What’s your favourite Rod Stewart song?

Jim Breeds… Happy 71st Birthday (Jan 10th) Rod Stewart.

Alan Esdaile… Good track Jim Robert Breeds but I might have chosen Python Lee Jackson In A Broken Dream or I’m Drinking Again with Jeff Beck.

Julie Morris… Same as you Alan – In a Broken Dream – but torn between Reason to Believe!

Alan Esdaile… Love lots of his early material Julie Morris. Also Flying by The Faces is another great track.

Julie Morris… I think his early stuff is hard to beat Alan – his voice was something else. Have to admit I’ve not heard of Flying. I had a quick listen but not familiar – sounds good though.

Alan Thynne… What made Milwaukee famous??

Dave Nattress… For me it has to be Maggie May – I recall so well the footage of TOTP when John Peel fake-played Mandolin and the football came out – so inspirational such that I went out after that so energised. The album though is Never a Dull Moment and You Wear it Well as a very close second to Maggie. Great songs and a great time. I remember the girl I bought the album for so well – long, long since gone, a love-affair for a few weeks. Bought the album on vinyl again years after and CD.

Alan Pepper… When I hear you wear it well I am back in the Pumphouse circa 1972 !
Ooh LA LA , reason to believe and stay with me are my favorites of rod the MOD !!

Tony Davis… Probably anything off Every Picture or Never A Dull Moment for his solo stuff. But an album I could never do without is The Faces A Nods As Good As A Wink.

Len Smith… Italian Girls was one of my favourite lines. Long lean and tarty and she drives a Maseratt. Classic songwriting.

Barry Newton… For me it has to be Maggie May for fond memories of a girl called Maggie.

The Confederates – supporting Rod Stewart in 1965


supplied by….Jinks The Group website.  http://pet842.wix.com/jinks-the-group

Peter (Ginger) Millington (Bass and BV) Johnny Conroy (Lead Vocals) Tony Goodman (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals) Trevor Spears, (Lead Guitar and BV) Dave Johnson (Drums) — Picture taken at Southampton University – when they played with Rod Stewart and the Soul Agents.