Before The Storm, Proglotis, P.Ackerly & Brent Eaton – William Parker School Hastings 12th July 1979

supplied by Ken Copsey

Ken Copsey… Took a look in the archive box for the first time in a long while and this was the first thing I found. Not clear as to what year this was or whether SSL played at it or I was even there. I’m sure someone will enlighten me.

Daisy reformed gig with Butch and Dave & Charlie – Hastings Pier 26th April 1974

Terry Corder, Kevin Hoad, Wesley Magoogan and Will Thompson

Janine Anne Scott… This crazy bunch rehearsed next door to us in Godwin Road in the late 60s. Terry was our neighbour. Fun days.

Gerry Fortsch… One of the best local bands.

Yvonne Cleland… What a lovely pic of Terry, Moff, Wes and Will. Oh my heart, I was just a young girl out of school and then I fell for Will and Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Man with Deke Leonard – Yorkshire Grey St Leonards 1992

Deke Leonard relaxing before the gig  – Photo Phil Little

Who remembers this gig?

Kevin Sherwood… Another one i missed but saw him on the pier with Man and Iceberg. A brilliant guitarist and author and unless I’m dreaming saw him in Mr Cherries with Mickey Jones sometimes in the 1980’s.

Phil Little… They played in Mr Cherry’s in 1991 before doing two gigs at The Yorkshire Grey in 1992

Kevin Sherwood… Cheers couldn’t remember quite when but they were great.

Gerry Fortsch… I remember having a few drinks and stuff with him a few years ago, I think it was at the Round House when my mates Nektar were playing.

Jan Warren… Aaaaawwww, blesss gorgeous man

Phil Little… The photo was taken in the office at Light From Darkness Studios in the basement of the Old Observer Building. The band stayed there before and after the gig.

Alan Esdaile… Here’s Phil talking about it recently…

Yvonne Cleland… Man played the Yorkshire Grey?! Wow!

Sandy Max… My mate Deke…went to a party with the band after; they were always great fun! Next time they came down he saw me arrive and called out “look out, here comes trouble!” Cue a very red-faced me heading for the bar!

Mosaic and Stallion – Langton Hall Battle 27th September 1975

Phil Gill… Unusually for me, I don’t remember playing this gig, but the date says I obviously did.

Phil Thorton… likewise !

Terry Pack… I think I might have gone to this. On my Puch maxi!

Chris Barrett… I’m not paying 65 pence to see you Phil Gill. You’d better put my name on the door