Footloose at The Carlisle 1970’s

supplied by Harry Randall

Harry Randall… Once upon a time a long long long long time ago when I had Hair a Les Paul Custom and a Marshall! Those were the days! Not allowed anymore how times have changed! The Carlisle about 1979 from left to right Tony Bridger (Guitar) Will Powell (Drums) Brian Setchfield (vocals) Iain Cobby (Bass) and myself HARRY Randall (guitar) would love to see any other photos kicking around!

Phil Gill… nice pic, thanks for sharing. I always loved Tony’s playing when I was in Stallion, he had great tone, was always concise and consistent and played with intent. The two of you together must have been a joy. Remember my first Stallion studio outing aged 19 with Phil Cordell as producer and Tony on guitar. He was right on the money.

Harry Randall… yes one of the greats, I think I played about eight years in all I remember phoning the Star at Normans bay for a gig and they said never had bands before eventually we were picking the bar out 5 deep so asked for an increase for our meagre gig money only to be told there’s the door! Typical.

Tim Moose Bruce… Loved the set list you guys did. Foreigner, Boston, Styx Quo, Lizzy and loads more.

Harry Randall… Yeah a lot of people knocked us for doing covers but in those days they were pretty obscure bands in UK bigger in Belgium things like Cold as ice and Hot blooded! Played that LP to death!

Iain Cobby… What is that on my head? Playing my old Ric 4001 . Harry and I recently worked on Brian’s Video for ” Freedom Ride” . Missing Tony and have many such memories of him then and pre Stallion, many of which would be unprintable. Do remember carting gear up those stairs! good times.

Tim Moose Bruce… 1st time I saw you in this band(1978 at the Wheatsheaf), you had a doubleneck guitar.

Harry Randall… Tim, that was my Ibanez be worth a lot of money now same as my JTM 45 Marshall everything was hand written on it it was that old

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw a pair of Ibanez doubleneck guitars in the 80s in Cass Music in Eastbourne. About the same time I bought my Shergold doubleneck from Birds Music.

Wee Jock… Love the photo, stacks, wem columns, concert toms

Tim Moose Bruce… Wee, And Brian’s vocals going through a Copycat. Sounded great.

Harry Randall… Wee, used to pack out the Star at Normans Bay, landlord said the tiles were coming off the roof LOL! I remember phoning them and arranging the gig at a low fee as they never had bands after several months and the bar getting 5 deep to get served asked for a raise as we had by then established it well and truly only to be told “No”! So pulled out!

Mike Waghorne… Never missed any of your gigs at the Star even the Runt & Tun at Heathfield was a good gig

Harry Randall… Miss this double neck ! If anyone has any photos of those days please post them or pm me we only have about 5 and I know a few were taken at gigs!

Harry Randall… Tim, finally got a photo of it! Broke a string so had to change it during break


Cracked Mirror at Maidstone Girls Tech School 14th February 1980

cracked mirror group

cracked mirror chris - cracked mirror 2 cracked mirror singer joe cracked mirror

all photos © Colin Winn. supplied by Tim White

John Wilde… Is that John Stiles on bass? Joe should be a Rock God.

Gary Kinch… It’s Chris on drums. Great shot.

Nigel Ford… Did I see their album is worth a bit?

Chris Sambrook… The singer is Colin Winn, Steve Smile was bassist, both from Maidstone, Joe Rytlewski from Battle on guitar and me Chris Sambrook from Hastings on drums.

Tim Moose Bruce… Loved seeing Cracked mirror. Got the album still. Great record.

Harry Randall… Allo me Chris Sambrook owes it anging?

Ernest Ballard… Joe, So young

The Valiants – The Adur Pub – Portslade 1979.

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photos by Marie-Louise. supplied by Colin Norton

Colin Norton… I lived in Switzerland between 1975 and 1996… On one of my trips back to the UK in June of 1979 I met up with a bunch of old mates in a Pub. After a little ‘liquid refreshment’ we decided that it might be fun to put together an instant band and play a couple of gigs. We found a willing venue (The Adur Pub in Portslade) and the next weekend we played two gigs playing mainly rock’n’roll stuff that we all knew (Just as well because we didn’t have time to rehearse).  Anyway, here are a couple of photos from that event. The line-up was: Colin Jenner – Vocals/Guitar, Ken White – Vocals/Piano, Tony Langford – Bass/Vocals, Steve Denyer – Lead Guitar, Colin Norton – Drums. On a sad note … I am the last surviving member of this line-up which was known as The Valiants for the gigs on June 15th and 16th. They were all dear friends and I miss them.

Patricia Maslin… you speak of Tony Langford on bass.  Is that the same Tony Langford who was in The Black and Tan Group.  I’m asking on behalf of his son as Tony (his dad) has now passed away, and I wondered if the photos you posted were of him with the beard.  It would be nice to show Chris (his son) if it was the same Tony Langford.

Colin Norton… Yes, it is most certainly the same Tony Langford that was in the Black and Tan. In fact, I met Chris Langford in September so I am pretty sure that he knows about these photos.

