Who remember making things in woodwork and metalwork at school?

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Who remember making things in woodwork and metalwork at school and have you still got them?

Rod Stapley… uplands tech 1951 to 55

Colin Bell… I made a money box in woodwork (still have). Sadly, in metalwork i was not allowed to make the axe i dearly wanted to bury in the sadistic b*****d of a teacher who taught us!

Steve Fox… The metalwork teacher at Grove school, iirc Mr Adams, was a really nice teacher and very patient. I went on to a career in engineering. Sadly all I remember from woodwork was that all the tools were so blunt that nothing got done.

John Busbridge… I certainly did metalwork and somewhere I have a couple of things I made, probably deep in my attic?

Albert Pitman… Yep no H&S to worry about then, it’s mostly theory now as my grandson informed me

Mike Rawlinson… Proper teaching back then

Mick O’Dowd… I still got a stool mI made from an apple box at Sandown and a toasting fork and copper mug from HGS. Oh also a copper tea caddy spoon!

Mike Waghorne… Toasting fork, poker , tea caddy spoon, all made in metal work on the forge

Claire Finn… I was a girl so didn’t even get a chance! X

Albert Pitman… Sid Minch our woodwork teacher was brilliant, before I left school we managed to build a Catamaran which we sailed at Erith reach on the Thames.

Oonagh Hague… I had to do housecraft had to make a apron and headband in green gingham would have loved to make the stools that the boys did in woodwork

Alan Esdaile… Did woodwork in Priory Road and metalwork upstairs in Mount Pleasant school. Made a tea caddy spoon in metalwork and in woodwork a stool.

Merv Kennard… Copper spoon with brass braised on the handle. And rod rests for fishing.

Martin Waghorne… I made a fish ! Oh & some matching egg cups

Paul Coleman… Yes, did metal & woodwork at the Down School for Boys. Thoroughly enjoyed it except for the metalwork teacher. Everything I ever made I gave away! Must’ve been good at it!  Lol.

Ian Johnson… I still use the metal key ring I made

Wendy Weaver… Girls werent allowed to do interesting things like metalwork or woodwork. We had to do knitting and sewing or cooking. Yuk.

Nigel Kennard… I made a desk, stool, bookcase, and a set of drawers in woodwork with Mr Grant at Priory Road. Still have most of them.

Ian Johnson… Yep made a record box for my pre’s

Barry French… I made this spade scrapper…

Dennis Torrance… Tea pot stand and a spoon lol. Mr Irwin and a great show of magic lol

Alan Esdaile… Yes he was a good teacher and remember the magic.

Jeff McCall… Yeh, remember Mr Irwin…..go on Sir show us a trick


round little scar… who remembers the bcg jab?

photo source: unknown

Martin Richter… BCG?

Arthur Sutherland… No, Smallpox.

Mike Guy… Correct.

Allyson Breeds… Yep BCG.

Judith Monk… I have 4 of them, well travelled army brat…

Steve Reents… Yep

Barry Newton… Its the only tattoo I have

Leigh Wieland Boys… Mum had ours done on our thighs….these days it isn’t little!!!!

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes

Ricky Adelaide… Yep

Mick Burt… Yes

Glenn Piper… Oh yes

Paul Crimin… Yup

Peter Houghton… Yes

Elaine Stock… No, unfortunately, I paid the price and picked up the disease!

Stuart Moir… No

Oliver Leonard… Yes

Mick O’Dowd… I didn’t have to have one because my test was positive(?) so me and our family had to spend time visiting the then Eversfield Chest Hospital in St. Leonards as apparently I had been in contact with an infected person. There was no test & trace apps in those days.

Beki Milton… I remember but never had a scar

Renzi Lowend… Nope, I was immune…then was tested again when I joined the Ambulance Service (coz they didn’t believe me) same result, immune… Wonder why

Mike Guy… Probably because like me you’d been exposed to a mild form of TB, or got antibodies from Mum? I had same result & had to have a chest X-ray to check for lung scarring, I was lucky – no visible damage. People that show anger over this probably don’t know much about TB & the damage it used to cause here.

Andy Warren… Same. Tested positive. X ray. Think I may have had it as a baby?

Renzi Lowend… I never had Xrays

Terry Corder… Well so did I. Every 6 months ‘til I was 16 if I remember correctly.

Stuart Moir… I was immune never had it

Paul Huggett… Yes indeed. And, please note anti vaccination people. I never got sick, had my mind controlled or caught any of the deadly diseases it helped prevent…..

Robert Searle… No,didn’t have one, born with TB like thousands of other people at the time I was born.

Mike Waghorne… I had one but I can’t see it any more !

Nicola Dobson… I ran away at school so didnt have it..later in life I went to have it and was told I didnt need it