Bands For Kelly event The Carlisle 23rd July 1986


The Edge – photo supplied by Barry French

Neil Cartwright…  ‘Bands for Kelly’, event was to raise money for a young girl called Kelly who had a medical condition. The bands who played were: Hat Trick, The Havaiians , Electra Blitz, Sprayman and the Teenage Idols and The Edge. I have audio recordings of everybody.

Barry French… The event was organised to raise funds for a young girl called Kelly Smith who was very sick. Supported by family & my two great friends Dennis Wootton & Neil Cartwright we proceeded to get the wheels in motion to play a few tunes & raise some cash. As always in Hastings,other musicians kindly offered their services & Bands For Kelly was born. Roger Carey, Den & I also played a short impromptu Hat Trick set. It was a great evening for a lovely cause.

Who remember Cracked Mirror? asks Diane Leigh

Diane Leigh… Who remembers the band cracked mirror played over the star pub alot back in the 70s

Eric Harmer… They had 7 years bad luck

Derek Johnson… That was a reflection Eric.

William Wallace… See them at Falaise Hall christ knows when. Metal band if I remember.

Nadia Compagnone… Still got the LP.

Paul Collins… Was that Joe? And Chris was their drummer I think.

Colin Winn… Could I state that I was the vocalist when Joe R finished with the Zoobies and came up to Maidstone to rehearse – 1979 onward. Barry Wood (RIP) had a hair salon in which we rehearsed. We recorded at BBC Radio Medway. Often played in The Albion Maidstone, The Tam O’ Shanter, Chatham, The Carlisle occasionally and other Sussex venues. I sang at The Falaise Halls. Barry Wood moved to The States and Chris took over on drums. Shortly after, Joe tended to move rehearsals to Sussex and the Maidstond bassist (the talented Steve Smile) and I found the round journies too excessive. All outlay. No incoming. Joe reverted to singing, added keyboards and recorded an album (somehow). I am in touch with Joe and he and I are hoping to remaster the BBC tapes. Hope this helps.

Stewart Rockett…

Diane Leigh… Those were the days! Look at Joe, worked with him for short while in factory

John Beeching… I was a roady for them, Their equipment used to blow fuses, so we would put a length of 6″ nail in instead of the usual fuse. Forgot to take it out at the Maidstone Girls school gig. Spent weeks expecting the damn place to burn down.

Pete Prescott…I first saw them when they played at the Chatsworth Hotel before Jim Jim and the Jim’s In 1980. I was also in a band with Joe in 1989/90 called Five Bob Rocket.

Harry Randall… I believe Joe is still about doing the Sound Engineer deck at The Carlisle

John Beeching… He’s starting back there soon. He’s also recording other people at his home studio.

Colin Winn… Harry, he does, I believe. Met up with him recently. Recording and mastering I think

Ocean / Catz Cradle – Mid 70’s

Supplied by Alan Vale. Photos Hugh Fraser.

Alan Vale… Ocean / Catz Cradle photos outside the church which we used to hire to rehearse back in the day circa 1974 1975. Many thanks again to Hugh Fraser and co. These are from 1″ 25mm ish sample photos edited via Photoshop so a bit pixelated. We did loads gigs around London all great fun, This was as I understand (long time ago) in the Elephant and Castle area!


Ten Years After – Hastings Pier Sat 22nd September 1973



poster supplied by Mick Mepham, ad supplied by Sarah Harvey



photos by Roger Carey

Glenn Piper…. I remember this gig; one of the early ones that I worked on .

Jim Hobbs….Yep, me too!

Here they are playing the great Slow Blues In C – venue unknown

Roger Carey… 1000 plus people at the Pier concert which discouraged me from going to the front!

Sarah Harvey… Just talking to Roger last week about this gig….. he always remembers me telling him that Alvin Lee just walked past me and he was so small (height wise). I had his poster in my room for many a year and always imagined a guy towering over everyone…….but he was Ronnie Corbett height. Must have worn big platformed shoes. He looked a massive bloke on Woodstock and all the posters.

Jim Breeds… I was at this gig! I had long blond hair – it couldn’t be could it!? Probably not.

Yvonne Cleland… This was a good gig. Remember it well, and Alvin Lee came out afterwards and spoke to us.

