Stallion – Hastings Pier 27th Dec 1975


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Phil Gill… Well I must’ve played that gig, but I’m blowed if I remember it. And “Disco”…crap name for the support band. Who were they?

Roger Carey… Was about to say I played this gig but now recall doing similar show at Pier 31 December 1974….

Phil Gill… I was at that one too. The bouncers threw everyone out early, presumably they wanted to go off to their own parties…

Chris Sambrook… Could have been some young carpet fitters from the Isle of Wight doing extra gigs to earn some money. They were named after a Douglas Adams creation what is the the meaning of life….42. Not really. Be nice to think Mark King was that disco/funk bass player. Who mentioned Bass Players. Get on up, get down. Just taking the p p p sss lads.

Slayve – Circa 1979


supplied by Ernest Ballard

Ernest Ballard… Left to right. Paul Tanner, Mark Freeman (Dec) Ernest Ballard , Steve Simpson. Band called Slayve. Circa 1979. Taken at White Horses. One of our first gigs was at The Crypt Hastings.

Chris Barrett… Great picture Ern.

Alan Esdaile… Going for the menacing look Ernest?

Ernest Ballard… I learnt that look when I lived in London playing in a rock band with attitude lol. Found it in an old suitcase I unpacked from the loft

Slayve – Mid 80’s The Crown Hailsham


supplied by Kris Hannah

Kris Hannah…. Paul Tanner, circa 1985 Probably The Crown at Hailsham and 1987 Ernest Ballard (I think) on drums and Pete Lees on bass.

Robert Searle… Looks like Tony Kenward on the second photo in the background.

Mark Little… Before I joined I think, but Paul Tanner and Ernie Ballard for sure!

Len Smith… Yes looks like Tony Kenward in the background.

Gary Sykes… Paul Tanner was a good guitarist, anyone know what he went on to?

Terry Pack… I played a couple of gigs with Tony Kenward, Paul Tanner and Pete Shaw in Eastbourne around 1985.

Ernest Ballard… Yep that’s me on drums. Paul is still living in Eastbourne. He joined the Teenage Idols in London after this band. Great cool bloke. I’ll try contact him

Coda – A Tribute To Led Zeppelin. The Underground Theatre – Eastbourne 29th Oct 2016.

14567343_10153790378192385_1013491648983876514_o 14720419_10153790377747385_4893949865551638233_n

CODA are the UK’s most authentic-sounding tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin, featuring four musicians who faithfully recreate the excitement, energy, passion and magic of the world’s most famous rock band! Expect all the classics such as Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love, and a whole lot more! Dust off your flares and travel back in time with us! 

Saturday October 29th at the Underground Theatre, Eastbourne. Doors 7.15pm, show starts 8:00pm. Tickets £10, available from the tourist information office.
Telephone: 0843 289 1980

Always Loved Jethro Tull

aqualung-standard Jethro-Tull-cropped

1971 album Aqualung and photo Ian Anderson and Martin Barre, Jethro Tull in concert, Chicago 1973. author:

Jan Warren… Always LOVED Jethro Tull, brilliant, genius mix of folk/rock!! I was in love with this crazy, wild, long-haired beardy gorgeous guy …….. and his amazing music!!!

Dennis Torrance… One of my fav bands thick as a brick loved all their music life a long song going up the pool teacher etc

Alan Esdaile… One of my favourite tracks is Locomotive Breath

Paul Morfey… Saw Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull only a few weeks ago at the New Day festival + lots more!!

Jan Warren… Aqualung such a brilliant album!! Yes, I always love him, his amazing music and his gorgeous “warm” voice and stage presence!! 🙂

Tony Davis… Seen Jethro Tull on many occasions over the years. Their album Stand Up would always feature in my top 10 and it was probably that album and their single Living In The Past that started me exploring progressive music. Ian Anderson has also released some great solo albums and it is a shame that Tull now no longer exists because of reported disputes between Anderson and guitarist Martin Barre. It is also a shame that Ian Anderson seems to be having vocal problems these days because on stage a lot of the vocals are now handled by a young vocalist whose name currently escapes me. Having said all that I still often play all the old Tull albums and enjoy them thoroughly.

Dave Nattress… Aqualung – one of my very great favourites. Got the vinyl from way back in the day, CD and 2 x CD and 2 x DVD box set re-released just a few months back, which (I believe), was issued as a box-set release a few years back. I recall also the singles and TOTP appearances so long ago. “The Witches Promise” and “Sweet Dreams” – Ian’s visual appearance was way out there back then!! All in all, very progressive stuff – used to shock my dear old dad when TOTP came on.

Doug Prentice… I first saw them in what must have been the summer of 68, before the release of This Was, in a tiny sweaty club called La Bamba in Falkirk. These were the days when you could talk to the band at the bar during the break. Good blokes. Ian Anderson used to have a fag during the set and would throw a few cigarettes out to members of the audience. How times change! Great band, fantastic set. Ian Anderson was my sartorial guide for the next year or so but I drew the line when tights and codpieces appeared. For that brief period there was seemed to be great connection between Ian Anderson and Mick Abrahams. Much as I love Stand Up, This Was will always be near the top of my favourites.

Factory – Manor Gardens Bexhill 1970/71


img603 img602

photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Yvonne Cleland……Brilliant!

Sarah Harvey…..Never tried playing a shovel…. hey Tony, can you give me shovel lessons? Were you playing ‘Ace of Spades’?

Philip Meston…..Broom lessons will be a must..?

Phil Gill…..They obviously have a time machine. Is that a tuning fork?

Andy Qunta…..LOL, Phil Gill!  We were actually miming! If you look carefully, you’ll see our fingers aren’t even on the right notes!

Terry Pack…..Andy’s playing the great Lindisfarne song, “Fork on the Tine”. Lol’s playing Gram Parsons’s “Cash on the Barrelhead”, Jaff’a’s getting bluesy on Elmore’s “Dust My Broom”. As for Tone, it must be “The Harlem Shovel”. I’ll get my coat!

Mick Mepham…..Phil, it’s obviously a pitchfork ….

Geoff Peckham….”Proof that Factory’s music is a bit wooden and in ruins.” The Daily Post

Andy Qunta…..It’s kind of like they went back in time, you know, like in a Time Machine or something, and that’s all they could find for instruments in those days, or something.