Aquarius International Club – 60’s & 70s rock White Rock Hotel Hastings Sat 23rd Nov 2019

The launch of a new club night for Hastings… Downstairs at The White Rock Hotel
Guest DJ’s (to be announced) spinning classic / heavy / psychedelic tunes from the 60’s and 70’s
Liquid light show – Dancing all night – Free entry!

Mike Guy… If Budgie are on the menu you’d better pop in some Man too

Jan Warren… Yeah ………. MAN!! 2ozs of plastic with a hole in the middle!

Ginger Baker R.I.P.

photo: Zoran Veselinovic. 1980

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Kev Carleonis… The best must sadly die

Mike Cope… RIP at The Great Gig in the Sky with all the other Greats. What a Session that must be…?!

Alan Parker… R.I.P. Ginger Baker.

Tony Court-holmes… worked on the pier the night he played hastings with the army. r.i.p.

Jan Warren… Oh nooooo, probably The best drummer ever!! R.I.P Ginger

Eric Cawthraw… I’ve just heard that Ginger Baker has just joined the Rhythm section in the sky. That’s Ginger and Jack gone – just Eric left!  Spooky, it was only earlier that I was paying some Cream in the car to my lad and I mentioned that Mr. B was getting on a bit.

Alan Esdaile… I remember we promoted Baker Gurvitz Army at Chatham Town Hall but he wasn’t happy. I think it was down to the stage size or may have been the support bands equipment. However was a fantastic gig. R.I.P. Ginger Baker.

John Warner… Last saw him many years ago at the Cellar club, Kingston with Cream. Great group, great drummer!

Mick O’Dowd… Worked onstage with him at Martin-Casson Pier gig. Support band had to play half way up Pier even though The Army were only a 3 piece. Stood throughout set about 6 feet from him and that was an eye-opener! He made drums talk with hardly any effort. RIP Ginger.

Mike Waghorne… RIP

Deborah Mould… It’s sad that the drummers don’t get the recognition they deserve!

Danny Goyvaerts… Sad! Best drummer ever!

Peter Houghton… I saw the Baker Gurvitz Army and I think there were 4 Ginger the two Gurvitz Brothers and one other have to check my album cover I think the other guys name was Snips?

Neil Partrick… He was wonderful. If anyone’s not seen Meet Mr Baker, it’s strongly recommended. Not always pretty but entertaining.

Doug Prentice… Saw him with Cream on the revolving stage at Glasgow Locarno Ballroom and later leading Airforce at Glasgow Apollo – Magnificent.

The Age Of Atlantic compilation 1970


The Age Of Atlantic. This one got a lot of plays.
Side One
“Comin’ Home” (Bramlett/Clapton) – Delaney & Bonnie (with Eric Clapton)
“Tonight” (MC5) – MC5
“Black Hearted Woman” (Allman) – Allman Brothers Band
“Survival” (Anderson) – Yes
“I’m a Good Woman” (Ozen) – Cold Blood
“Whole Lotta Love” (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) – Led Zeppelin
Side Two
“Termination” (Brann/Dorman) – Iron Butterfly
“The Last Time” (Jagger/Richards) – Dada
“Communication Breakdown” (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) – Led Zeppelin
“Wash Mama Wash” (Rebennack) – Dr John
“Need Love” (Stein/Bogert/Martell/Appice) – Vanilla Fudge
“Broken Arrow” (Young) – Buffalo Springfield

John Storer… This was the first sampler album I ever bought and I absolutely loved it. Only bought it because it retailed at 99p but became an album I played for many years afterwards. I’d heard of some of the bands on it but Zep were the only band I’d actually ever heard before. The intro to “Comin’ Home” is one of the ringtones on my iPhone and “Broken Arrow” started me on an enduring love of Buffalo Springfield – one of the few bands from the last century I still listen to regularly. Dada’s cover of “the Last Time” is one of my favourite covers – prefer it to the original. Now have the compilation on CD and it still gets the occasional play 44 years on. Dada also featured Elkie Brooks

Sarah Harvey… Got this album….and loved this track Tonight MC5.

Terry Huggins… I  had this, but gave it to one of my kids. Cold Blood never really made it in the UK, but are still playing and quiet well known over the pond. I think Lydia Pense is the only original member. They don’t tour overseas very often because of the cost of keeping such a large band on the road. Da Da evolved into Vinegar Joe and featured Elkie Brooks and Buffalo Springfield featured Neil Young and Steve Stills. Vanilla Fudge reformed and still play occasionally.

Mick O’Dowd… Delaney & Bonnie track was my fave from this album

Andy Qunta.… Delaney & Bonnie always loved this track since I first heard it played over the speakers at lunchtime at good old Hastings College of F.E.! Heard a lot of good music in that situation actually!

Mark Sims…..I remember this album.

Martyn Baker… One of my first albums. Loved it!

Mark Gilham… Bought it for the MC5 track alone. Long gone afraid!