Shaft – Yorkshire Grey 1974


Andy Knight (drums), Jim Beadle (bass), Bob Shipway (guitar), Colin Pierce (guitar), Dave Shaw (vocal), Ross Holter (mixing).

Harry Randall… Jim use to play bass in met band in 67-68 “The Lloyd Milligan Sound” an 8 piece soul band who basically went pro to Keel but got fiddled (didn’t wait for contract)

Judith Monk… Loved the ‘Grey’ used to play bar billiards there.

Tony Court-holmes… used to be good for a fight I remember but still some good bands played there

Jan Warren… Yeah, used to go to The Yorkshire Grey quite a lot in the early 70s, saw all the local bands!

Barry French… Grundy still going strong!! Saw them playing at the Queens Head Icklesham a week prior to the “shut down” As always a really good entertaining set.

The Lost Boys reunion – The Carlisle Hastings. Saturday 25th May 2019

and from 1996…

Ernest Ballard… Crickey. The mature boys !

Andy James Long… Since it’s a reunion, after a fair while, would it be fair to to say you were now the found men?

Pete Prescott… Nah ! Lost the plot !

Ernest Ballard… I’m gutted to miss this gig as I’ll be at Goodwood Race course. Hope to see some video later and pics

Pueblo – 1973/1974

img771 img773

img774 img772

photo by Chris Meachen from Roger Carey Collection.

Pete Fisher Guitar & Vocals, Bernard Jeffery Drums and Roger Carey bass.

Sarah Harvey… Only last week I attended an AGM of a local support group I am involved in and it was held at Bexhill Youth and Community Centre. First time I have been in that building since the 1970s when I went went to see Pueblo play…. I seem to remember great performance by Pueblo but the audience of the Youth Club that night were rather difficult to please. I was talking to some people about that gig at the AGM and just reflecting that the hall looked very much the same.

Pete Fisher… thanks to Chris Meachen for taking these back then, and to Roger Carey for sharing them, especially as I only have the photo of Rog bottome right – maybe Chris could confirm, but I’m pretty sure the top (group) photo is Ore Centre, 1974. The bottom row of photos is (according to my little red book) Kev Blackman’s party at the Langham P.H., December 1973. And for Sarah Harvey, I only have one gig listed at Bexhill Youth Centre, on 21st December, 1972, which must have been Pueblo’s previous incarnation, Mae West, featuring Kev Wood.

Sarah Harvey… Could have been Mae West I saw Pete Fisher , I only remember seeing you Roger and Bernie…. I stand corrected. And yes, it does seem to be Ore centre… I recognise the curtains 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Sadly nothing as yet on Mae West. A couple of other bits Roger lent me on Pueblo but I think Pete Fisher has posted these before. This one says Langtham Hotel 1973 on the back. Butch were Dave Garland, Dennis Wootton & Cliff Wootton.

img783  img782

supplied by Roger Carey

Andy Qunta… Don’t know what kind of bass that is, but in that guy’s hands it would have sounded good!

Colin Fox… It looks like a left handed Burns

Sarah Harvey… Rogers left-handed Burns is legendary….stayed with him through almost a decade.

Yvonne Cleland… Dave Garland turned up at Will’s 60th birthday do recently.

Steve Kinch… Fabulous pics!

Iain Cobby… Its a Burns Trisonic 4 string bass Andy, the tuners were too small to get a standard set of bass strings in as I remember! Probably worth a fortune now. I had a red one, it came from Smiths second hand emporium in the high street.

Phil Gill… Dodgy looking buggers. I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of ’em.

SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell. Reviews The Move Something Else and Looking On CD’s

MOVE-Something-Else_web MOVE-Looking-On_web

Having previously brought you the first two albums in this re-issue programme here is the third. Originally issued in 1968 as a 5 track E.P. (ive still got a copy!) this expanded edition adds another 12 tracks. The last release to feature the ‘classic’ line-up of Roy Wood, Carl Wayne, Bev Bevan, Trevor Burton and Ace Kefford, it captures perfectly the energy of the band live at the Marquee in Wardour Street. Taking on a diverse range of covers of contemporary acts ranging from The Byrds (So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star) Spooky Tooth (Sunshine Help Me) and Somethin Else (Eddie Cochran) to name but three, the band rock the clearly happy audience and you can feel the atmosphere of the legendary venue.
After years of the original master tapes being lost we can now also enjoy all the additional numbers including spirited renditions of ‘Fire Brigade’ ‘Flowers In The Rain’ and ‘It’ll Be Me’ just three highlights. Its great to have a reminder of what a great and dynamic live band they were and to bring back so many fond memories of the Marquee and indeed our own beloved Hastings Pier where I first met and saw them back in 1967. Thoroughly recommended, an excellent package all round.

