Big Beat Reunion 22nd Oct 1988 – Hastings Pier with Screaming Lord Sutch

all photos © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland. Poster supplied by Pete Millington.

Screaming Lord Sutch with Cliff Bennett, Tommy Bruce, Cynthia Payne and others.

Matt Thomas… I spot Nan & Jenny

Lloyd Johnson… On the right of the photo…Nan & Jenny with the glasses….

Jim Breeds… So, did Sutch have a place in Hastings, or did he stay with others when he was in town. I need evidence though, so don’t say yes because you once read it on Facebook. I want to hear from you if you know for a fact and where

Kev Towner… Jim, I was always under the impression that he stayed with Lord Tivers when he visited Hastings

Judy Atkinson… I think I was there that night – certainly saw him on the pier, just can’t remember when

Colin Tapp… Great photo. Nan


Screaming Lord Sutch & support The Ravens – Hastings Pier 29th February 1964

screaming-lord-sutch-2 lord sutch

Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Mick O’Dowd… Always remember the track Jack The Ripper from when I worked at Iorio Dimascio’s( now the Italian Way) when I was still at school. They had a video juke box upstairs( the only one I ever saw) and it had this on it with accompanying film. The tag on the machine saying which track was which was removed because the management thought that it was too frightening for children. We used to play it when no one else was around. I’ve got a copy of this on standard 8 colour/sound film but unfortunately cannot play it anymore.

Peter Fairless… …and look who’s here next week!

Andre Martin…. Yes those were the days !!

Lloyd Johnson… Went to both of those gigs

Here’s the autograph copy that Clive Richardson got signed at The Granary Club in Rye in the 70’s