Ricky Norman Sound – 1970’s.



supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on.

Ricky Long… First picture 1976 at Moor Hall Hotel. L–R Norman Bennett, Ricky Long, Roland Dann, Marcy Scott. Second picture I think early 70’s Winter Gardens. Same 3 guys with Jillian Wheeler.


Queens Hotel Hastings 17th May 1974.

Janine Anne Scott… Omg, I worked with Ricky too.

Andy Knight… By coincidence I am trying to track down Chris Dann, Roland Dann’s son who played bass with me around 1968/69, we did a gig in Battle Road, St Leonards I recall for the Youth Choir, with a guitarist whose name I can’t remember (Gary rings a bell though), if anyone knows the whereabouts of Chris or Gary that would be good. Tx

Christopher Dann… Hi Andy,  just saw this post so apologies for the late reply.  I do remember the gig in Battle road for the youth choir. The guitarist’s name was Gary Trent and he played a Gibson. He was in my class at the Grove.  I seem to remember that we only knew a couple of songs  !!

The Ricky Norman Sound – Manor Barn Tonbridge 1974

supplied by Ricky Long

Ricky Long… The Ricky Norman Sound at Manor Barn Tonbridge 1974 playing for Tonbridge Lions at a Castaways Dance with Roland Dann drums, Norman Bennett keyboard, Jillian Wheeler vocals and Ricky Douglas on Bass

Alan Esdaile… Roland looks a bit over dressed.

Ricky Long… But the punters made up for that

Janine Ann Scott… I remember those strides

Christopher Dann… I remember the Ricky Norman Sound because my dad, Roland, was the Drummer. I did a couple of gigs with them on bass when Ricky Douglas was otherwise engaged. Good band. I remember Norman Bennett played a Hammond organ which was quite a big deal back then.

Alison Sargent… He forgot his trousers