Polydor Records letter to Bryan Ferry

source: Neil Mellor https://www.facebook.com/neil.mellor.77

Neil Mellor… Well Polydor fucked that one up….

Derek Clemans… WOW. I must save this for my archive. Thank you.

Graham Bradley… Fucking Brilliant, I hope Hugh Smith is still rocking to James Last.

Chris Cozens… If this is an April Fool it’s brilliant, even down to the BMus!

Roland Clarke… it’s got to be a spoof, though a funny one. In my limited experience, if they don’t like something they don’t often bother replying outside of a standard rejection.

Andy Hemsley… We include a cassette of James Last’s latest album’ – hilarious!

Colin Bell… This made me laugh so much, its so indictive of Polydor then. I was in there very often in this period. There main source of income was (in the UK) Slade & The New Seekers (and soon after The Who) but being a German Company they never quite understood us Brits, shades of Fawlty Towers! Chris Blackwell at Island must have pissed himself if he read this

Rick Startin… To be fair, the first album is very odd indeed.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… So funny! Got to be a spoof!

Mike Guy… & the wonderful Walter Carlos has been the wonderful Wendy Carlos for decades.

Martyn Baker… Pah! Even my band managed to get a £250,000 deal from Polydor…… I think Roxy Music were ultimately more successful though!

Darren Rose… Quelle surprise.

Tony Davis… Still At least they got a James Last tape. We would all kill for that

Jason Stainer… Nice, free James Last tape. What more could anyone want?

Janice Irving… April Fool!

Elaine Roberts… That is priceless!

Neil McGuigan… Must be fake. A free James last album?

Colin Gibb Black Lace… Definitely fake, when we where signed to EMI in 1979 I asked how many sent in demo tapes are actually listened to? The answer was: ‘None, they are too many and record companies just don’t have the time, to get a listen you need an appointment and you may get 5 minutes’

Pete Fisher… Just to inform the doubters, the guy whose post I saw it in, Andrew Kilderry, is an old friend of Ed Bicknell, who used to manage Bryan. Andrew sent it to Ed, who passed it on to Bryan, who in turn confirmed that it’s genuine, and would like to get hold of the original. The letter belongs to Roxy Music’s first agent, but was posted on Twitter by the drummer from Talking Heads, who has an Eno connect. Cheers, Pete

Alan Pepper… I think you can safely say they were ahead of their time. That letter is hilarious

David Nattress… Fabulous – I so hope it’s true, but if it’s a spoof it’s great. But how could you contemplate sending a James Last tape to Bryan and the Roxy guys to listen to, to maybe inspire a different songwriting technique to bring wider appeal? Class!! I so remember the first time I heard the first Roxy album. Like “what is this”. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. Let’s just say it was a very interesting trip. Heard “An Electric Storm” by The White Noise in the same session.

Iain Cobby… Hey , just covered 2 HB from the 1st Album , with Zem Audu (plays with Springsteen) on Sax. Watch this space., still under construction.

John O’Brien… This is 100% a spoof, I know the guy who wrote it. I have worked on the potential of a For Your Pleasure Deluxe Edition and the reference of it on there could not be further form the truth at this point in time.

Martin Richter… but – what happened to the cassette of James Last …?

Elaine Roberts… Had to share this – it’s just priceless!

Chris Hoskins… But to be fair, “Polka-Party” is a classic.