Safeways Queens Road Hastings – 1980’s

I still think of it as Safeways and not Morrisons. When I said the other day I was going to Safeways, someone said never heard of it!

Caz Simpson… Safeway’s wasn’t that long ago, was it?

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Caz, anyone confirm when it opened and closed?

Caz Simpson… I just googled it, Morrison’s bought them out in 2003

Pauline Richards…  I volunteer at st.michaels hospice shop on queens rd and customers still are donating ‘safeways’ carrier bags. So they are still around

Wendy Weaver… Safeway and Bejam had a little scam going – they employed the same young people for roughly half time each which meant that they didn’t have to pay Employers NIC as the earnings were too low. Clever? Not really as on the other hand those young people wont have credits for their future pensions for those years.

Tony Davis… They still have Safeway in the USA bit different to how they were here. They build you a sandwich rather than have packaged ones

Gina Sheridan… Everything you want from a store & a little bit more!