Saturday’s Discotheque George Street Hastings – tourist info photo


Jim Breeds… Ah yes, the blurry double vision caused by too many vodka & limes!

Andy Hemsley… Jim, So you have experienced that strange phenomenon?

Matt Thomas… Any idea of year?

Alan Esdaile… I would think early 80’s. Probably 83/84???

Matt Thomas… I would have said about then. When I was going up there it was mostly suits

John Gale… I reckon 81. After that, you would have seen a lot more ‘New Romantic ‘ styles up there.. there’s more of a disco look there, might be wrong. It’s funny though ,that photo is like it’s been taken through my slightly drunk eye

Mark Spry… 1984

Coral Pasqua… I worked there in the 70s

Colin Bell… Ahh the memories….

Heidi Hustwayte… Best place ever for a night out dancing in 1981/2. Loved the place. The excitement waiting in the queue that sometimes went back as far as the Deluxe, the the walk up those stairs!

Kim Thompsett… Complete with masonic floor…

Angela Mitchell… Are you sure they’re real people? They look like wax mannequins

Andrew Freeman… Staircase …. that’s all I’m saying!

Michael Linskey… I would say early 80s l remember it also when it was the Aquarius great memories and fun nights out that’s the ones l could remember lol

Gill Smith… I remember the disco dancing competition I took part in and judged by the local dance instructors of the time Ron and Joyce (can’t remember the surname) who ran a dance school above FADS back in the late 70s

John Clee… Gill, Ron and Joyce Clapton, my wife’s relations.

Anna Barnes… It was just like that …

Leigh Mitchell… That’s a weird photo! I worked there when it first opened as Saturdays in 1975, was a great place to go

Jacquie Hinves… What a fantastic place. Early to mid 80’s.

Siobhan Dickson… Saturday night fever vibe

Paul Phillips… 70’s were the best times ther Aqaurius all the top bands Steve Maxted thursday nights best times ever

Mark Hesmer… Worked there in the 90`s. Was good fun

Tony Court-holmes… spent many a good night in there and fallen down the stairs

Helen James… So many memories

Heavy Metal Kids – Hastings Pier 29th Nov 1975 & Saturdays 6 nights a week




cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Dave Nattress… As a lifelong Free fan I read I’m sure that one of their early managers or associates suggested the name “The Heavy Metal Kids” but they rejected it and went for “Free”. However, the name did then then get used eventually!!  Also, am I right did Gary Holton turn up in Al Weidersein?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Dave spot on, he was in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Peter Fairless…  They were a very different band (photo in 1977), mind! Yes, Gary Holton was as much an actor as a singer. He went on to play Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Here is one of my all time favourite video clips, from The Tube, filmed in Newcastle in 1984. …and, yes, that’s Leslie Ash!

Jim Breeds… I remember the excitement of going to Saturday’s the first time. Probably that week of opening. We’d not seen anything like it outside of London. And at last we were not going to have to make any more trips to Sundowners in Eastbourne.  Gary Holton, later to be cast as Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. RIP.

Martin Richter… Keith Hardy – there`s a name I haven`t heard for years!

Clifford Rose… Excellent concert.

Mick Mepham… Certainly was….

Dave Weeks… Frupp! Remember them too. Proper prog.

Raven – Saturdays Discotheque Hastings February 1977

Shaun Pont… Second right, Paul Ray

Len Smith… Believe line-up is ?, Dave Hacker, Paul Ray & Alan Davies.

John Kitcher… Paul Ray I played with many times.

Chris Coleman… Second from left Dave Acker

Mark Little… Paul Ray, Dave acker

Alan Davies… L to r Aus Tony, Dave Hacker, Paul Ray and me

John Stafford… ‘Tony’ is Tony Saxton (Bass)

Dawn… Hi, I remember Saturdays and all the other discos/nightclubs in Hastings and St. Leonards in the early to mid 80’s but just cannot think of the name of the one under the Queens Hotel. Can anyone enlighten me please?

Alan Esdaile… Are you thinking of Bonitas, Dawn?

Judy Atkinson… I remember it as Bonitas till about 1975, then Queen of Clubs

Tony Ball… Tell Paul I hope his broken leg got better, ( six months in a cast!) We had to get another drummer, PR Combo.

Dawn… Hi Alan, I don’t think so, the 70’s was a bit too early for me and I don’t remember it being the Queen of clubs either. – definitely something else in the 80’s

Alan Esdaile… What about Lazybones or Emmas, Dawn?

