Hastings 60’s & 70’s video supplied by Sarah Harvey.

We don’t usually feature anything outside of music but I’m sure these will interest a lot of people looking at this site. Also check out her other videos on the you tube channel. Well done Sarah.

Pete Fairless….There’s some great stuff, there, Sarah. Thanks!

Matt Thomas…..I think im in the park on the 70’s one doing the Hokey Cokey lol

Mick O’Dowd….Great stuff Sarah. You aint got any pics or footage of “Jim the Jolly Fish” that used to ply between Bottle Alley & The Sun Lounge in the 50’s early 60’s have you? Me and Andre are trying to find proof of it’s existence!

Peter Millington…..Thanks Sarah, Took a quick look at some and they made me realise just how much Hastings has lost through lack of maintenance and declining tourism.

Bob Hardy… would be grateful to see if there are any photos of jimmy the jolly fish

Pauline Sims… Such happy memories – thanks for posting this Alan

Tony Davis… Nice find Sarah, brought back some great memories. Does anyone remember the Guinness Clock that use to stand on the seafront near the pier. It was one of those mechanical ones that featured a toucan and other figures that moved on the hour. Anyone got a picture of it?

Sarah Harvey… Yes I do Tony… I used to go down on the beach and made a point of going to watch it every hour I was down there. It was cutting edge technology in those days. It was always positioned on the promenade adjacent to where the junction is to Robertson Street.

Alan Esdaile… Remember seeing it Sarah Harvey and it was at the promenade opposite to the junction of Robertson Street. Also I think I remember it at one stage to the left of the pier by the statue?

Sarah Harvey… Yes, I remember it there as well. I was totally fascinated with it. Hadn’t a clue it was really advertising booze….. just never featured in my thoughts…… but probably wouldn’t be allowed today for that very reason. That’s somehow so sad how we have become such a nanny-state. I seem to recall there were different versions of the clock.

Mick O’Dowd… The said clock in Hastings.


supplied by Mick O’Dowd. Source unknown.


Hastings Rock Music Fest 2015 – bands wanted.

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Sarah Harvey…. I am looking for some willing bands / artists to take part in this year’s Hastings Rock Music Fest 2015, in aid of Hastings Rock. Provisional date is Sunday May 24th at The Marina Fountain, Hastings…. this is during the broadcast so will have an added impetus. Any current bands / artists or reunion bands (hint hint) out there willing to help out and do an hour set (or less if you don’t have a lot of material).! Doesn’t have to be rock, however I draw the line at symphony orchestras :-). There must be a reunion band out there wanting a bit of airing for a good local musical cause.

Anyone interested let me know and I will pass on your details to Sarah

Slearys Horsemanship – 1973, Teisco Guitars and Colin Jarvis memories


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This is a very rare photo indeed I have just found in the loft. And both John Storer and Lucy Pappas will particularly know these two. This was a picture taken around 1973 of two thirds of Slearys Horsemanship (who have been mentioned on here some time ago) …. Dave Shirley (Guitar) on the left and the late Colin Jarvis (Drums) on the right. The missing member (taking the photo) was Kevin Potter who played bass.  This is a band that was formed at school by three musical beginners who never played a gig, but practised quite a bit normally to the annoyance of Dave’s neighbours.
The guitar in the picture was purchased for £15 from Kevin Wood, who will be familiar to many including the members of Factory.  Colin died in unfortunate circumstances some years ago and Kevin Potter went to work in Cumbria and as far as I know is still there.  What did come out of Slearys Horsemanship was some early renditions of some Samisen compositions such as ‘Commercial Cash-In’.  Thankfully Dave’s hair has got a little more style to it nowadays and the outfits are a little better too……well I think so anyway! 😉

Wendy Weaver… I  used to work at the same office as Colin. As for the other fellow 🙂

Lucy Pappas… Aw, Sarah , I’ve never seen this pic! Wonderful xx What happened to Kevin Wood? Is he still around?

Phil Gill… Brilliant! That guitar’s a Teisco ET200. I’ve had one since the 70s, but can’t remember where I acquired it. Someone had sprayed or painted it black. Did Dave ever paint his red one black? Is it the very same guitar? http://drowninginguitars.com/2014/01/25/humble-pie-1963-st-george-mj2-teisco-guitar/

Alan Esdaile… Great photo Sarah but how did you come up with that name for the band?

Sarah Harvey… Slearys Hosemanship was Chapter 6 in the book ‘Hard Times’ by Charles Dickens. We were studying it for O Level and thought it would make a good name for a band. Phil  …. never sprayed the guitar black but the pick-ups were changed. I think Roger Carey came across some good pick-ups and it made such a difference to the sound. I am so glad you identified the guitar….. I just couldn’t remember the make and model…. it had an amazing action on it and loved playing it.

Phil Gill… Nice guitar story Sarah. My Teisco is now natural wood. I had at it with an electric sander sometime around 1980….

