Ruperts People with Santos Morados – Hastings Pier 14th April 1968


ruperts autographs

poster Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection.  autographs supplied by Colin Bell

Mick O’Dowd….Best known for “Whiter Shade of Pale”-like tune Reflections of Charles Brown. Have their CD which is pretty good to.

Wendy Wells… I remember this gig as an almost 16 year old. Had a crush on Steve from Santos Morados. If I remember rightly we exchanged addresses and wrote a couple of times, but never saw each other again. I’m sure I have the bands autographs somewhere and those of Rupert’s People. Happy Days.

Alan Esdaile… Can’t find much about Santos Morados but they did have a single on Island Records.


Hastings Town Magazine – August 2016

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In this months edition Tony May talks about the sad loss of Alan Gaywood – Mr Merchandise with full tribute due in next months issue. Also Tony’s review of Harvey Summers & Laura Cole recent gig at The Printworks and the latest Letters From Keith number 8.  Keith reveals some  of the background to  Rupert’s Peoples Reflection Of Charles Brown and Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade Of Pale. Lots of other features including 100 years of Hastings Postcards feature on Judges Postcards. Now available from your local newsagent.

John Tout – R.I.P. – tribute by Colin Bell.

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Colin Bell… I’m personally deeply saddened to report the passing of John, wonderful musician, very old friend and a lovely sweet guy. John was the keyboard player in Ruperts People, Hastings Pier stalwarts and as some of my SMART friends will know RP are a band ive had a long association with since 1967. Away from his work with RP John will no doubt be best remembered for his decade with the ‘classic’ line up of Renaissance from 1970 1980. And I guess from that time in particular the song ‘Northern Lights’. Always a shy and modest guy I sometimes wondered if he ever appreciated what a great musician he was. Me, Ray, Rod and Steve will miss him greatly as will many others who were touched by his music and his gentle spirit. R.I.P. old friend.

Andy Qunta… RIP John.

SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell… reviews David Courtney, Kevin Johnson & Ruperts People.

Hi to one and all. As SMART goes from strength to strength and thread to thread, Alan and I had a natter and decided to have a Record Review feature.As previously posted first there was ‘Top Sounds’ which I passed to Alan after a couple years. After a break of a year or so and a change of location, ‘On The Record’ was born and ran for 35 years in about 28 newspapers. So having hummed and haaad we’ll call this one ‘SMART SOUNDS’ cos its apt and im out of inspiration!…

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Midsummer Madness/Shooting Star (2 albums on 1 Cd) DAVID COURTNEY 

Of interest straightaway, David was responsible for local resident Roger Daltrey’s first foray as a solo artist,writing or co-writing the album ‘Daltrey’ which included what I personally consider one of Roger’s best vocals on ‘Giving It All Away’. David also discovered Leo Sayer for whom he wrote ‘The Show Must Go On’ and ‘One Man Band’. Good credentials…his own work, if it had to have a label on it, it would fall into the ‘prog rock’ box,but thankfully not the overblown 20 minute solo’s variety. Its thoughtful stuff and on the excellent ‘The Easy Way Out’ penultimate track very poignant. The second of the two albums on the CD is a concept piece displaying his interest in Ufology, so less prog rock..more space rock, and maybe the odd echo of Elo. The big surprise is the title track ‘Shooting Star’, amazingly the very song the er..Dollar hit the top twenty with, Yup, David wrote it, but trust me his original version is a long way from the twee twosome. The intro alone will give your ears and your speakers a work out. Overall a interesting listen and the first time released on CD.

Rock and Roll I Gave You Songs KEVIN JOHNSON

And now as far from local as we can get.. Im sure we are all familiar with Rock And Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life’, never was a song so meaningful to many a musician! Originally released in Kevin’s native Australia in 1973 it was edited (by Johnathan King) and released on his UK Record label in 1974 making the top thirty. In fact the edit version is available for the first time on this CD along with the longer album version. Sandwiched between these two cuts are sixteen tracks that demonstrate that KJ was/is no one trick pony and had the potential for more hits. He writes of childhood, money, love, mundanity and life in general with a wistful touch, its overall a gentle listen, one to chill out to.

45 Years And Beyond RUPERTS PEOPLE

And back to Britain and Hastings Pier 1960’s regulars. I have to hold my hands up here and try and be impartial with this one! Having been responsible for compiling the first RP Collection already posted on SMART with liner notes by yours truly..However what you do get extra with this updated release in addition to Reflections, I Can Show You etc is hard to find bonus tracks by Matchbox, Swampfox and Rod Lynton. Oh ok and better mastering….grrrrr

In keeping with the ethos of SMART albums reviewed will be generally of the 60’s/70’s although new releases. All the above CD’s are released on the Angel Air Record Label.

For more information go to colin head

Bye for now….. Colin

Mick O’Dowd… Nice debut review Colin!

Jane Hartley… You need a column in the Observer Colin!

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supplied by Colin Bell

Colin Bell… Nice photo of David Courtney, Roger and Jimmy Page at Reunion!

The Magic World of Ruperts People Album & rare video ‘I Can Show You’.

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supplied by Colin Bell

A great write up from Colin, that should interest people from Hastings.

Andy Qunta…. Thanks for the great write-up, Colin, and thanks for posting, Alan

Mick Mepham… Reflections sounds just like Procul Harum ……

Mick O’Dowd… Ditto Mick. That was my fave and I always said it was a poor mans Whiter Shade..