And now for something er… Else…’Looking On’ was the third full album released in 1970. An album that divided opinion then (and now), Carl Wayne, Ace Kefford and Trevor Burton had all departed for various solo and largely unsuccessful careers. The Move was now a trio of Wood, Bevan and newly arrived Jeff Lynne. This of course was a pivitol moment in time, Roy had the ELO concept in his head (for three years) and Jeff Lynne of course was the catalyst to make it happen. Without writing a huge essay on the complicated Move/ELO/Wizzard story which im sure most readers will know lets stick with the album. Depending on your point of view its either a heavy prog rock experimental masterpiece or a unholy unmitigated disaster. Dumping the psyche-pop that had established them the band turned ‘heavy’..really heavy and produced 6 minute songs like the title track. It was a huge departure from what people had come to expect and not a successful one. Two singles lifted from the album did gain some success notably ‘Brontosaurus’ but overall the experimental tone of ‘Turkish Tram Conductor Blues’ ‘What’ etc in truth killed The Move for many fans. Listening to the album now my own feeling is I can see what they were trying to achieve, particularly given the period in which it was released and the desire to get away from a ‘pop singles band’ and gain rock credibility, but in truth it is a bit of a mess. However the bonus CD is really interesting containing previously unreleased BBC sessions and interviews with the incomparable Brian Matthew. There’s a wonderful take on The Beatles ‘She’s A Woman’ which is a delight for example. indeed the bonus disc which contains versions of the main album is for me far more enjoyable. I suppose personally the early classic Move was the Move I loved. ‘Looking On’ remains an important crossroads of a piece and will no doubt continue to cause debate as it did back in the day.

For more information go to
Til Next Time…. colin-head-111x150-111x150


The Edge – around 1987



supplied by Barry French

The Edge featuring Will Powell, Neil Cartwright, Barry French and Paul Huggett.

Barry French… This was a real fun band to be in, minimal rehearsals, a few beers & good audiences (I think people may have expecting a certain Irish guitarist). Prior to playing with the Edge Will Powell played drums with a blues/rock power trio called Egorr, who played regularly at the Regent during the early 70’s. He later went on to play with Footloose who had great success around Hastings & shared the bill with Hat Trick on a few gigs. Neil Cartwright (One of my dearest friends) has played in loads of bands around Hastings (To many to list) but along with the Edge we shared the stage in the Dum Dum Boys & Mice On Ice (I have dated this Edge clip from the Hastings News around 1987, but I’m sure Neil will correct me if I’m wrong). Neil currently resides in France & we see each other regularly. I think that Paul Huggett is currently playing Bass with the Rhythm Doctors.

Cliff Wootton… I remember Will Powell being the drummer in Egorr when they played with us on a regular gig in the Regent Hotel basement.

Judith Monk… I know Neil Cartwright.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes Will Powell was in Footloose a brilliant band that seems to have disappeared in the mists of time.

The Nation’s Favourite Queen Song – ITV 11th Nov 2014 9.00pm and results


As ITV reveals the results of an exclusive poll to find the Nation’s Favourite Queen Song, this programme tells the stories behind the band’s greatest hits. Which one will be the winner? We Are the Champions, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Don’t Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want To Break Free, We Will Rock You – or some other classic? There are in-depth interviews with band members Brian May and Roger Taylor and revealing insights from those who knew Queen best. This is the history of the quartet’s greatest moments. Not so much a band, more a national treasure.

Alan Esdaile… Not expecting any surprises here but should be some interesting bits we have not seen before.

Pete Fairless… This won’t win – but is their best… Seven Seas Of Rhye

John Wilde… Favourite Queen album?  Sheer Heart Attack.  Favourite track. Stone Cold Crazy.

Chris Meachen… Excellent & thoroughly enjoyable programme;- just wish they’d had time to play all the songs in their entirety…

Jon McCallion… Top band,Freddie what can you say he was everything. Fantastic performer,sad to lose him at such a young age

Kev Towner… I’d agree Pete. Mind you, I’m also very fond of some the tracks on the first two albums – the proggy ones anyway!!

Julie Findlay-jones… it was brilliant.

Here’s The Results

20 I Want It All – 1989
19 It’s A Hard Life – 1984
18 One Vision – 1985
17 You’re My Best Friend 1976
16 Seven Seas Of Rhye – 1974
15 The Show Must Go On – 1991
14 Another One Bites The Dust – 1980
13 Crazy Little Thig Called Love – 1979
12 A Kind Of Magic 1986
11 Who Wants To Live Forever – 1986
10 Somebody To Love – 1976
9 These Are The Days Of Our Lives – 1991
8 Radio Ga Ga – 1984
7 Under Pressure – 1981
6 Killer Queen – 1974
5 We Are The Champions – 1977
4 I Want To Break Free – 1984
3 Don’t Stop Me Now – 1979
2 We Will Rock you – 1977
1 Bohemian Rhapsody – 1975 & 1991

John Storer… There are very, very few bands that have more than three decent albums in them. Queen are a case in point. The first three albums are great, but after the success of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, they merely pandered to the masses with rock-by-numbers. Your archetypal Radio 2 band