The Carlisle 16th October 2015 & memories of a gig with The Sex Pistols.


Sarah Harvey… How do you reserve a ticket on the facebook page?

Jacqueline Marsh… That’s where I use to sing as a 7 year old whilst my mum worked in the pub downstairs I use to get on the stage use the Mike and sing my heart out while the pub downstairs was listening but at first I didn’t know till they started clapping.

Geoff Peckham…. The Factory article in the Hastings Observer last week

sparked a minor debate re the band’s appearance with the Sex Pistols. It was not, in fact, the Pistols’ first gig but probably their third. I’d left the band by this time so I’ll let Lol tell the story as recorded in his diary:

FACTORY were booked 2 support SASSAFRAS at Westfield College, NW London on Fri 21.11.1975, but when we arrived there that afternoon, we were told that we and SASSAFRAS had been pulled out by our management. They hadn’t told us this, but we said that as we were there, couldn’t we perform anyway? This they agreed 2, but they did warn us that another band called The SEX PISTOLS might turn up, but with a name like that, they didn’t think they would. The college understood it was 2 be their 1st gig and I think they said that they would be playing 4 nothing. The main band, NUBIUS and we had long finished sound-checking when in walked around 30 punks, dressed in the most peculiar clothes, with lots of safety pins, with the band’s equipment. ‘We’re using your PA,’ they said and Dave Garland, our sound man and roadie was so taken a-back that he said OK, something that had never been allowed in the past.

About 2 songs into their high energy set, their ‘sound man’ pushed our Dave out of the way, told him he didn’t know how 2 mix and he pushed all the sliders up full, so that everything fed back and he said ‘That’s how u do it.’ Most of the college audience had already left and gone 2 the bar, but their loyal fans, who had come with them, were thoroughly enjoying themselves po-going and spitting at each other and at the band on stage. Johnny Rotten just stood quite still in front of the drums, clinging 2 his mic stand and saying between each song ‘Have fun.’ I found them 2 be very exciting and I commented 2 Andy the old cliche that they were so bad that they’d probably be big one day. He disagreed. The following week, they had the front page of Sounds 2 themselves and the rest, as they say, is history. Lol.

Peter Fairless… All the sources I can find say 6th November was their fist gig.

Phil Thornton…I got my tickets for the show ! – is it upstairs ?

Geoff Peckham… Yes, Phil, it’s upstairs. Look forward to seeing you there. It’s been a long time!

Phil Thornton… excellent !! – so bringing in a hired PA ? – I remember your orange set up from the king and queen days ! – loved how tony mixed himself on stage !! – Ive never seen anybody else do that !!!!!

Geoff Peckham… I play with a band now who have a p.a. where each member of the band can control his/her own monitor mix with an app on their phone. Modern times, eh!

Dennis Wootton… Got my tickets. So looking forward to this. Watching you guys back in the 70’s inspired me to take up music. And I haven’t stopped since.

Tony Court-holmes… best of luck mates

Phil Thornton… yes ! – they had that system at the last festival I played at ! – but what Tony was doing back in the early 70’s was genius as it was dynamic and fully integrated in to the bands sound, and of course he knew where to turn it up better than a casual sound man would !

Allyson Breed… Jim tells me we will be there 🙂 what can I expect?

Jim Breed… Who is going to this?

Chris Meachen…. Will everyone have managed to grow their hair to authentic 1975 style in time for the gig? Or is it just me…?

Tony Davis… I will be there along with my good friends Alan and Paul and of course the world famous Iain Cobby. Looking forward to it.

Dave Nattress… Got tickets for my eldest Daughter Katie and me. Really looking forward to it! Very best wishes to all the guys in the band for a great gig and looking forward to the “live” album!!

Factory outside a Factory


supplied by Andy Qunta

Robert Searle….I remember Factory supporting us , The Kult , at a church hall at Rye in , I think,1970.

Geoff Peckham… Isn’t this in the Glyne Gap Gasworks shortly after it closed down? …and I’m wearing my beloved cricket boots!

Terry Pack… In the days when industrial wastelands were considered good locations for photos.

Andy Qunta… Yes, & I think Tony’s & my Mum took this pic! My hand is bandaged after our Dad, Dr Qunta, operated on it! I got some kind of I infection from picking hops at Guinness Hop Farm! Good times!

Tony Qunta… Yes and I was wearing my ‘custom shop’ strides which I had ‘doctored’ with house paint! 😉

Jeanette Jones… Back in the day, before political correctness ran rampant , when a caring Dad could operate on a family member, such as a beloved son. Happy days, happy memories, you are blessed;-)

Factory reunion update by Andy Qunta

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photo – Factory rehearsing in France March 2015 – supplied by Factory


© Factory.  Factory Rock France. Reunion gig photos.

Andy Qunta… I’ve been in quite a few bands in my time, mostly really good, and some quite successful, but none have been as close to my heart as Factory, the band I was in back in the ’70’s. We played all over the UK & Europe, sharing the stage with many top bands of the day. Roger Daltrey of The Who invited us to his studio several times, & came and saw us play live, so we must have been pretty good! We’re now working on a reunion gig, and maybe more, this summer. It’s slightly complicated as I live in California and the other three band members (one of whom is my brother, Tony) are in England, but I’m going over to rehearse with them for a couple of weeks next month! Exciting!

Phil Thornton… cant wait to hear FACTORY !!!!

Colin Norton… You will have a lot of fun!

Terry Pack… It’s been a while, Andy. Having heard you as a group back in 1974, and having worked with you, Tony and Geoff at various times over the past 36 years, I can’t wait to hear the four of you back together again.

Steve Cooke… Missed you first time around, I was working away in various musical guises. I’ll not miss you this time though!

John Wilde… We want Factory to christen the refurbished Hastings pier! Rock on guys. This is great news. Best wishes.

Mick O’Dowd… Totally with you on that one John.

Martyn Baker… Stay in touch. We’ll make a film of it.

Read moreFactory reunion update by Andy Qunta

Disaster’s My Middle Name by Pete Prescott


Hastings Music Files July 1998

Andy Qunta… Pete – you have some of the best stories, and this is one of your best!

Geoff Peckham… We (Factory) played upstairs at Ronnie’s around the same time, Pete. One night Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers were on downstairs. Brilliant. But I wondered how much of our sound travelled downstairs. A couple of years later I saw John Williams (bizarrely) play there with my friend, Mick Bolger. There was something loud going on upstairs, unfortunately, and I realised then what Art may have had to have put up with with us that night!

Pete Prescott… I saw seen selena Jones and Stan getz there. Yeah the bands made a racket !

Chris Cozens… Set up regardless.

Factory – feeling nostalgic


supplied by Andy Qunta

Andy Qunta… Getting down to some jigs back in the day!

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img658 img651 img648

supplied by Lol Cooksey

Andy Qunta… Wow! Don’t know if I’ve ever seen these! Excellent! I’d forgotten about the painting of you, Tone! Where did that come from?

Geoff Peckham…  Goodness me! Yes, I remember that painting. Talk about Dorian Gray….that picture looks older than you look now, Tone!

Tony Qunta… Pretty sure I have never seen these pics! Would love to get a copy! 🙂