Rumples Queens Road Hastings photo

Supplied by Kat Annells

Peter Fairless… Burgers and chips in a polystyrene box, very radical!

Martin Richter… Peter, it was at the time!

Graham Sherrington… was that a toy shop?? or was the toy shop between Rumples and the town Crier? the shop with the awning.

Lloyd Johnson… Hepworth’s on the far left….The PamDor Coffee Bar above Hepworth’s…

Bernard Morphew… What is the building on the right of the photo?

Ralph Town… Wasn’t that Arbers,in another space/time co ordinate

Alan Esdaile… Ralph, Yes I’m pretty sure that was Arbers and think it was a cigar shop next to the Town Crier pub, Bernard.

Chris Meachen… the tobacconist shop used to sell loose tobacco:- there were several different varieties & you could mix them together to create your own blend.

Peter Ellingworth… Note the lamppost, former tram/trolleybus wire traction pole, by the Town Hall. I remember when there was a blitz on removing them, I believe because of an EEC ruling that lamp standards had to be vehicle crash absorbent ( which these old posts most certainly were not), during one of my visits to Hastings watching the guys – with much f-ing and blinding- after trying to oxy flame-cut it down in sections without avail, as it was infilled with concrete with old tram rail inside to strengthen it then jacking it out from the ground in most of its entirety. It was reinforced originally to take the 500 odd volt dc power feeder cables situated at intervals in the system.

Rumples – Queens Road Hastings 1981

Dave Nattress… Funny I don’t really remember Rumples – living in Bexhill albeit I was still a very frequent visitor to Hastings for various reasons – band practice and gigs and shopping – well Bexhill didn’t do a lot of any of these things, and weekends usually along George Street in pursuit of the club-life, females and alcohol. But, years before there was a restaurant called “Leadbelly” in Brighton just about opposite the Theatre Royal round from the Dome, which was a American themed hamburger restaurant doing fabulous burgers. First time I ever had coleslaw, Strawberry Cheesecake and Mississipi Mud Pie deserts also. Then another called Rumbleberry (I think) in seaside Road, Eastbourne, same sort of menu but no alcohol license originally. This would be early 1970’s. All these places put a new dimension on burgers and then perhpas started the demise of The Wimpey Bars and then I learned about McD’s and Burger King and Wendy’s. Still eating burgers but the addiction to McD’s is under control – rehab at The Priory has helped!