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The Prisoners – photo 1979

supplied by Dave Nattress

Andy Leaney guitar, Dave Nattress vocals, Mick Bridgeland drums, Robin Heggie bass.

Dave Nattress… After Samisen split, Mick Bridgeland and I teamed up with Andy Leaney and Robin Heggie on bass. We set about writing a set load of post-punk, abrasive, incisive shortish tracks. I don’t think we did any covers. We played quite a few gigs around Hastings as The Prisoners, The Yorkshire Grey, The Yelton, (as was), Chatsworth, and Crypt etc.

Mo Blackford… Thanks Dave for posting. My first real friend and great influence was Robin Heggie. He was a very cool chap, who introduced me to Paul McCartney among other people. He had engineered a couple of Paul’s albums and had previously played bass in The Hollywood Killers. Anyway. we formed my first band in the UK together. Initially called Red Shoes, we changed the name to The Stand (cerca ’82) and did loads of gigs around Hastings. The Stand also included Bernard Jeffrey (Hollywood Killers) on drums and Kevin O’Connor on vocals.  I’ve tried on a number of occasions to locate Robin. Maybe somebody knows something! It would be much appreciated. Cheers!

Alan Esdaile… Does anyone remember The Prisoners and know of the whereabouts of Robin Heggie? I did search but if he is the Robin that lived in Milton Keynes  then not good news. Can anyone help? Could do with some good news.

Mark Gilham… Sorry Alan. Not good news at all. Robin passed away a few years ago now. 🙁

Andy Knight… I didn’t know that, Robin and I played in Missing Persons together I know it is v late but RIP

Mike Mitchell… and whatever happened to Mick Bridgeland? Least I heard he had moved to Amersham…

Martin Richter… sad news about Robin – he was a lovely guy.

Dave Nattress… Sad to have it confirmed about Robin, but I must admit I was thinking the worst. He was a great guy and bass player, lreally looked the part and we all had a frantic and great time getting The Prisoners going. Also, of course, Andy Leaney. Andy and I had a great connection also, smiles on the face as I remember these 2 old friends our fun times going for it, the stupid band names that Andy particularly liked to come up with that we all rejected!! Great sadness and regret that they’ve gone – like so many more on the local scene, and nationally and internationally all connected through the music. So many people who were the bricks in the huge wall that was built up over so many years. Some of the bricks have crumbled away, but then, more are being added all the time.

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The Architects – The Cutter Hastings 28th February 1985

Keith Jenner, Alan Phillips, Nick Monaghan and Rick Cooper

Cule Tulo… Don’t make me feel old. I’ve been in bands with some of these guys when I was a teenager

Martin Curcher… Rick took over bass after I left, good old days

Steve May… I joined later that year on guitar after Keith left! Hello Martin, how’s tricks?

Cream Addicts Anonymous Fan Club letter 1969. Who else belonged to this?


Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0001-1

Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0002 Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0003

supplied by Andy Knight

Chris… Hi there, I don’t know if you still have an interest in the cream addicts annonymous but I was a member in those tremendous days and I still have my membership card to prove it. It must be quite a rarity as I’v never seen another one. Best wishes to all the sixties fans. Chris

Jan Warren… Yeah, love Cream!

Dave Nattress… Cream,  never heard of this, great band from my time way back in Bexhill Down Secondary Modern, got all their stuff – vinyl and CD and Steve Wright on R2 played the wonderful “White Room” this afternoon, followed by “All along the Watchtower” by Mr Hendrix of course – didn’t catch any more but think it was a reader’s top 5 tracks or something like.

Alex Wallace… Hey, I found a postcard signed by the band, in my dad’s stuff on the back it says cream addicts anonymous and the address.

Robert Searle… Seen them three times,at their first gig at the Marquee, and twice at the Saville Theatre.

Jim Wolfeb… Looking through my old memorabilia I found some newsletters from Cream Addicts Anonymous. Are these worth anything?