Sarah Harvey… Love to have a play on that one day Phil…. it will bring back a few memories. Strangely enough this photo was enough to spark my memory of the ‘Commercial Cash-In’ riff…. just can’t remember the rest of the song. I feel a 2015 remake coming on! 🙂

Peter Gladwish… I’m sure I had one of these guitars, or extremely similar, in the 60’s (see pic). Sadly, I can’t remember the name, or model but I’m sure it had ‘Made in Russia’ on the back of the headstock, which doesn’t tie in with a Japanese manufacturer. The scratchplate was brushed aluminium with stripes milled in to the surface, which I know some Teisco guitars had. Does this ring any bells with anyone …… please?


Andy Qunta… Re: Kevin Wood, he was our next-door neighbour, and he used to come over to watch Factory rehearse. Later he became our roadie for a while. As an excellent guitarist himself, he played in bands too. Later he went to work on oil rigs in Aberdeen. After that he was in India for a while I believe, and doing well for himself. Haven’t heard about him for quite some time though.

Phil Gill… Definitely a Teisco Peter Gladwish. Mine has a brushed aluminium plate too. Maybe there was some kind of Russia/Japan detente thing going on in the 60s. Or the Ruskie’s copied it. Which would be kind of ironic, considering Japan’s approach to guitars…

Sarah Harvey….  Indeed Peter, it does look very similar. I wonder how you found it when you played it. Re: Kevin Wood, he used to live in that road adjacent to The Robert De Mortain……. other than you guys in Factory, Phil and Kevin were two of my main inspirations to play in my youth….both wonderful guitarists then and I know Phil is pretty damn good now. Always remember Kevin Wood giving me and Roger Carey a lift late one night and driving along the Ridge at 90mph in his dad’s jag…. scared the living **** out of me and Roger!

Andy Qunta… Yes, Sarah, Kevin lived by the RDM, we were in St Helens Wood Rd. Kevin’s driving! Well, he always was a bit of a lad!

Lucy Pappas… Haha! I remember him being a great guitarist but mostly, I remember he had beautiful hair.  I loved Colin. He was a great friend from being very young. I still miss him x

Sarah Harvey… He was also one of those guitarists that pulled the most amazing faces when he played lead licks. Priceless!

Eric Cawthraw… It’s good to see a picture of Colin – I remember a party in Parkstone Road that Colin, John Storer, me and a few others went to. Total mayhem ensued – happy days. This pickie ought to be on the rogues gallery. Oh yes, I’m still in touch with Kev Potter – still a good mate.

Andy Qunta… Oh yes, the faces!

Peter Gladwish…. Thanks Phil Gill. You’re thoughts are the same as mine. Strange though. As I recall, Sarah Harvey, the guitar was fairly heavy and not very well-balanced. Also, the neck was rather thick for my small hands but it proved good practice for playing 12-strings later on! We all tend to look back with affection at these things but I really wouldn’t want another. Guitar technology has moved on apace!

Chris Meachen…  Dear old Colin Jarvis;- I’ve missed him for many years..

Colin Fox… Thanks for that Phil. I’ve never heard of a Teisco. I was about to say it looked like a Hofner Colorama.

Phil Gill… Colin Jarvis was a great mate at school. He was great fun to be with, both at school and socially, with a fabulously surreal sense of humour. Class clown, as Chris M will remember. He could crack me up laughing with just a word or a glance. A sad loss. Shine on Colin, wherever you are mate.

Tony Davis… Colin was often round our house , to see my brother John .Always had a smile and as you said Phil , a sad loss!



2/3rds of Hat Trick 2014


Roger Carey & Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…  I can honestly say that 34 years on we haven’t changed a bit ! 🙂

Andy Qunta… Looking good!

Tony Qunta… Nice pic!

Dave Nattress… Sarah my old friend, I must disagree slightly, you look just the same, Roger has filled out just a touch. I’m still looking for the “Rock-a-Nore” tapes!!


Hat Trick – A Brief Story by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey……Thought I would try a different way to illustrate the brief story behind Hat Trick.

Alan Esdaile…..Excellent Sarah, this must have taken you ages. I thought we only had a few bits on Hat Trick but when you put it all together its very impressive. Also the musics got a good vibe to it. Pity I did not see this earlier as I have just been chatting to Roger Carey. He’s put the next SMART meet in his diary.

Sarah Harvey……Me and Roger go back some way….he is a dear friend and I have many stories to impart regarding our musical backgrounds. We both loved Be Bop Deluxe and have some recordings of Hat Trick playing Maid In Heavean and Sister Seagull. Have some more recordings of Hat Trick, and providing Roger is ok with it, I will post more. Perhaps one day we can have a Hat Trick reunion!

John Storer….I like to think that, in some miniscule way, I influenced Roger’s bass-playing by giving him my copy of “‘Igginbottom’s Wrench” by ‘Igginbottom … an album he loved and which led to him and Dave jamming along in a style not to far removed from the Hat Trick track featured here. It was no act of charity or kindness … I’d found the album pretty much unlistenable 🙂 A couple of years back I downloaded the album thinking, perhaps, that my advancing years and exposure to many musical genres over that time may lead to a greater appreciation of the band. It didn’t! Does Sarah remember another couple of obscure albums I had that we played quite often … Andromeda’s self-titled debut and “Made In England” by Bulldog Breed?

