Melody Maker Rock Contest 1979 finalists advert and photo with Die Laughing

Jo Turner… Remember piling into old vans with a gang of us following the bands in the melody maker competitions. Brilliant fun

Tim Moose Bruce… Went to this one and the area heat final at the Marquee a few weeks earlier. Was in one of the old vans. I remember Splodgenessabounds came 4th, and Max Splodge got the best bum award after they performed Michael Booths Talking Bum. Area heat was good, talking to Paul Gambochini and Sting at the Judges table. And who remembers the Blown Up Band Van incident on the Sevenoaks bypass? Also remember the Venue charging £1.70 for a half pint of beer. That was a ripoff..

Pete Prescott… I was in a band called Village. We were in it two years running in the mid 70’s. One year with a band called Stallion from Hastings.

Phil Gill… Pete, I remember Stallion, didn’t they win the MM contest in 1976? Had a great bass player.

John Wilde… Halcyon days.

Judy Atkinson… Max Splodge used to drink at the Royal Sussex Arms & did a gig there one Christmas back in the late 90s

Kev Towner… Judy, I remember it well.

Kev Towner… Is that the Vixen who used to play The Carlisle regularly? I’ve still got one of their demo tapes.

Gerry Fortsch… The infamous Hippo band entered a few of these for a laugh we never did very well but we got very drunk and had a gas.

Tony Pettifer… Gerry, Not to memtion Littlehapton

Gerry Fortsch… Tony, yea that was a cracker, what ever happened to Gerald’s Country Giants?

Dave Nattress… Damaris entered twice. Second time was eventually won by Stallion and they deserved it 100%. Not only Hastings, not only mates but so good. The bass player Mr G held it together for them. The 5 guys were all so good and who could not notice the performance of John. Unique from those days. Well done all – great memories.

Phil Gill… Dave, thanks for the name check but holding it together was a two man job. Steve Demetri served up the groove to me and we nailed it to the floor together.

Mark Randall… Bite The Pillow won. I saw them at Reading when they were first on the bill; the same night as The Cure, The Tourists, Motörhead and The Police

John Wilde… Dave, yes thank you for sharing. They were great fun times. Lots of great local bands back then.