Steve Maxted… in my early DJ days, I was there at their gig at Lewisham University. Very memorable

Yves Binoche… I used to help Anne stuff envelopes with the CAA newsletter, visited her at her various Notting Hill addresses, and when she was an enthusiast for the irish band Taste who we used to see at the Marquee on Sunday nights.  She later had some influence on one of King Crimson’s albums or songs can’t remember which.  I used to have all the CAA literature (I even wrote for it one time), and unless it is buried in a box somewhere, and I have too many of them, I have lost it all.  I wonder what happened to Anne?  She had such vitality, and a deep love of music.


Tour Tales 2001 – 2008 by Pete Fisher

Pete says… I started out in bands back in the 70s in Hastings, where I grew up and went to school. The first band was called Black Ash, with Bernard Jeffery (drums), Iain Cobby (bass) and Steve (vocals). The next band came together in 1972, also with Bernard, but with Roger Carey (bass) and Kev Wood (guitar), and we called ourselves Mae West. Kev left in early 1973, but Bernard, Roger and I carried on as a three piece, and called the band Pueblo. We stayed together until 1974, also with Phil Gill as second guitarist for a couple of gigs, and we experimented with having Paul Waite as second drummer. I left Hastings in summer 1974 to live first in London, then Norfolk, and finally moved to Germany in 1995, playing in bands right through this time. I had a lucky break in 2001 and got hired to play professionally in a reggae band and tour internationally for 8 years. I’ve just published a book about my adventures called Tour Tales 2001-2008, available as an e-book and a large format paperback with lots of colour photos and memorabilia. You can dip into the book for free at the link below. Enjoy!”

Tony Qunta… I am reading Pete’s excellent book on Kindle at the moment. Very enjoyable!


Damaris – National band competition Brighton 1970’s

Supplied by Nick Webb

Phil Gill… That would be before July 1976, when Iain Cobby sold me the Fender Precision Bass he’s playing .  I would guess it’s 1975, or pre-July 1976 at the latest. I still have that bass, I used it on all the Stallion recordings, some tunes on Hutch Hutchins’ album and the Jo-Jo Laine single, “When the Boy’s Happy”.

Dave Nattress… Brilliant, Iain on the Precision as you say Phil, Tony Barraclough on Gibson SG, Mick Kemp – drums, Paul Durrant on keyboards and Paul’s girlfriend Ruth on vocals. Yes, Iain bought a Rickenbcker 4001? Soon after, Paul got a mini- mood – may have had it in this shot. I then joined on vocals and we had another shot the year Stallion smashed it and won and very deservedly.  Nice one Nick, I remember you very well from 40+ years ago. Frightening!!

Dave Nattress…OK so are these shots actually from the Brighton Band competition which I didn’t go to and the MM National band competition which Stallion won in 1976. Damaris appeared in 1975 I think then I was with them in 1976. The backdrops are different, and Paul’s keyboard stands are different- also some of the clothes. I remember the glass wall/glazing behind the stage at Sussex Uni. Great for acoustics! If you were rich back then it meant u could afford 2 pairs of Lionel’s. Huckells for pukka gear or Loon Pants from Ken. market or ads in music papers.

Alan Esdaile… Can you help Iain?

Iain Cobby… Oh, what memories, thanks Nick. The lower shots were of the Brighton heat that Stallion eventually won in that long hot summer. We all piled into Richard Ive’s dads american estate and drove up to support them at the Roundhouse final. I remember going to work the next day and sleeping it off in Alexander Park. Glad your looking after the old P Bass Phil, sold because I had to pay back my dad the £300 I borrowed to buy the Ric 4001 (sadly sold too) I also used at that gig. The other 2 shots of Tony Barraclough and Paul Durrant were taken later, I think as Paul had that white stand built for his Elka Rhapsody and Korg synth so it looked like a Mellotron 400 . That would be when Dave replaced Ruth on lead vox. however I could be wrong……. thanks for that Nick, lost all my photos 20 years ago and sorry I didn’t make the SMART meeting.

Dave Nattress… Iain, we must meet up at SMART – anyway I must get there.  That would help.  So often I’ve wanted/intended to get there but failed – work and other stuff. I have some photos of Damaris on one pier gig – the one supporting Supercharge  I think, and must show you them and get them copied.  I may have the negs. How I got them I don’t know. There’s also a few of the MM Rock Contest at Sussex Uni. – which I think was the one the year after the one you did with Ruth. I’m thinking Rich or Nick took the snaps on the pier