Sarah Harvey….Yes, I remember John always coming up with some really obscure stuff and I often contemplated where on earth he got them from….but every now and again he came up with a cracker. I vaguely remember Made In England, but Andromeda were a band I really took to, so much so that I now have some tracks from the album in digital format and is in my 70s playlist on Rock@1066. This one was a particular favourite of mine…..

John Storer….Sarah, Have to share with you the tragic story of that Andromeda album. Was returning home from a party somewhat the worse for wear, clutching a few albums under my arm. Hadn’t put the disc in the cover properly and it rolled out and slid some distance down Montgomery Road. Rendered Side 2 unplayable and I binned it. Jump forward to around 2000. Browsing in a book shop on holiday and found a book on record collecting. Middle section contained a list of the 10 rarest and most valuable vinyl albums. “Andromeda” was about No.7 on the list! I bought the album (like most of my obscure stuff) in one of the many second hand shops in the Old Town and did so purely on the strength that I knew John Du Cann had gone on to form Atomic Rooster. Think I paid 18p for it. Now have the album in digital format, along with an album’s worth of previously unreleased stuff. Actually listened to it only a couple of months back. One of my business partners has a 16 year old son who is a truly exceptional guitarist (Jonny Sands – remember that name). We have the same taste in modern bands that borrow heavily from the late 60s / early 70s sound (Mystic Braves / X-Ray Harpoons / Temples / Wooden Shjips / Black Angels etc) and I’ve been “educating” him into some of the original stuff. I’d burned him a copy of the album to listen to. He really enjoyed it

Pete Fisher….very well put together – great music, which I unfortunately missed, having moved to London in 1974….but I was lucky enough to play with Roger in Mae West and Pueblo during the previous two years….I learnt a lot!

Local band recordings wanted to air

Sarah Harvey….I am looking for recordings of local bands who played in the 1970s although they need to be the actual recordings from the 1970s. This is in connection with a programme I am looking to air on my internet radio station so I am hoping you will allow me to play them on it. As you can imagine, these are really difficult to come by and whilst I have some, I don’t have nearly enough. I don’t mind if they are on tape or digital or even vinyl… I will find a way of using them. And although my memories are mainly from the 70s, I don’t mind dipping into the 60s or 80s.

Samisen – final line up around 1976



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….One of the later line-ups of Samisen (and I think the final line-up). Probably around 1976…The percussionist I still cannot identify, or indeed the vocalist in the earlier photos I posted. Dave Kent is the man on keyboards and also played acoustic guitar. I believe that the bass player at this time was Steve Turner (Not the Steve Turner who wrote the Observer column)… still trying to find more photos of the band.

Ken Dengate…..hat looks very much like my old school friend, Dave Kent. His mum and dad ran ‘Eileens Treasure Trove’ in Kings Road, and much later a shop in Tower Road. A Graham Barrat was also an old schoolfriend (don’t know if it’s the same one). His dad had the pub in St. Georges Road that was where the Jehovas Witnesses place was built. Later on his parents had The Inn At Crowhurst. There were also two Steve Turners in my class, again not sure if it was either of them. Don’t suppose any of that’s any help to you. I did a bit of ‘rehearsing’ with Dave in the basement of the shop in Kings Road in the late 70’s. Cheers

Sarah Harvey….You have got it spot on I believe …. this version of Samisen also rehearsed in the basement of the Treasure Trove in Kings Road…. Graham Barratt also, I knew his dad had a pub although I knew him when he lived in flats in Bohemia Road. Steve Turner lived in Baldslow Road and had an older brother who I have seen about town relatively recently. The drummer is still a mystery.

Read more

Rock Music for Hastings 1066 Country & Beyond – Monday 10th February 2014 at 7.00pm

SARAH HARVEY         safe_image.php
MONDAY Feb 10th at 7pm (Repeated Wednesday Afternoon 12th at 1pm and next Saturday Afternoon 15th at 2pm) ***** Join me for the 3rd Hastings Pier Show. Three hours of those bands and artistes that you saw on Hastings Pier all those years ago. In the 3rd Show, amongst others East Of Eden, Horslips, Die Laughing, Skin Alley, Chilli Willi Adnd The Red Hot Peppers, Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, Stallion, Deke Leonard, Fusion Orchestra.SUNDAY February 9th at 7pm (Repeated Friday Evening 14th at 7pm and next Saturday Evening 15th at 6pm) **** Join me for four hours of obscure and possibly not so obscure progressive and phsychadelic music from the 70s … Matching Mole, Cactus, Mushroom, Rumplestilskin, Warhorse, Killing Floor, Fuzzy Duck, Strider, Krokus, Yezda Urfa, amongst many others.You may or may not have to register to listen but it is completely free and it prevents spammers and helps me gauge listening trends…. so thank you in advance.This is a 1066 community based internet radio station that is completely free for you to listen and taken part in and share your own music and the music that you love.                                  
Sarah Harvey