Terry Huggins….  Not sure what Dr, John’s doing now, but he’s no spring onion.

Jon McCallion… Yes still got it, and it still plays perfectly

Patrick Lewis… Still have it. Great album, best tracks: Survival by Yes and Broken Arrow by Buffalo Springfield.

Tony Court-holmes… can you get it on cd?



SMART 27 coffee meet report

img501 dj bag img502

record colelctor img137  13010728_860810654064393_5924251213958100550_n

Horrible drizzly day but the sun was shining inside The White Rock Hotel. Among the newbies this time were Cris and Merv Kennard and Darren Johnson. Cris had a great photo of The Krusaders from 1963 featuring Roger & David Barnett and David & Tony Booth. Merv had photos of when he was a very popular dj, running the FM Disco and also the Pirate Disco in the mid 70’s. Darren had some interesting stories to tell about the bands he has seen and shared through his popular blog. Barry French brought along a rare Focus programme from 1976, No Limit and Grundy cassettes and Lost 4 Words cd. Pete Prescott impressed everyone by arriving clutching a Disc Jockey album record shop bag, full of local related band vinyl albums & singles. Including Tich Turner’s Escalator, Jo Jo Laine & The Firm, Ray Fenwicks White Lightning, Sergeant, Forcefield, Teenbeats, Johnny Mars plus loads more and Mick O’Dowd had with him his updated pier cuttings and photos folders. Chat was about Archie’s film, the opening of the pier, BBC’s peoples history of pop, Essence, Scalliwags reunion, Curved Air, The Sundowners. Hastings Rock radio, Butch, Madness and the success of Beatles Day. Also great to see a number of people buying tickets for The Factory gig and the very first copies of the Factory cd. This is just a small bit of what I remember, anything interesting I missed or you were chatting about please feel free to add.

Jim Breeds… Sorry we didn’t make it. Driving home through the forecasted thunderstorms put us off. Fairweather SMARTers!

Cliff Wootton… Just been enjoying the new Factory CD on repeat play in the office while I work. So glad I got this at the SMART meet the other day. The more you listen the more it grows on you.

Geoff Peckham… That’s kind of you to say that, Cliff. Really chuffed that you like it!

Tony Davis… Love the new Factory CD. Looking forward to hearing the guys live on the 29th and playing something on my Hastings Rock show on 30th. Great sounds guys.

Andy Qunta… Thanks for your kind words, Tony!

Lucy Pappas… Can’t wait to get my copy x

SMART Coffee Meet 17 – 23rd January 2015

The next SMART coffee meet is Friday 23rd January 2015 – 3.30pm  White Rock Hotel.

Please bring any photos, cuttings, records etc that would be interesting for others to see and please mention it to other like minded people.

You are most welcome to join us.

Yvonne Cleland… Hiya Al. Scarily busy in January but I do hope to make this one. Have a great holiday and 2015, my dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Would love to get there – and there’s a Titus gig at the Dolphin afterwards! Too much pleasure 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… I’ll Be There. I think we know a song about this don’t we children? I’ll have my hair done especially.

Andre Martin… Gerry & The Pacemakers I’ll Be There. What Hair !!!! oh your going to get the wig out from store, is that the one that we lent to Shirley for the publicity photos ????

Alan Esdaile… or could be Michael Jackson I’ll Be There!

Archie Lauchlan… Hi Alan et al, I’m hoping to do a quick bit of filming at this week’s SMART meet for my pier documentary (below). Is that ok with everyone?

Alan Esdaile… Hi Archie , I can’t see any problems but please check with everyone on the day to make sure they are happy. I look forward to seeing you.


Rock Music for Hastings 1066 Country & Beyond – Monday 10th February 2014 at 7.00pm

SARAH HARVEY         safe_image.php
MONDAY Feb 10th at 7pm (Repeated Wednesday Afternoon 12th at 1pm and next Saturday Afternoon 15th at 2pm) ***** Join me for the 3rd Hastings Pier Show. Three hours of those bands and artistes that you saw on Hastings Pier all those years ago. In the 3rd Show, amongst others East Of Eden, Horslips, Die Laughing, Skin Alley, Chilli Willi Adnd The Red Hot Peppers, Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, Stallion, Deke Leonard, Fusion Orchestra.SUNDAY February 9th at 7pm (Repeated Friday Evening 14th at 7pm and next Saturday Evening 15th at 6pm) **** Join me for four hours of obscure and possibly not so obscure progressive and phsychadelic music from the 70s … Matching Mole, Cactus, Mushroom, Rumplestilskin, Warhorse, Killing Floor, Fuzzy Duck, Strider, Krokus, Yezda Urfa, amongst many others.You may or may not have to register to listen but it is completely free and it prevents spammers and helps me gauge listening trends…. so thank you in advance.This is a 1066 community based internet radio station that is completely free for you to listen and taken part in and share your own music and the music that you love.                                  
Sarah Harvey