Forerunner to Ritz – 1976/1978? in Rye. Anyone remember the name of the band?

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supplied by Martin Stringer

Martin Stringer, Andy Caine, Lurgi, Andy Knight and Paul Gambo.

Mitch Mitchell…Remember seeing Ritz at Ore Community Centre…and a song that. Stuck in my mind was all about My Car Won’t Go.

Andy Caine… Wow!! Did we play anywhere? Have a name?

Martin Richter… blimey – what ever happened to Gambo?

Terry Pack… Lurg = Rob Edworthy

Roy Penfold… I remember being dragged into a Cunning Stunts open mic gig with him at the Crypt many years ago. Haven’t seen or heard of him since!

Will Cornell… Judging by the bottom photo, I’d say the name of this band was….wait a minute are we in mixed company?

Andy Knight… 1978 I think, post Steppin Out, remember rehearsing in The Box.

The Konrads with David Bowie Swinging Sixties – Daily Mail write up


supplied by Mick O’Dowd. article source © Daily Mail

Mick O’Dowd… Anyone know these guys locally?

Essence – Thomas Peacock School Rye and The Pier.


photo supplied by  Chris Meachen. Essence at Rye Thomas Peacock School – Mick Mepham, Keith’Dusty’ Miller, Chris Catt, Chris Meachen and Mick Booker.


photo Chris Meachen Essence on the Pier


                                                                          Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

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photos  supplied by  Chris Meachen 

Mick Mepham fashion icon  and Chris showing some leg.