Plastix – 1977






cuttings supplied by The Teenbeats facebook page. Roxy review supplied by Chris van Rock

Huggy Leaver vocals, Mark Wilmshurst Bass, Nick Sayer Guitar, Mark Storr Hogins Drums

Pete Fairless….Some of that ‘Hastings Attitude’ I heard mentioned on the radio, yesterday?

Chris van Rock… My 1978 NME review of the ‘farewell to the Roxy’ LP signed by Bob Kyley ..lead singer of the best track ‘Vertigo’ by his band ‘Open Sore ‘ …. the best punk band at the time from Slough playing with the likes of the Adverts , UK Subs at the Roxy . The album was the last recording before the club was shut. The Roxy club is now a shop in convent garden , and Bob still a massive star in Slough fronting Electric Country band ‘The Company’ . He is and always will be a beautiful shining star

Alan Esdaile… Farewell to The Roxy LP with Huggy’s band The Plastix on. It sold a few copies locally.

Pete Fairless… Still got mine.

Chris van Rock… Great cuttings of The Plastix.

Pete Prescott… I saw this band on the pier supporting Head On. I thought they were brilliant ! Huggy was the dogs bollocks !

Michael Cook… The Plastics, as they were originally called, was never Huggy’s band at all, he joined after the band had been going for over a year when the lead singer left. It was Nick Sayer, Mark Storr-Hoggins and Michael Cook who first formed The Plastics in late 1976, the name was later changed to Plastix.