Nelson King… I played with the great Paul Ray in a few bands.. a great drummer..

Limmie Funk Ltd – Saturdays Discotheque Hastings 25 & 26th January 1977

Mick O’Dowd… Any relation to Limmie & Family Cooking?

Alan Esdaile… Looks like it Mick but they called them Lime instead of Limmie!

Mick O’Dowd… You Can Do Magic. Fave of mine.

Lance Collins… remember it well Mick.

Darren Rose… And ‘He’s A Walking Miracle’. This is my stepfather! Tasha’s father! You’re right, they misspelled his name! This was before my mother met him in ’79.


Centre Page Saturdays Discotheque – Carnival Party 18th August 1976



cuttings supplied by: Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Chris Coleman… I was there, was you ?

Tont Court-holmes… i remember falling down the stairs or was i thrown out for being drunk its all a haze now

Will Hadfield… Best time ever!!!

Alan Pepper… Yes Will got to be the best year for Music Fashion Weather Nightlife etc !!

Jacquie Hinves… What a night with Tony Bird and“Centre Page”! Goodness what nights we had!


Charity Disco Dancing competition – Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings 3rd May 1979

Martin Richter… Goodhew’s days ? the guy on the right looks familiar ?

Jim Breeds… I doubt I was there. I’d started working in London the previous January and stayed in my flat most nights drinking cocoa.

Matt Thomas… I would have loved to have been old enough to go clubbing around this time

Julie Findlay-jones… I was probably there with your sister.x

Julie Morris… Happy times!

Patricia Wapshott… I was there ! The best of times

Julie Morris… Dawn, apologies if I’m wrong but is that by any chance you in the background?! I’m pretty sure my old school friend Sue is next to you – or I may just be getting old!

Dawn Leaney… Well it could be Julie? Although I think my hair was longer around that time and I don’t recall that dress? If it is I’m sure o would of had a few dubonnet and lemonades!

Kev Perry… I was in that

Perri Ann Haste…  I was there – Great evening, think I was drinking Martini & lemonade then! – those were the days!

Martin Richter… taking a punt (and I could be *very* wrong) – I think the guy is Martyn Wong ?

Paul Bryant… I think you could be right Martin,he was a fantastic

Matt Thomas… Ron & Joyce my old dance teachers from above FADS in Queens Rd

Leigh Wieland-Boys… oh my that brought back a memory, my friend & I had Saturday
Night Fever dance lessons with Ron & Joyce above FADS!!!🕺

Annika Banfield… Ooh, I was dancing in that competition. Sweet memories

Adlehied Hoohaa Welsh… I would love to know who these two are.? Anyone?

Alan Esdaile… In the write up it says the winners are Lorraine Burkes and Simon Ginsberg but a couple of people think it could be Martyn Wong?

Sara Mcdonald Kingham… I was going to say i think its Martyn Wong

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Inside Saturdays Nightclub George Street Hastings 2019

supplied by Maureen Fuller Hastings Old Town Traders Facebook page.

Jill Lawrence… I remember it as Aquarius !

Jim Breeds… I remember it as both

Eugene Hughes… Me too. I can remember carrying Steve Maxted’s speakers up those stairs. Would need a conveyer belt today.

Martin Richter… I was assistant manager there in the 80’s – among other places !

Paul Bryant…

Martin Richter… Paul, name and shame

Sandra Bryant… I was there when it was the Aquarius

Alan Esdaile… Remember it well. Does anyone know what it is going to be now?

Maureen Fuller… spoke to builders today they are only repairing front of building as dangerous cliff is pushing front of building out not doing anything inside

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Maureen, its been empty now for ages and surprised no one has done anything with it.

Carol Arnold… saw Hot chocolate up there !

Leigh Wieland-Boys… me too! Worked up Aquarius as glass collector & Saturdays as cocktail waitress! Happy days

Tony Court-holmes… reopen? I was thrown down the stairs by a bouncer

John Beeching… I don’t remember it at all, but then there is lot about the seventies I don’t remember

Jacqueline Marsh… Is that the old roller skating rink I remember going there as a ten year old and learning to roller skate and dance on skates, my big achievement was skating backwards. Not sure if this was the same place? anyone remember the skating rink upstairs?

Maureen Fuller… Yes it was I used to go every Sat morning

John Busbridge… I remember it quite well, went there on my stag night in the snow! Half of my mates didn’t make it due to the snow! That would have been in February 1983.

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